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Coaching Stuff #2: How It Works ...


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Coaching Stuff #2: How It Works ...

  1. 1. A roadmap to solution building conversations '3? Establishing Rapport Welcome client Inquire about pre-session change Acknowledge client's experience & perspectives Pillar #2 Engaging Expectations Listen for what/ who is important to the client # Clarify & confirm what is wanted instead of the problem Agree on the session goal: what needs to happen in the session in order to be useful for the client? 2'; Elaborating Preferred Future Suppose. ... what would be different? F A miracle happens overnight. How would you discover that the miracle took place? What would you do differently because of the miracle? “ How would others notice that this miracle took place? '; '-4' Exploring Strategies Scaling Questions: mirac| e/ today, solution precursors, motivation, confidence, competence, etc. Progress Clues: How would you know ? Relationship Questions: What would others notice? "*"~ Exchange Feedback #5 Direct Compliments: I am impressed with. .. Indirect Compliments: What do others say/ appreciate . . ? Self Compliments: What do you appreciate about yourself? What would you like to continue to do (that you are already doing? We cannot solve our problems with the some thinking we used when we created them. ~ Albert Einstein A'A Sources: Moon, Haeiun. [PowerPoint Slides] Retrieved from BRIEF Coaching. Brought to you by CANADIAN CENTRE FORBRIEF COACHING Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved - Canadian Centre for Briet Coaching Inc.