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How 14 Brands Unleashed Their Inner Unicorns


Published on Another Slideshare presentation from the award-winning branding expert and Fast Company blogger David Brier. This time, David unveils 14 rebrands that converted them from everyday brands to magical and powerful brands that engage consumers, that inspire confidence and captivate the distracted shopper. From coffee to dance to nutrition bars to finance companies and more. PLUS, this Slideshare includes two amazing videos that will help you unleash your inner unicorn. Get your FREE ebook here: #backtothefuture #BTTF #BTTFDAY

Published in: Marketing, Business
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How 14 Brands Unleashed Their Inner Unicorns

  1. once upon a time, there were 14 brands, leading ordinary lives. by David Brier
  2. each dreamed of a better world, one filled with magical powers. by David Brier
  3. this is a short story of
 14 brands that dared to go beyond the ordinary. by David Brier
  4. this short presentation shows how they did it. by David Brier
  5. “A camel is a horse designed by committee.” Alec Issigonis by David Brier an important fact:
  6. what about unicorns? by David Brier they’re rare. magical. kind of like amazingly great brands.
  7. by David Brier “A camel that resembles
 a horse is a poorly designed unicorn. (the hump is the collective indecision of the committee members.)” David Brier
  8. by David Brier this brought forth 1 important question
  9. how does a brand revolutionize itself, Moving it from an ordinary brand to a great one? by David Brier
  10. when I told my wife my idea about unicorns, she looked at me and said, “Unicorns aren’t ‘rare.’ they don’t exist.” by David Brier
  11. I responded, “Even in their own fairy tale worlds, they are rare.
 OK, they may not exist, but even in their own stories, they are rarely seen which makes them scarce and valuable.” by David Brier
  12. Unicorns. Rare. Valuable. The stuff of legend. by David Brier (so much like the great brands of the world)
  13. a brand needs to be so amazing that even a unicorn would wonder whether to not
 it was real. by David Brier WOW!
  14. by David Brier OK. i’m ready. show me already!
  15. BEFORE AFTER This company produces a product in the “premium jerky” space. Given the existing noise in the space, the identity needed to be smart and simple. P L A Y H A R D S N AC K O F T E N ™ — NAT U R E ’S O R I G I NA L P ROT E I N BA R ™ — The new tagline repositions the entire product line. 1
  16. BEFORE AFTER This startup was in a unique space merging sports, entertainment, finance and an advisory capacity — qualities the previous branding didn’t convey. 2
  17. BEFORE AFTER This 100-year old company struggled with an outdated feel. The new identity needed a major refresh and had to work across numerous brand extensions. 3
  19. new york city ballet BEFORE AFTER 4 One of the nation’s premier dance companies, this was a rebrand that embodied all the things of dance and NYC into one cohesive image.
  20. T H E O F F I C I A L H O M E O F Taste {{{{ BEFORE AFTER 5 Dunn Brothers came into existence in 1987 and had seen various iterations over that time. This rebrand gave it a powerful position in this competitive space.
  22. BEFORE AFTER 6 Milestone Systems’ new brand merged a contemporary “infinite symbol” with the letter M conveying its ability to provide uninterrupted connectivity.
  23. BEFORE AFTER The crowded nutrition bar space is challenging. The solution: a new name, a smart tagline Delicious. Nutritious. Nothing suspicious. and new packaging. 7
  24. A leader in market research in the agricultural market space, the rebrand reflected the industry and its values with a powerfully simple mark. BEFORE AFTER 8
  25. BEFORE AFTER 9 The leading management consultancy MGE needed a look that reflected that leadership status. The mountain peaks forming an “M” tells that story. MGE management expertse l i m i n at e s t r e s s . acc e l e r at e r e su lt s . MGE management exp
  26. BEFORE AFTER 10 A delicious gluten-free cookie brand needed a facelift. This rebrand elevated this brand where the line now leapt off store shelves.
  27. BEFORE AFTER 11 After 12,000 students over its 25-year history, it was time for this legendary dance studio to tell the world a new era for dance and self expression was here.
  28. BEFORE AFTER 12 Providing insights and savings for energy consumption in deregulated states, we developed a name, identity and slogan that dramatically repositioned the new company.
  29. BEFORE AFTER This Napa Valley startup saw a 900% increase in sales in the 24 months following this rebrand. Stunning. Dramatic. Essence of Unicorn magic. 13
  30. natural. delectable. unapologetic. Natural. delectable. unapologetic. TM # 7 Natural. delectable. unapologetic. TM # NAKED“Purely uninhibited” 8
  31. BEFORE AFTER The Enzacta brand needed a universal brand since it was sold in numerous countries. The result is this mark that worked, independent of words. 14
  32. by David Brier a little fuzzy on branding? here is something to help you contact your inner unicorn.
  33. by David Brier but what about expectations? how do we transcend our normal expectations?
  34. become the unicorn
 in your space. by David Brier written and designed by @davidbrier