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Roller Coasters


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Roller Coasters

  1. 1. HCPSS Lesson Plan Format DRAFT Howard County Generic Lesson Plan Format Howard County Generic Lesson Plan Format “Tell students what you’re going to teach, teach it to them, then ask them to say, show, or apply what they’ve learned.” “Tell students what you’re going to teach, teach it to them, then ask them to say, show, or apply what they’ve learned.”Unit: Roller Coasters Teaching Strategies Designate appropriate strategies/areasFirst Grade ___Scaffolded Questioning ___ Independent Reading ___ Interpretation of GraphicsObjectives: (maps, graphs, cartoons, tables…)Language Arts ___ Concept Attainment1. Write to Express Personal Ideas Objectives- The student will be able to ___ Cooperative Learning ___ Think-Pair-Sharecompose oral, written, and visual presentations that express personal ideas, ___ Roundtablespecifically: ___ Jigsawb. Present a message that includes details and personal experiences using ___ Pairs Check/Review ___ Independent/Group Projectdictation, picture writing, and complete and/or incomplete spelling. ___ Integration of Technology ___ Print alternatives, i.e., E-text2.Write to Inform Objectives- The student will be able to compose oral, ___ Use of Audio Clip/Music ___ Interactive Student Notebook®written, and visual presentations that inform by using details that support a ___ Formal Writingtopic with a clear beginning, middle, and end, specifically: ___ Informal Writing ___ Graphic/Visual Organizers ___ Modeling/Demonstrationa. Identify and use sufficient information, including factual details and/or ___Think Aloudscientific observations, to adequately develop the topic using traditional ___ Reciprocal Teachingand/or electronic retrieval sources. ___ Group Activities ___ Simulation ___ Use of Video Clipc. Choose an appropriate form, such as a friendly informational letter, for the ___ Lecture “bursts”intended audience and purpose. ___ 3-minute pause ___ Different purposes for viewing/readingScience: ___ Cross-Curricular Connections Other___________________ Goal 1. Forces - The student will use scientific skills and processes to explain and compare the forces needed to move objects. Objectives - The student will be able to: a. Identify and describe a science problem related to the forces needed to move an object.Time required: ___6_ hours, over a two week time period • Materials: KWL chart, post-it notes, ipods, headphones, computers, Super 3 paper,
  2. 2. Roller Coasters by Adam Richard Schaefer, 10 copies of Machines Make Fun Rides by Belle Perez and 1 copy of the teachers guide, clay, popsicle sticks, straws, DiscoveryEducation, • Pre-Assessment of Prior Knowledge: Differentiation Strategies (Differentiate Content, Product, Process) Pass out a post-it note to each student. Students will write down what ___ Tiered assignments they know about rollercoasters. When finished, students will walk to ___ Flexible grouping the floor and sit with their post-it note. Allow each student to share ___ Learning centers ___ Curriculum compacting what the know. Add it to the KWL chart under K. ___ Varying questions ___ Independent Projects ___ Brain Compatible Instruction ___ Cultural Context ___ Multiple Intelligences • Engagement: Learning Modalities ___ Visual Have students share any experiences they have had on roller coasters. ___ Auditory Read aloud Roller Coasters by Adam Richard Schaefer. ___Tactile/Kinesthetic General Accommodations to Access Curriculum ___Adapt the skill level ___ Adapt the number of items ___ Adapt materials ___ Provide learning strategy ___ Provide audio/video/digital access ___ Increase personal assistanceLesson Development/Procedures: Co-Teaching ModelDay 1 Activity ___ One lead/one support ___ Station Teaching • After reading have students add to what they Know. Then brainstorm a list of ___ Two Groups what students want to know about rollercoasters. Write under W heading of ___ Alternative Teaching ___ Multiple Groups KWL chart. ___ Team Teaching • Review format of a friendly letter. • Students will write a letter to a fifth grader asking 3-4 questions about roller IEP Goals/Accommodations coasters. (Based on Students’ • Students will address envelopes and "mail" the letters. IEP/504 Plan)Day 2 Activity • Students will partner read Machines Make Fun Rides by Belle Perez • Follow the lesson guide. Complete the set the scene and Read and discuss section. • Have children suggest other machines that are amusement park rides. Discuss how each of these machines might work.the machines in the book works. • Have children prepare simple diagrams, showing how one of the machines in the book works.
  3. 3. Day 3 Activity Reading Strategies • Watch The Number Crew: The Roller Coaster Part 01. (download Text ___Literary from ___Informational 28C5B6C&blnFromSearch=1&productcode=US) BeforeTITLE DESCRIPTION ___ Purpose ___ Prior knowledgeNobody wants Bradleys bananas apart from the monkey, but when Bradley says as a joke he thinks ___ Previewthat they all would like a roller coaster, they think that it is a great idea. Fiz decides that Ted can build ___ Vocabulary/Conceptsthe track, she can pull the cars with her wheelchair, and Bradley and Flo can make the cars. They ___ Predictrealize that they have to measure the passengers properly to build the cars. Seeing the monkey holdup bananas against himself, Bradley gets the idea of measuring them in bananas. Now they can all Duringhave cars of the proper size. . ___ Chunking ___ Self-monitoring through clarifying • Discuss the math involved in roller coasters and rides. Discuss why the reason questions and notations on text for height and age restrictions on some roller coasters. ___ Reread • Using computers and ___ Metacognitive conversation research the three types of roller coasters (material built from) and the records for the tallest, longest, and fastest. Work with a partner to complete. After ___ Summarize or paraphrase ___ Write BCRs in response to • If there is time watch The Number Crew: THe Roller Coaster Part 02 reading questions (Download from ___ Use rubrics guidAssetId=6D3891BF-407C-4023-87A4- E6C78A8B520F&blnFromSearch=1&productcode=US)TITLE DESCRIPTIONTed says the engine of Fizs wheelchair is getting too hot, as shes been pulling too many passengerson the roller coaster. Ted says she can tow no more mass than the Elephant. He suggests checking theweight of each animal with a see-saw. It is proved rather dramatically that Baby Bunting weighs lessthan the Elephant.Activity:During reading groups students will have the opportunity to complete the ipod center. At the center an ipod has been placed into museum mode. Students willwatch Discovering Simple Machines: Work and Energy to learn more about the sciencebehind machines.TITLE DESCRIPTIONStudents will learn that work to a scientist is very different from work as we might think of it. To ascientist, work is accomplished when an object with resistance is moved a distance. So, to a scientist,reading an assignment in a textbook represents no work. Potential and kinetic energy are discussedand illustrated, as well as forces such as friction that slow objects from:
  4. 4. Days 4-8 Activity • Students will be informed that the fifth grade teachers have some questions they would like use to research so we can teach them. They want to plan a trip to use the Six Flags Passes they earned by reading six hours. However, before they go they want to figure out what rides they should go on. Our job is to research the rides at Six Flags. • Complete Super 3 organizer. • Using computers and students will complete the organizer by researching the speed, number of passengers, height restrictions, thrill rating, time the ride is, length of ride, tallest height it reaches, and location of 1 ride at Six Flags America. • Students will use shortcut to take a screen shot of the ride they researched. The students will rename the picture file as the name of the ride and place it in their teachers hand in folder. • Students will individually use one computer to add their photo to a slideshow of all the rides researched. • When finished students can go to the following website for games to playhttp:// General Reading Processes • Pair each student with the fifth grade student who answered his/her letter. ___ Decoding ___ Vocabulary Fifth graders will present what they know/have learned about roller coasters. ___ Fluency • Add what we learned to the L part of the KWL chart ___ Comprehension (Clarifying, Visualizing, Questioning, Predicting, Accessing Prior Knowledge, Summarizing, MakingClosure: Inferences, and Determining Main • Students will pair up fifth grade students to build a roller coaster model out of Idea) clay, straws, and popsicle sticks. Approaches to Reading in the Content Area ___ Reading Apprenticeship® ___ OtherChecking for Understanding throughout the Lesson Assessment:
  5. 5. • Friendly letter to fifth graders for format, spelling, grammar, and clear ideas • Six Flags Research Activity • On-going throughout lessons • Roller Coaster creation--rubric to be created Students will evaluate the unithere => 24/27/05