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Stop marketing to people


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Stop marketing to people

  1. 1. Stop marketing to people… Marwann AL SAADI Brieuc SAFFRÉ
  2. 2. …and begin marketing to situations slavickgo on
  3. 3. As a marketer, you always have to bring your solution to some specific needs © Saniya Al Saadi
  4. 4. Whether you are a woman… Royalshot on
  5. 5. ...a man tolgakosta on
  6. 6. …a child Jana_koll on
  7. 7. …or an old person coloniera2 on
  8. 8. You can be in a hurry… analog on flickr
  9. 9. tired… goody2230 on
  10. 10. Christiem on bored…
  11. 11. happy… arsel on
  12. 12. lusi on …or thirsty
  13. 13. You can be an expert in finance… ngould on
  14. 14. …and a newbie in DIY
  15. 15. It is all about context and situations © Saniya Al Saadi
  16. 16. and how you can adapt your product or service to them…
  17. 17. This is why you have to customize your speech acaben on flickr
  18. 18. HushhushFR Nestlé Aquarel targets its thirsty users in concerts, because they know they will be useful to them.
  19. 19. Sametimenxtyr on deviantart They satisfy an instant need.
  20. 20. Old spice engages tweeters and TV advertisement spectators… © Old Spice
  21. 21. …answers to each tweet with a personalized video… © Old Spice
  22. 22. …and entertains people in a new way! © Old Spice
  23. 23. MINI in USA answers to particular situations with its Roadside assistance app…
  24. 24. …and provides useful help to car drivers facing problems on the road.
  25. 25. website Asos helps you choose your clothes depending on weather and activity: your situation.
  26. 26. Nowadays, people tend to care less about a company’s story © Saniya Al Saadi
  27. 27. © Saniya Al Saadi It is now all about discovering, living and sharing new experiences
  28. 28. bwaclawski on Whatever your product or service is…
  29. 29. navigergo on flickr …it is related to one “personal” situation
  30. 30. Electronic toilet paper dispenser Stop providing useless stuff to your customers...
  31. 31. SitorSquat is an iPhone application created by Charmin, toilet paper brand. It helps you find the nearest toilets and tells you if it is open or not. …and make them come to you by helping them.
  32. 32. Social Media and geolocation for example are some good opportunities to learn more about contexts and situations. They permit to collect data. © Saniya Al Saadi
  33. 33. Fiat takes advantage of situations with Ecodrive…
  34. 34. …and provides a free and useful service helping drivers to consume less.
  35. 35. Relationship is thus not limited to the purchasing process anymore…
  36. 36. …and Fiat collects data to innovate and improve its next cars. Data tron
  37. 37. Crème Brûlée carts in San Francisco take advantage of social media This Crème brûlée cart lets customers know where he is through Twitter and geolocation apps. chrisleesphotos on flickr
  38. 38. BakerTweet sends a tweet to followers when the bread is hot and ready. …and bakers do even more for their customers!
  39. 39. The History channel makes good use of geolocation… The History Channel created tips on Foursquare that share historical facts with users when they check into specific locations. They brought interesting and relevant information.
  40. 40. Knowing situations will permit you to be more meaningful and relevant.
  41. 41. Being relevant means bringing value and converting new members to your brand! © Saniya Al Saadi
  42. 42. Thank you for your attention. And many thanks to Saniya AlSaadi, users for their cool photos.
  43. 43. Inspired by Helge Tenno Faris Yakob Paul Isakson Trendwatching TechCrunch The Book of Revelations
  44. 44. marwann al saadi brieuc saffré bkp550 on flickr August 2010