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  1. 1. Russia
  2. 2. Age of the Kingdom. East Slavic people first came to the Frequency base in Russia.In the year 880, King of the Lake Region Rangers came into the city of Kievs Slavic. And is located in Kiev, the capital. The territory north and south merged together and called Kiev directory.In the year 978, Prince Vladimir I have mono Machs reign and bring good Christian orthodoxy of the Byzantine Empire into Western Russia. Subsequently, the role and influe nce on art, architecture and culture of the high country. In the 11th century the capital Kiev. Center of the Church of Christ the King and the center of orthodoxy .
  3. 3. Smith v. Kingdom. The 13th century Mongol army led by Batu Khan. Invaded Russia. And the city of Kiev was achieved. Russia was cut off from the outside world. Political detainees and to pay taxes to the Mongols. King and King then moved to the North Central Powers. In 1328 King Ivan 1 Has been designated as a king. In the era of Ivan 2 (AD 1353-1359), Mongol power began to decline. Prince has an undergraduate. His second son of Ivan expel Mongol success in the Battle of the Ditch Co. v. Lee. Mother on the farmland.
  4. 4.  Until well into the reign of Ivan the third or Ivan (AD 1462-1505) He was ordained to the niece of the Emperor of Byzantium they Prior Tyne in 1472 and the two-headed eagle as a symbol of Russia. In 1574 Ivan 4 (1533- 1584), grandson of Ivan. Has been designated as the first Tsar. (From Tsars power Caesar ruler of the Roman Empire and Byzantium Tyne) He ruled with brutality. At the end of the era of Ivan the fourth year in Moscow in 1584 was a political issue. Economy severely. The struggle for the throne between Rick and dynasty Romanovs Room in the National Assembly and the cardinal of the church orthodoxy France. s Electoral votes are Mikhail Romanovs was the first Tsar of the Romanov dynasty in France.
  5. 5. Russian Empire. In 1613-1917 Peter the First, the first king to have the most important role in Russian history. His reign but the age 10 up to age and Ivan 5 (a pair of Kings bench) until the year 1696 when Ivan died 5 1st Peter the Great is a truly Next to the Tsar Peter the Great and several Ansari in His throne. But the person who created the boom boom to the highest Russian Empress Catherine, Ontario 2 (AD 1762-1796), she has been honored as a Queen. With his expertise and good governance. Yet she was minus her famous partners affection.
  6. 6.  Until the last tsar of the Romanov Tsar Nicholas 2 (1894-1917), the disparity between the elite and the poor caused the first revolution in 1905, which hit the farmer has been shot. life is good. The event that. Sunday Bloody Sunday and bloody revolution last February 1917 still troubles the Romanov dynasty in tsarist regime and the end of time but there are other factors as well.
  7. 7. Union of Soviet Socialist Repubilcs The riots took place all over the city in 1917, the revolutionary overthrow of the Tsar. Lord Nicholas abdicated the establishment of two separate governments of Alaska and ski country. The Bolshevik Party (Bolshevik) led by Masud Vladivostok. Lenin was a revolutionary government that had seized power. By the government to the communist regime. And declared the country. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In 1924, Joseph Stalin (1924-1953) is represented by a totalitarian government. And clearance of all those people who are against the idea. He turned the country into a modern industrial development. The comparable United States.
  8. 8.  In 1985, Al Gore, Mikhail Smirnov, FL, is appointed Secretary of the Communist Party. And as the President said Andre. Grove Mill Grove, who resigned in 1988, he was the leader of the political, economic and social reforms to bring the country to capitalism. Increase production efficiency. And skill development and open policy. The freedom to express opinions and share information with the public. In August 1991 by a group of conservative communists do not want the transition to a free market, but Boris Yeltsin was able to salvage the situation I have. Al Gore had the popular vote actually shot at. He announced his resignation from the position. Presence of Bank canceled the Communist Party. With Yale to become the leader of the New West. The collapse of the Soviet Union. Republic and 15 other independent republics. The Republic of Russia (Russian SFSR) under the new name. Russia.
  9. 9. Economy of Russia The economy of Russia is the ninth largest economy in the world by nominal value and the sixth largest by purchasing power parity . Russia has an abundance of natural gas, oil, coal, and precious metals. Russia has undergone significant changes since the collapse of the Soviet Union, moving from a centrally planned economy to a more market-based and globally integrated economy. Economic reforms in the 1990s privatized many sectors of the industry and agriculture, with notable exceptions in the energy and defense-related sectors. Nonetheless, the rapid privatization process, including a much criticized. "
  10. 10. Culture Religion plays an important role in public life and soul of Russia today. The majority of Russians consider themselves to be Christians, and the Russian Orthodox Church Russians to Christianity by Prince Vladimir of Kiev in 988 over the design of the ritual Byzantine experimental Russia laid the groundwork for the rise of the Russian Orthodox Church The Orthodox Church also. different in many ways from that of Catholics and Protestants.
  11. 11. Holiday January 1 New Years Day (Novy god) (Novogodniye kanikuly). January 7 Orthodox Christmas Rozhdestvo Khristovo woven by Maddox. January 13 is the Russian New Year. (Old-Calendar New Year) New Year according to the old calendar. Gregorian calendar, which was later than the 13th day
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  13. 13. Members. Ung Bright Guy and Luck