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·   Materials: computer, LCD projector, document camera, screen, internet connection, pencils, PAC       computers, constr...
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Lovely Ladybugs - lesson 2


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Lovely Ladybugs - lesson 2

  1. 1. HCPSS Lesson Plan Format DRAFT Howard County Generic Lesson Plan Format Howard County Generic Lesson Plan For “Tell students what you’re going to teach, teach it to them, then ask them to say, show, or apply what the “Tell students what you’re going to teach, teach it to them, then ask them to say, show, or apply what theUnit: (From the HCPSS Essential Curriculum) DesLesson Title: Lovely Ladybugs - Introduction stra ___Objectives: ___ Library Media: Goal 3: The student will demonstrate the ability to organize, manage, and comprehend information. Objectives – The student will be able to: ___ a. Clarify the problem or information need. ___ ___ Goal 5: The students at all grade levels 2-3 will demonstrate the ability to interpret information ___ to generate new understanding and knowledge. ___ ___ Interpret Information ___ Objective – The student will be able to: ___ a. Analyze content of data/information and resources. ___ 1. Practice summarizing the main points in a variety of resources to determine the ideas text being communicated. ___ · (Method: Provide experiences for students to identify the intended message of a story, passage, or video segment.) 2. Practice identifying examples of an author’s or character’s point of view and how it ___ impacts the story, passage, or video segment. ___ ___Science: ___Unit IV: Life and Environmental Science ___Goal 1: Characteristics of Organisms – The student will use scientific skills and processes to describe and ___compare characteristics, basic needs, and life cycle of an organism. ___ ___Educational Technology Essential Curriculum Objectives ___Goal 3: Technology for Learning and Collaboration – The students at grade two will use a variety of ___technologies for learning and collaboration ___ Objective - The student will be able to: ___a. Use and understand how technology enhances learning ___1. Use technology tools, including software and hardware, from a range of teacher-selected options to learn Connew content or reinforce skills OthTime required: 2 weeks for the core lessons; additional weeks for students to record observations
  2. 2. · Materials: computer, LCD projector, document camera, screen, internet connection, pencils, PAC computers, construction paper, post-it notes, Flip Camera, ladybug habitat and ladybug eggs (preorder from http://www.insectlore.com) · Pre-Assessment of Prior Knowledge: D Show the students the unlabeled “Life Cycle of a Ladybug” diagram by using the Enchanted (Di Learning website (http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/insects/ladybug/label) or, if you do not have an Enchanted Learning description, print out the life cycle cards - ___ http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/insects/ladybug/sequencing/ - (no account needed) and ___ use the document camera to show them (they are not in order). Discuss the answers with the students.___ ___ ___ ___ ___ Inst ___ ___ · Engagement: Use the document camera and show them the ladybug eggs. Ask them to guess what they are looking ___ at (you can give them clues like you are playing 20 questions). ___ ___ Ge ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ acc ___ assiLesson Development/Procedures: (Body of the Lesson) Co-Teaching ModelActivity ___ One lead/one support · Read the Very Lazy Ladybug to the class. Discuss how the ___ Station Teaching ladybug felt in the story and how the world looked to the ___ Two Groups ladybug. ___ Alternative TeachingTransition ___ Multiple Groups ___ Team TeachingBe sure to have a table or desk set up in the reading area beforehand. Askstudents to sit in front of the table or desk. IEP Goals/Accommodations (Based on Students’ IEP/504 Plan)
  3. 3. Activity Reading Strategies · Review the life cycle vocabulary terms – egg, larvae, chrysalis Text or pupa, and adult. Explain to students that they will be hatching ___Literary ladybugs in the Media Center, similar to how they will be hatching ___Informational Painted Lady butterflies in their classrooms. Have students help Before place the eggs in the ladybug habitats. ___ Purpose ___ Prior knowledgeTransition ___ Preview ___ Vocabulary/Concepts ___ PredictWalk the ladybug habitat to its home in the Media Center and explain to Duringstudents that they can stop by and briefly check on their ladybugs on a daily ___ Chunkingbasis. ___ Self-monitoring through clarifyingClosure: questions and notations on · Ask students to imagine they are the larvae. What would their text habitat look like? What would other objects in the room look like to ___ Reread them? Use flip cameras to record answers (these will be shared with ___ Metacognitive conversation students for the engagement of the next lesson. After ___ Summarize or paraphrase ___ Write BCRs in response to reading questions ___ Use rubricsChecking for Understanding throughout the Lesson Every Pupil Response (EPR)Did the students correctly identify the life cycle stages of a ladybug? Strategies ___ Choral Answer ___ Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down ___ 1, 2, 3 Flash ___ Written Answers on Wipe Boards ___ Show of Hands ___ Cue Cards ___ Think, Pair, Share · Assessment: ASSESSMENTCheck the life cycle stages for accuracy. ___ Collect and GradeStudent responses to the question of what would the habitat look like ___ Check for Completionthrough the eyes of the ladybug larvae. ___ In-Class Check ___ Rubric ___ Checklist ___ Peer/Self Assessment ___ Journal/Learning Log ___ Portfolio ___ Constructed Response ___ Quiz ___ Test
  4. 4. ___ Presentation ___ Performance Assessment ___ Informal Assessment ___ Exit Slip ___ Other · Homework/Enrichment: Create a ladybug habitat floor plan, labeling what the ladybug needs in its habitat to survive (food, water, etc.). As an alternative lesson, complete the Lovely Ladybug web quest at https://sites.google.com/site/les2lovelyladybugs/ 24/27/05