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99 Slides: How to Market and Brand Food


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From gourmet chocolate to burgers to fresh foods and more, there are certain principles to follow.

Branding food is one of the most challenging and rewarding activities in brand marketing and brand development. If you're lucky enough to be branding food, then these slides were meant for you to CONSUME. To DEVOUR. To LUST after.

Brand expert David Brier has compiled an amazing collection of branding examples for anyone involved in the incredible category of food, food branding, and food marketing.

Let the feeding frenzy begin.

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Published in: Food, Marketing
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99 Slides: How to Market and Brand Food

  1. D B D I N T E R N A T I O N A L
  2. FOOD A great item to brand. A crappy thing to!crew up. After creating this presentation for a"ecent meeting with a"egional company, I decided I would!hare this with a few of my Slideshare friends and fans.
  3. PA S S I ON #ying to brand food without passion is like trying to pull the perfect espresso!hot with old beans and!tale water....
  4. HUNGER Great branding occurs only when there’s hunger in your belly for doing!omething better. For"efusing to!ettle for “ok”.... For!aying no!ince “that’s the way it’s always been done.”
  5. S O M E S A M P L I N G S $en!elling food, nothing beats!amples. People get the feel, the texture, the nuances. So, I decided, let’s apply that!ame principle to branding. Let the feeding frenzy begin....
  7. 300% It took 30 days to triple the!ales of these amazing truffles. You"ead that"ight, one month. The packaging went 180 degrees against what every other chocolatier was doing with their packaging.
  8. Learn more about it here
  9. MEGA C O - O P
  10. 6 9,000 m e m b e r s That’s how many members this cooperative has after 80 years of doing business. Yet, their!tory wasn’t clear to everyone. That’s why this"ebrand was done, to tell their!tory. Clearly. Dynamically. In a way that changed misconceptions into clarity.
  11. Before After
  12. t h e i r n e w b r a n d vo cab u l ar y
  13. Watch the full interview here — outlining how this whole brand vocabulary transformed 1) how!hoppers!hop and 2) how Mega! Co-op is!een in the world today
  14. Departmental Branding
  15. Destination Branding
  16. Product-specific Branding
  17. Product and Post-sales Branding
  18. Before
  19. After
  20. Miscellaneous
  21. s tat i c c l i n g s
  22. BOTA N I CA L BA K E R Y
  23. 900% grow t h i n 2 4 m o n t h s The dramatic"ebrand with the “leaf lips” changed everything and!poke volumes.
  24. Learn more about their campaign here
  25. B R I D G E S T R E E T S TAT I O N
  26. 2,000 n e w c u s to m e r s %thin 2 months, that’s how many customers they had acquired after opening their doors with this new brand of burger. All aboard!
  27. Learn more about their campaign here
  28. Learn more about their campaign here
  29. Learn more: Visit and!ubscribe to get the latest on branding, defying gravity and"ising above the noise. Copyright David &ier and DBD International