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Creating a brand — who really controls your brand's story


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“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” 
Jeff Bezos, founder of

“If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they’ll define your brand’s story for you.” David Brier

Every brand has a story.

Few brands tell their story well.
Most do not.

Those that tell theirs well win more than just having someone hear their story (or “like” them on some social channel).

They win loyalty.
They win being an integral part of everyday awareness (and conversation) rather than being an afterthought.
And they win being thought of when it’s time to buy.

Those that don’t crystallize their story forfeit more than mere visibility.
They forfeit meaning, relevance, and the awareness that leads up to, and translates into, sales.

The story is the foundation of a brand’s vocabulary (and answers the question, “Why should anyone care?”).

So when your brand opens its mouth, it has something to say.

More importantly, it has a message that will get heard.

And every brand deserves a story that will get heard.

We’ve helped brands as big as Wells Fargo and Revlon and as small as the next great startup from Napa Valley to New Jersey.

We carve out your story and your brand’s vocabulary so the market isn’t left to do it for you.

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Creating a brand — who really controls your brand's story

  1. Whoreallycontrolsyourbrand’sstory? (atruestory)
  2. “Yourbrandiswhat otherpeoplesay aboutyouwhen you’renotintheroom.” JeffBezos,
  3. “Ifyoudon’tgivethe marketthestorytotalk about,they’lldefineyour brand’sstoryforyou.” DavidBrier
  4. Everybrandhasastory.
  5. Fewbrandstell theirstorywell.
  6. Fewbrandstell theirstorywell. Mostdonot.
  7. Forthosethatdo
  8. Thosethattelltheirs wellwinmorethanjust havingsomeonehear theirstory(or“like” themonsome socialchannel).
  9. Thosethattelltheirs wellwinmorethanjust havingsomeonehear theirstory(or“like” themonsome socialchannel).
  10. Theywinloyalty.
  11. Theywinbeinganintegral partofeveryday awareness(and conversation) ratherthanbeing anafterthought.
  12. Andtheywin beingthoughtof whenit’stimetobuy.
  13. Forthosethatdon’t
  14. Thosethatdon’t crystallizetheirstory forfeitmorethan merevisibility.
  15. Theyforfeitmeaning, relevance,andthe awarenessthatleads upto,andtranslates into,sales.
  16. Yourfoundation
  17. Thestoryisthe foundationofyour brand’svocabulary (andanswersthe question,“Whyshould anyonecare?”).
  18. Sowhenyour brandopensits mouth,ithas somethingtosay.
  19. Moreimportantly, ithasamessage thatwillgetheard.
  20. Andeverybrand deservesastory that’sworthhearing.
  21. Overhalf-a-million
  22. Over524,000people haveviewedthe followingstoriesto helptheirbrands getheard.
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  27. We’vehelpedbrandsasbigasWellsFargo andRevlonandassmallasthenextgreat startupfromNapaValleytoNewJersey. Wecarveoutyourstoryandyourbrand’s vocabularysothemarketisn’tlefttodoit foryou. Inshort,wehelpyourbrand.
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