Evaluation q1 print products version 2


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Evaluation q1 print products version 2

  1. 1. Magazine Advertisement Text is small, simple andA number one straightsingle is forward topromoted so keep focus onshe is the artist.recognised asan artist. Shows unique, revealing clothing to give her sex appeal and show her style.A commonconvention isfeaturing an Anotherimage of the convention wealbum cover to used iscreate familiarity providingto the audience. details of where the audience can purchase the album.
  2. 2. Magazine AdvertisementArtist is centrally We developedpositioned to show conventions byher dominance of the making ouralbum. artist’s body language unusual, but kept a happy facial expressionWe challenged to attract theconventions by using audience.contrasting colours ofblack and white tocatch attention of theaudience. Used the convention of props to showFeatures a large theme of pearlsimage from the to coincide withdigipack so it the digipack.portrays the sameimage and style ofthe artist.
  3. 3. Digipack Front Cover We developed conventions by giving our artist a name- ‘Heidi’. This gives her originality We also created a which appeals to the logo for our audience. artist’s name to create familiarity We followed theIt is conventional convention ofto feature a large revealing clothingimage of the artist by using a fullto show she is the length shot.main feature ofthe album. A convention we used is naming theThe same style is album after one ofportrayed her popular songsthroughout the to create familiaritydigipack and to the audience, it The font of the text fits with the also coincides withadvertisement. softer, more elegant side of the our theme of album. pearls.
  4. 4. Back cover We used consistent colours of black and We have white to create a incorporated our soft, sophisticated reoccurring theme side to the album. of pearls.A common We used a mid-convention is the shot of our artist totrack listing of the show her featuresalbum of eleven and facialsongs. expression.Make-up andhair makes her We developedlook attractive, conventions bywhich appeals to placing our artistthe audience. in an unusual pose, this shows her unique style.A convention we usedis the showing the We used conventions of real media products byrecord label and adding a barcode onto the back cover, this wouldproduction be essential in selling the album.information.
  5. 5. Thank-you Page It allows the It is conventional audience to build for an artist to a relationship have a thank you with the artist page showing her and makes them appreciation to all feel involved in their fans. her career.We used commonconventions and We kept ourfeatured a friendly text to aimage of our artist minimum tosmiling to attract ensure theour audience. audience doesn’t lose interest. Another convention we used is changing our artist’s outfit It includes the artist’s logo and the throughout the kisses create a friendly tone to the digipack. audience.
  6. 6. Inside Right & Inside Left This is the same image asWe used conventions of our magazinereal media products and We used conventions advertisement, it createsincluded panels of images and included song the same style andof our artist in different lyrics over an image of makes the album easy toposes, locations and the artist inside the recognise for ouroutfits digipack. audience.
  7. 7. CD Background and CDOur CD background We challenged conventions bycoincides with the designing our CD to make it lookdesign for our CD. like a pearl, this is unusual but fits well with the rest of the digipack.