Ivy Briggs Timeline


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Ivy Briggs Timeline

  1. 1. http://tinyurl.com/bt4zkd8 America Changing Through Immigration and Industrialization Ivy Briggshttp://tinyurl.com/at3e6va
  2. 2. Chapter 13 Chapter 15 Chapter 14 Chapter 16 1850 1857 1859 1862Bessemer Process: Frederick Law Social Darwinism: Homestead Act: Olmstead:This process was This concept grew This act was passeddeveloped by Henry Olmstead was a out of Charles by Congress, itBessemer and landscape architect Darwin’s Theory of offered 160 acres ofWilliam Kelley. It and in this year, he Evolution, published land free to anyruns iron into steel designed Central in 1859. Economists citizen or intendedby removing the Park, NYC discovered that this citizen who wascarbon. By 1880, also applied to the head of household.American economy and This was themanufacturers used justified Laissez government’s way ofthis process to make Faire. The system of encouraging settlers90% of the nation’s unrestrained to head west.steel competition will ensure survival of the fittest. http://tinyurl.com/ap84jra http://tinyurl.com/amcy42k
  3. 3. 1859 1866 1867 1868Sand Creek Buffalo Soldiers: Oliver Kelley: In, Tammany Hall:Massacre: Kelley started the These soldiers were Tammany Hall was Patrons ofThe Cheyenne members of the New York City’s Husbandry, whichassumed they were black regiments in Democratic political became popularlyunder the protection the US Army, The machine. William M. known as theof the US were formed Tweed, known as Grange. Its originalgovernment Colonel September 21, 1866 Boss Tweed, purpose was toChivington and his and served in the became head of it in provide a socialtroops attack the Indian Wars after 1868. Under his outlet and anCheyenne and the Civil War. leadership, the educational forumArapaho camped at “Buffalo Soldiers” machine went for isolated farmSand Creek, was their nickname. through several families.Colorado. The scandals includedattack was at dawn the construction ofand killed 150 http://tinyurl.com/au2bgbn the New Yorkpeople. County Courthouse. http://tinyurl.com/a8msvnd
  4. 4. 1869 1870 1871 1874 Transcontinental Jacob Riis: Tweed Ring: George Armstrong Railroad: Custer: In 1870, Riis left This group consisted This was a railroad Denmark for the of Boss Tweed and his Colonel George line that would link United States. He followers. All of this Armstrong Custer the Atlantic and worked as a police group benefitted from reported that the Pacific Coasts of the reporter and the New York County Black Hills were United States. It was reported on the poor Courthouse scandal. filled with gold and completed in 1869 conditions of New This ring was broken in led movement to York City’s worst 1871. Boss Tweed take away Sioux, slums. was imprisoned, Cheyenne and released imprisoned Arapaho lands. Led again and escaped to the US Army in the Spain where he was Battle of Little Big captured and identified Horn.http://tinyurl.com/arselu5 by a Thomas Nast Cartoon.http://tinyurl.com/b4z9slc
  5. 5. June 1876 1876 1876 1870sBattle of Little Big Thomas Alva Alexander Graham Jim Crow Laws:Horn: Edison: Bell: Segregation lawsThe Battle of Little Big During 1876, Edison Alexander Bell is began to be passedHorn was a victory for established the responsible for in the South duringthe Lakota and North world’s first research inventing the this decade. TheseCheyenne Indians. laboratory in Menlo, telephone in 1876. laws were namedThey fought against NJ. He is This opened the way after a popular oldColonel George Custer responsible for the for a worldwide minstrel tune.near the Little Big Horn incandesent communicationsRiver in Montana lightbulb and an network.Territory. This was entire system forCuster’s last stand. He producing anddied during battle. distributing electrical power. http://tinyurl.com/bfshn8y http://tinyurl.com/atxq8r3
  6. 6. 1870s 1877 1877 1879John D. Rockefeller: Chief Joseph: Nez Perce: Dumbbell Tenements:Rockefeller Chief Joseph was This was an Indian These tenements wereestablished the born in 1840, in tribe that was forced cheap housing unitsStandard Oil Wallowa Valley, off their tribal lands created when citiesCompany in the Oregon territory, and in Wallowa County, became packed with1870s-80s. He dealt died September 21, Oregon in 1877. people during thewith companies by 1904, Chief of the Industrial Revolution.joining in trust Nez Perce Tribe, in The design of thealliances with them. 1877, he led the building looked like aHe would also shut tribe in the 1400 dumbbell. These werecompetitors out of mile retreat from US unsanitary andbusinesses by troops which ended overcrowded. In 1879,dropping prices and the Battle of Bear New York city passedthen shooting them Paw Mountains. building laws thatup after there was no sought to improve themore competition. slum conditions. http://tinyurl.com/bxgmaeu http://tinyurl.com/a6rdkha
  7. 7. http://tinyurl.com/bj5qy27 http://tinyurl.com/b4eukm2 1880 1881 1883 1884George Pullman: Booker T. Joseph Pulitzer: Mugwumps: Washington:In 1880, George Pulitzer was a During the 1884Pullman bought land Washington was a Hungarian immigrant election, this was ain Illinois to design prominent Black who bought the New derogatory termPullman, a city for educator, he York World in 1883. used to describe aemployees of his believed that racism He pioneered group of Republicanrailroad car factory to would end once popular news activists wholive in. He too greatly blacks acquired innovations and his supported therestricted its useful labor skills paper emphasized Democraticresidents, the and proved their “sin, sex and presidentialemployees were economic value to sensation” to pass candidate Grovercompelled to obey society. In 1881, he its competitor. Cleaveland.rules in which they heded the Tuskegeehad no say. It was Normal andseen to be “Un- Industrial Institute inAmerican”. Alabama.
  8. 8. http://tinyurl.com/bhal5u9 http://tinyurl.com/axt354k 1886 May 4, 1886 1886 Mail-Order Catalog: 1886 Samuel Gompers: Collective Montgomery Ward Haymarket Affair: Bargaining: Samuel Gompers and Sears Roebuck The Haymarket led the Cigar This is negotiation brought retail Affair happened May Marker’s between merchandise to small 4, 1886 when 3000 International Union representatives of towns, Sears catalog people gathered at to join with other labor and launched in 1886, this Chicago’s craft unions in 1886. management to read boosted mail order Haymarket Square He was the written agreements business for United to protest police president of the on wages, hours and States Postal Service brutality, a bomb American Federation working conditions. and in 1896, they went off and the of Labor. Samuel Gompers introduced a rural public began to turn used this approach free delivery system against the labor to reach agreements that brought movement. on wages hours and packages directly to work conditions. every home.
  9. 9. 1886 1886 1887 1880sSettlement House: George Dawes Act: Ragtime: Westinghouse:These were community In 1887, this act was This was a blend ofcenters in slum Westinghouse passed by Congress black spirituals andneighborhoods that added innovations to aiming to European music thatprovided assistance to make electricity “Americanize” Native originated inpeople in area, safer and less Americans. It broke Southern saloons inespecially immigrants. expensive. In 1886, up their reservations the 1880s. It laterSettlement workers he completed a giving some land led to jazz andlived at houses so they multiple AC power back to individual spread worldwide.could learn first hand system in Great Indians and the restabout the problems Barrington, sold to whitecaused by urbanization Massachusetts. settlers. The moneyand help create earned wassolutions. It was supposed to go backfounded in NYC in 1886 to the Indians but never did. http://tinyurl.com/acfrlms http://tinyurl.com/awgpb9x
  10. 10. 1888 1889 1887 1890George Eastman: Jane Adams: Interstate Ghost Dance: CommerceEastman was an Adams was one of A Paiute prophet Commission:American innovator the most influential promised that if theyand entrepreneur members of the Congress passed did this, Nativewho founded movement. She and ICC act 1887 this American lands andEastman Kodak Ellen Gates Starr reestablished right of way of life would beCompany in 1888 founded Chicago’s fed gov’t to restored. It spreadand popularized the Hull House in 1889. supervise railroad rapidly amonguse of roll film. He activities, it had 25,000 Sioux onhelped bring difficulty regulating Dakota Reservation,photography to railroad rates in December 1890,mainstream. because of long Native American legal process and police sent to arrest resistance from Sitting Bull. railroads. http://tinyurl.com/bya7zuq http://tinyurl.com/ba49ltj
  11. 11. 1890 1890 1892 1890s Wounded Knee: Sherman Antitrust Ida B. Wells: Gilded Age: Act: On December 28, Wells was born into This was originated 1890, the seventh Congress passed slavery shortly after in a novel by Mark cavalry rounded up this act in 1890 that emancipation, she Twain describing the 350 starving and made it illegal to moved to Memphis excesses of the late freezing Sioux and form a trust that in the early 1880s to 19th century. It was took them to camp interfered with free work as a teacher, satirical and Twain at Wounded Knee in trade between states she became editor collagborated with SD, cavalry or with other of the local Charles Dudley slaughtered 300 countries. It was not newspaper. On Warner. The title of Indians, brought very successful March 9th, 1892, 3 of the book represents Indian Wars to a because the act her friends were from 1870s to bitter end. didn’t clearly define lynched. 1890s. a trust. http://tinyurl.com/bx35eeohttp://tinyurl.com/b4obzbo
  12. 12. 1890s 1890s 1892 1890sKickback: Graft: Omaha Platform: Populist:Kickbacks were This was the illegal This was the Party This is a person thatillegal payments for use of political Program adopted at was part of thepolitical machine’s influence for the Populist populism movementservices during the personal gain, once Convention in in the late 1800s.late 19th century. a political machine Omaha, NB on July The movementThey strengthened got candidates into 4, 1892. It was demanded thatboth the political office, they could composed by people have amachines and take advantage of Ignatius Donnelly. greater voice in gov’tindividual politicians. many opportunities and seeking to during the late 19th advance interests of century. farmers and labors. http://tinyurl.com/ar3effj
  13. 13. 1890s 1894 1895 1896Robber Barons: WEB Dubois: Cross of Gold Pullman Strike:This is what critics Speech: The Pullman This man was the 1stcalled industrialists company laid off Black to receive a This speech wasthat hap complete doctorate from made by William more than 3000control over industry workers and cut Harvard in 1895. He Jennings Bryan, whoand drove price up. wages without strongly disagreed ran against McKinleyThey made huge cutting cost of with Washington’s as the Democraticprofits. employment gradual approach. In nominee. The housing. The strike 1905 he led the speech was given at occurred in spring of Niagara Movement. the Democratic 1894. convention saying that the gold standard killed farmers. http://tinyurl.com/bko3kfa http://tinyurl.com/b2vzz4j
  14. 14. http://tinyurl.com/bzb89kq http://tinyurl.com/a85jvn7 1890s 1896 1890s 1890sWilliam McKinley: Plessy vs. Ferguson: Grandfather Clause: Poll Tax:McKinley was This was a Supreme This clause was This was an annualnominated by the Court ruling made in added to Southern tax that had to beRepublican party for 1896 that said State constitutions paid beforepresident in the separation of races to reinstate white qualifying to vote.1896 campaign. He in public places was voters who failed thewas from Ohio and legal and did not literacy test orwon the presidency. violate the 14th couldn’t pay the pollPopulism then Amendment, tax. If your father orcollapsed burying established the grandfather wasthe hopes of doctrine of “separate eligible before Jan.farmers. but equal”. This 1st, 1867, then you ruling lasted almost could vote. It did not 60 years. allow blacks to vote.
  15. 15. 1895 1899 1890s 1890sWilliam Randolph Andrew Carnegie: Vaudeville: Ellis Island:Hearst: In 1899, Carnegie These were This was anIn 1895, Hearst Steel manufactured performances during immigrationpurchased the New more steel than the late 19th century inspection stationYork Morning Great Britain. that included slap moved to Ellis IslandJournal. He also Carnegie was stick comedy, song, from Castle Garden,owned the San always looking for dancing, juggling NY. It is in New YorkFrancisco Examiner. ways to improve and chorus lines of Harbor. From 1890s business. He used female performers. to 1924, it was the Horizontal and chief station in the Vertical Integration US, 17 million to control steel immigrants passed economy. through here. http://tinyurl.com/b9wyp2n http://tinyurl.com/a2a9t47
  16. 16. 1903 1912 1910-1940 1890s-1900s Orville and Wilbur Eugene V. Debs: Angel Island: Melting Pot: Wright: Debs attempted to This was an This is a mixture of These men were form an industrial immigrant inspection people of different bicycle union that included station in San cultures and races manufacturers from all laborers- skilled Francisco Bay. who blended Dayton, OH. They and unskilled- in a Asian, mainly together while experimented with specific industry. Chinese immigrants abandoning native new engines and on American Railway entered here. Very languages and December 17th, 1903 Union. In 1912 he harsh conditioning customs. they had their 1st ran for president as and questioning. successful flight at a member of the From 1910 to 1940, Kitty Hawk, NC. socialist party and 50000 Chinese received about 6% immigrants entered of national votes. here.http://tinyurl.com/a65rrhb http://tinyurl.com/afszfqn