Art Appreciation 1 Final Project


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The art pieces I have analyzed are from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Enjoy!

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Art Appreciation 1 Final Project

  1. 1. Final projectart appreciation IArt gallery inspired by a collection of pieces found at the metropolitan museum of art<br />Presented by: Brie Ford<br />
  2. 2. A Storm by Georgia O’Keeffe<br />This pastel drawing by Georgia O’Keeffe, is an abstract, pictorially balanced illusion of a storm. The overall drawing feels symmetrical. The artist is able to draw your attention to the center of the drawing/the focal point by intensifying the blue color of the water and the red and yellow lines of the lightning.<br />
  3. 3. Vase by Louis Comfort Tiffany<br />The glass flower by Louis Comfort Tiffany is a very delicate, positive shape. It has actual balance because it can stand up on its own and looks very symmetrical as well. Since this is an actual object; the flower does have an actual mass (it has a very delicate, light weight and small volume).<br />
  4. 4. The Nature of Inquisitive Persistence by John McNamara<br />In this painting, John McNamara made use of lines to give outline and shape to things found in nature (rocks, trees, plants, etc.). His use of a variety of warm and cool colors move the viewers attention around the whole piece of art. The angle of the trees on the left-hand side of the painting suggest movement. The artist also makes use of relative size and linear perspective; the cacti in the distance look smaller because they’re further away and the rock looks larger because it is closer.<br />
  5. 5. Waterfall, Davis Gulch, Escalante River Near Glen Canyon, Utah by Eliot Porter<br />This photograph taken by Eliot Porter is a realistic piece of art; it is a photograph of an actual scene, therefore it is real. Visual texture is shown with the crevasses of the rock and motion is implied with the direction of the water falling. Seeing that this is a photograph of a real thing; the rocks have actual mass (they possess significant volume and weight).<br />
  6. 6. Autumn Landscape by Louis Comfort Tiffany<br />This stained glass window by Louis Comfort Tiffany has absolutely stunning colors. Red, blue, and green colors/hues are repeated throughout the landscape. Red is found in the trees in the upper left and lower right. Blue is found in the stream, mountains, and clouds in the distance and green is randomly found in some of the trees and grassy areas. It is amazing how all of the separate pieces and panels of the stained glass come together to form an asymmetrically balanced, uniform piece of art.<br />
  7. 7. Gallery Inspired by Nature<br />
  8. 8. Description of Gallery<br />I chose these five art pieces from The Metropolitan Museum of Art to go with the theme of nature. I wanted to include a variety of aspects of nature; a storm, a flower, a landscape, a waterfall, and an abstract piece of nature as well. The gallery would be in a small section of the museum; only taking up one wall of space. I organized the gallery in a way so that the most delicate piece (the glass flower) is protected/surrounded by all of the other pieces of art; this would also be secure on the wall in a sturdy, protective case. The photograph of the waterfall with the massive rock is at the base since it is the heaviest object. The stained glass window is the biggest art piece; therefore it is the main focal point up at the top of the gallery. Lastly, the two remaining art pieces are closer to the top of the gallery because I wanted all of the skies in each of the works of art to be level as if the sky is a continuance throughout multiple pieces of art.<br />
  9. 9. References<br />The Metropolitan Museum of Art:<br /><br />