Its OK the Pork is Halal


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Halal Pork Muslim Sensitivity Training Cultural Aspects Introduction - Its OK the Pork is Halal

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Its OK the Pork is Halal

  1. 1. Vicky Deane Student Services & Conference Manager Robert Menzies College, Macquarie University It’s OK: The pork is ‘Halal’
  2. 2. It’s OK: The Pork is Halal! By: Vicky Deane Robert Menzies College Macquarie University
  3. 3. THIS PAPER IS DEDICATED TO IMANE EL FECTIANI A Female Muslim student from Morocco who applied to study a Masters in a Sydney university but was declined a Visa by the Australian Immigration Department.
  4. 4. “Bismallah, Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem” In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful
  5. 5. So: “It’s ok: the pork is Halal.” This is what one chef said, which, indicates a lack of knowledge
  6. 6. Knowledge Is Power!!! Muslim students and their belief: do we need to know? YES: knowledge builds bridges, develops harmony and desirous environment – links in the chain.
  7. 7. RESULTS OF SURVEY 2006-7
  8. 8. Countries Represented Pakistan Morocco Indonesia America Algeria Canada Malaysia India
  9. 9. Accommodation Concerns 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 least greatest concern concern Living In a community of international students Close to shopping centre Close to public transport Close to Mosque Ability to purchase halal products Halal products served in residences Provision of internet and telephone Close to campus
  10. 10. Social Concerns 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Least Greatest concern concern I’m not afraid at all Will I make friends quickly I’m afraid of local customs I’m concerned I will be misunderstood I’m concerned about racism and discrimination I’m concerned I wont be able to practice my religion freely I’m concerned I will have trouble with the language
  11. 11. Terminologies •Salat (prayer) • Ramadan •Eid •Halal •Lota Huh? ☺
  12. 12. Salat (Prayer) Pray 5 times a day: FAJR – Predawn DHUHR – Noon ASR – Afternoon MAGHRIB – Sunset ISHA – Evening Routines: Observance of time: Ablutions: Always face toward Mecca when praying – in Australia that is Northwest.
  13. 13. Muslim Man In Prayer
  14. 14. Muslim women in prayer
  15. 15. Acknowledging Salat? • Compass to find direction of Mecca. • Common space to pray in groups
  16. 16. Ramadan: What is it? • Ninth month of Islamic calendar • Religious significance – most holy • Abstain from earthly pleasures • No food or drink taken in daylight hours • Breakfast taken before dawn, breaking fast at sun down
  17. 17. Typical Meal Which Breaks The Daily Fast - Iftar Place: Islamabad, Pakistan: taken on a personal visit
  18. 18. Helping Muslim Students In Ramadan? Find out: • When Ramadan begins each year • What you can do to assist them • If meals are provided at the university mosque to break fast. • Help out by: • Providing microwave oven and fridge • Providing space and facilities where they can break their fast together.
  19. 19. How an Islamic Month Begins? New moon indicates new month and end of Ramadan. Beginning of EID
  20. 20. Eid Celebrations A time to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Called “Eid-ul-Fitr”
  21. 21. Eid Celebrations A typical way of greeting with gifting money
  22. 22. Acknowledging Eid? • Arrange a few grand meals with special dishes. • Greet the student by wishing him/her “Eid Mubarak” • Identify Eid celebrations in the local Muslim community.
  23. 23. Halal: What Is It? • Food which is acceptable (halal) and food which is not (haram.) • Emulsifiers made from “soy/lecithin” are halal, others are haram. • Pork products are anathema to the Muslim. • There should be no contamination of halal products with haram products.
  24. 24. Acknowledging Halal? • Purchase halal meats and products • Where to purchase halal products • Which cafes and restaurants are halal certified. • Food preparation should not come into contact with any haram products.
  25. 25. Lota What is it? Used in Toilets Colourful lotas (Tahara)
  26. 26. Comments From Survey The following comments were freely offered by students who completed the survey. There is a common thread throughout the replies.
  27. 27. Comments From Survey Imane I would be very bothered if the bathroom is shared or if the floor I live in is mixed. Shaking hand is also an issue for me being a Muslim woman. Having the freedom to assist or not to special occasions like parties, because as a Muslim girl I will feel very embarrassed if they insist that I assist while the parties are against my values Full respect of the hijab I wear
  28. 28. Comments From Survey Javiera “When they arrange for shared accommodations they(accommodation officers) should keep check as to whether the room mates belong to the same religion or to two conflicting sects/religions”. • “Think and feel that muslim students are mere knowledge seekers, rather than Osama Bin Laden models. Good and bad are in every society.”
  29. 29. Comments From Survey Male – 23yrs (name withheld) For me it is just the availability of Halal meat and food and being able to practise my religion without fear and discrimination. The models of toilets is a very big concern for the Muslims as in non-Muslim countries they don’t have proper arrangement for ‘Tahara’ i.e. cleaning ones body with water after passing urine and/or faeces.
  30. 30. Comments From Survey Sabah Not appropriate to shake hands with men. No co-ed bathrooms or dorms. Free to indulge in all religious practices without being looked down upon. My food, culture and outlook should be respected as well. Like to go for a place that respects me as an individual Muslim, rather then delve into what my community does as a whole.
  31. 31. Comments From Survey Arif: I would only say if halal meal is provided in accommodation. Halal meals Prayer place.
  32. 32. Comments From Survey Najat “I am concerned if it is easy for a woman wearing hijab to find a part time job and if a woman wearing hijab will be able to integrate the society”
  33. 33. Summary: • SALAT (PRAYER) RECOGNITION (of religion) RAMADAN SENSITIVITIES (to situations – particularly with females) EID FEAR of racism HALAL LOTA
  34. 34. Acknowledgments • Ghaffer Iqbal Kiani – PhD, Macquarie University, Sydney •For invaluable support and encouragement. •For proof reading and authorizing text and pictures • Imane Il Fechitani – Master’s student – Morocco •For supplying multiple texts from the Quran. •For being my Cyber mailperson and sending surveys all over the world •Rym Aoudia – Author, poet and Master’s student, Macquarie University, Sydney •For proof reading and authorizing text and pictures particularly feminine related issues. •Sabah Yasub Dogar – Economics student, Lahore, Pakistan •For being responsible for gathering 100% of the Pakistan surveys •Jessica Bakic - M.A. Commerce •For patient tuition in Power Point functions ☺
  35. 35. Wake Up Time Questions Please?