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Online opportunity: How to start a business on the internet - San Diego Small Business


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The Internet is a veritable Fantasyland for would-be entrepreneurs. With low start-up costs and next...

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Online opportunity: How to start a business on the internet - San Diego Small Business

  1. 1. Online opportunity: How to start a business on the internet - San Diego Small Business The Internet is a veritable Fantasyland for would-be entrepreneurs. With low start-up costs and next to no overhead, online businesses allow everyday individuals to launch new endeavors without investing copious amounts of capital. Some entrepreneurs transform their budding businesses into multi-billion dollar enterprises, while others draw in a relatively meager income. Regardless of the focus of a prospective online business, there are several simple keys that all entrepreneurs should follow when setting up shop online. Finding a Niche Market Traditional businesses compete with other companies for customers. An online enterprise is no different, except that the competition is even greater. Thousands upon thousands of websites market goods and services to the estimated 2.5 billion Internet users around the globe. Many entrepreneurs mistakenly attempt to provide a product that other reputable companies already offer. Just like businesses in the physical world, these companies ultimately close due to lack of success. Instead of trying to recreate the wheel, online entrepreneurs must find a niche to fill in the online market. Some of the internet's most successful entrepreneurs have merely found new ways to market old products, which often results in incredible returns. Savvy entrepreneurs must research opportunities thoroughly before settling on a course of action. Drawing in Customers No matter what good or service a business sells, the company will flounder without loyal customers. While many of the rules business management fly out the window in the digital space, effective marketing techniques are still vitally important. Advertising, newsletters and a strong social media presence all contribute to a healthy overall marketing strategy. Content also plays a unique role in the development of an online company. Web traffic is largely driven by keywords and search engines. A smart entrepreneur must create high-quality content that serves a dual purpose. Firstly, videos, photos and articles should deliver a worthwhile message. Secondly, this content must direct visitors back towards the products or services offered by the business in question. This content brings in new visitors, builds brand clout and helps establish the organization as a reputable source of information.
  2. 2. Drumming Up Revenue Without income, a business will not make much headway online. Nevertheless, success does not occur overnight. Many entrepreneurs become frustrated after numerous attempts to market their products with little response. While sales may be slow going at first, an entrepreneur with tenacity and a valuable product is bound to ultimately find customers. Miracles may be hard to come by in the digital arena, but there are some simple ways that entrepreneurs can focus on making new sales. For example, Internet startups often experiment with "daily deal" websites, which offer their members a service at a steep discount over its sticker price. This is an innovative way to reach new customers and build a brand's reputation. It is also important to analyze the market and target specific sectors effectively. Many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that online market analysis is not important, due to the large number of connected users who represent prospective sales. This ultimately results in a disjointed marketing strategy that misses large swaths of potential customers. It is essential to think outside the box and consider innovative ways to publicize a company's products. Real-world advertising, customer followup and loyalty programs all play an important role in a business' success equation. Online businesses appeal to many individuals, but few entrepreneurs possess the unique skill set and determination necessary to bring a new company to life. Entrepreneurs considering a web-based company need to explore the various aspects of running a successful business online before getting started. This will help would-be business owners to start on the right foot and make informed, deliberate decisions that will ultimately prove profitable.