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Collaboration - What does it mean to ...


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Collaboration - What does it mean to ...

  1. 1. Collaboration - What does it mean to you? Danelle is RedCollaboration can mean various things: Colleen is blue • working together to plan a lesson or project • planning lessons together across grades to differentiate lessons and ensure first grade lessons align with second grade lessons • collaborate with special area teachers to each teach about same topic, eg. penguinsAllowing students to see that topics do not need to be taught in isolation; knowledge iscross curricular and learning is a constant experience. SHCollaboration allows the use of many talents to combine - using the strengths of many. SLCollaboration is working and planning together. E.S.Collaboration means making time to work together on a lesson. L.Csharing ideasUsing this type of tool should help us to have more useful time together as it eliminates a lot ofchit chat