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“How do you provide for everyone: success with diverse populations in the UK setting”


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Bridging Worlds Conference 2008, Singapore
Day Two Track Four
Speaker 3 - Jean Palmer & Andrew Malin

Published in: Education
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“How do you provide for everyone: success with diverse populations in the UK setting”

  1. 1. Libraries for the 21st Century Engaging with our Communities Track 04 – speaker 3
  2. 2. Jean Palmer Andrew Malin
  3. 3. Our presentation will cover: • Link back to our presentation yesterday. • Context and statistics prior to our review. • Theme for this presentation will be PEOPLE.
  4. 4. Hillingdon Council • Hillingdon is located in North West London and stretches from the Buckinghamshire border in the north to Heathrow Airport in the south. It is a key gateway into West London and the United Kingdom. • At 42 square miles Hillingdon is the second largest of London's 32 boroughs as well as the Corporation of the City of London.
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  6. 6. What our customers were telling us… Only 29% said: “the choice and condition of books is very good” Only 28% said: “attractiveness of the library is very good” Only 20% said: “computer facilities are very good”
  7. 7. A presentation with a twist ! • They say a picture says a thousand words – have a look at these. • They demonstrate clearly how we have engaged with all people representing our diverse community.
  8. 8. Engaging with the wider Community • How have we reached diverse sections of our communities ? • How have we increased popularity across established groups?
  9. 9. Engaging with local community groups • Throughout the year organised events and themed sessions are held each month. • There is always something new to see or do at the local branch library. • These range from our annual reading challenge, national competitions, through to themed day and evening classes and workshops.
  10. 10. What are the events? • Examples of these include: — Cakes and Crosswords — IT tuition for ECDL* — Coffee mornings/afternoons — Games afternoons — Story time for the children — Reading groups — Creative writing — Craft, art and dance sessions — (* European Computer Driving Licence)
  11. 11. Advertising the events • The Councils Website publicises the events. • Posters are put up in all borough libraries. • In addition local interested parties are contacted – e.g. local groups, schools and community societies and the adult education service.
  12. 12. Advertising the events and schemes • We also work in partnership with the Primary Care Trust to promote events and National initiatives such as the Bookstart Scheme. • 3,300 children are entitled to a free book pack this year.
  13. 13. Promotion of the Book Start scheme 2008 • A full programme of celebrations featuring competitions, story times, fancy dress and baby yoga. • Promotional material is distributed to shopping and health centres, schools and local community groups.
  14. 14. To promote Bookstart 2008 • To promote the whole event Pirate fever is sweeping across the borough! • Bookstart Book Crawl launches mid Oct 08 with high profile launch of canal trips, Gymboree, early years drama workshops and special appearance by the Bookstart bear at story time.
  15. 15. Examples of posters used to advertise events – October 2008 is Pirate month.
  16. 16. A satisfied customer!
  17. 17. The Summer Reading Challenge 2008 • Part of the National Year of Reading Campaign it was the 10th Annual challenge. • Featuring a sporty theme, it tied in with high profile sporting events such as Wimbledon, Euro 2008 and the Olympics.
  18. 18. The Summer Reading challenge 2008 • Activities were designed to encourage membership at libraries and included ; • Story times, craft sessions, creative writing and celebration parties. • 6,503 children joined the challenge this year.
  19. 19. Posters from other events
  20. 20. Who attends these events? • The outreach programme at the libraries encourages participation from people of all ages, and with varying skills and abilities. • The rich diversity of our local community is actively represented at these workshops. • The variety and range of subject matters offered to customers is appreciated by those who attend.
  21. 21. Games afternoons
  22. 22. Games afternoon
  23. 23. Cakes and crosswords – an event held throughout the borough
  24. 24. Cakes and Crosswords This event introduces library users to the IT equipment at the Library and how to undertake research on the Internet using specialised software and thesaurus.
  25. 25. The informal atmosphere enables people to relax and enjoy both the facilities and the company of the other attendees.
  26. 26. The afternoon sessions are very popular with our retired residents, shift pattern workers and part- time students.
  27. 27. The groups are normally a maximum of 10 people - this ensures that the tutor has time to spend with each individual customer.
  28. 28. Story time
  29. 29. Story time and younger users • The story time sessions are popular and well attended. • They are held after school and on Saturday mornings. • Local branch librarians will also visit schools and run events within the classroom environment to promote the library service.
  30. 30. Story telling project • Focuses on engagement with under 11 year olds. • Fosters partnerships and encourages participation. • Stakeholders include schools, voluntary sector, the elderly local authors and health services.
  31. 31. Story telling – involving volunteer storytellers Story sharers aims to produce a collection of stories contributed by local people across the borough. The contributors are from different backgrounds and age groups.
  32. 32. Story time with local community volunteers
  33. 33. Story time sessions • Our librarians often select the story book theme based on other events being held in the borough or National initiatives. • This Spring the theme at Harefield branch focused on a National TV Campaign on the BBC called ‘Springwatch’. It was based around wildlife preservation and environmental issues.
  34. 34. Boys into books • This is a 5-11 yr old reader development project. • It improves literacy skills especially amongst children from less advantaged backgrounds and boys. • Helps with Peer support.
  35. 35. Involving new younger customers • In previous years there has been a declining enrolment level at the libraries amongst boys and young male adults. • To address this we have introduced new book stock and other activities which now engage with subjects in which they have an interest.
  36. 36. Creative learning, literacy and conversation
  37. 37. Evening events for older children and adults • The evening events have encouraged older children, teenagers and young adults into the libraries. • We focus on more modern subject matters and embrace current trends. This helps to retain the customer base.
  38. 38. Evening events • In February this year we held a very successful Manga evening. • Other computer technology evenings have also been popular - including Nintendo Wii games evenings.
  39. 39. Wii – enjoying the game
  40. 40. Wii evening – Bowling !
  41. 41. Modern IT equipment and electronic services at each branch • Each branch has state of the art IT equipment available. • Free Internet access is offered to all library users. • The branches also run ECDL accredited courses to teach basic IT skills. • Many children use the facility where they do not have access to these facilities at home.
  42. 42. IT equipment • Local branch libraries have a selection of PC’s available including Apple IMacs. • Hillingdon Council is working in partnership with Apple to set up accredited Apple training centres at some of the branches.
  43. 43. Child using Apple IMAC
  44. 44. Homework clubs After school Homework clubs are run at branches, where children of a similar age can research and complete assignments.
  45. 45. Homework club • Subjects covered at the sessions are linked to the national curriculum. • These groups provide an excellent environment to discuss and research subjects in safe and supervised surroundings.
  46. 46. Homework club It is a good opportunity for children to meet and engage with children from other schools in the area.
  47. 47. Engaging with users who speak English as a second language • In Hillingdon we have a diverse community with people from many ethnic backgrounds. • Our libraries stock books written in many other languages. • Many events at branch libraries reflect the language needs of the local ethnic community.
  48. 48. Partnerships enhancing local engagement projects • A partnership between Healthy Hillingdon, Hillingdon Library service and Hillingdon HOPE developed the highly successful ‘Welcome to Your Library’ (WTYL) project of during 2006-2008. • This is an action-learning project for effective library service engagement with refugee and asylum seekers.
  49. 49. Welcome to your library
  50. 50. Welcome to your library • Through the work of WTYL, Hillingdon libraries demonstrated their value and appeal for minority groups in offering neutral community-based venues that promote learning, integration and engagement.
  51. 51. Welcome to your library • Encouraging participation, the value of community and the importance of well-being were key factors in the success of the Hillingdon WTYL project. • Such themes are now embedded in the way individual libraries seek to engage their local communities. The lessons learned and the confidence built through WTYL has provided a solid foundation of good practice that is currently being rolled out across the borough.
  52. 52. Punjab Radio celebrating art project in partnership with Yeading school -open day.
  53. 53. Adult learners enrolment
  54. 54. Yoga celebrating the Week of the Elderly
  55. 55. Citizenship question workshop
  56. 56. Coffee mornings
  57. 57. Coffee mornings
  58. 58. Women's group
  59. 59. Reflexology for the Elderly
  60. 60. Arts, craft and culture at the libraries • Other events include dance, theatre, musical and crafts workshops. • Regular exhibitions are held and many of the art pieces are created by local artists. • Contributors have acquired their skills through study at the Adult Education Centres in Hillingdon.
  61. 61. Literary Groups
  62. 62. Creative writing workshops
  63. 63. Dance
  64. 64. Theatre
  65. 65. Music
  66. 66. Art
  67. 67. Crafts workshop
  68. 68. Crafts – working with people with learning difficulties
  69. 69. Celebrating success • Many of the learners in the borough use the library facilities and resources in conjunction with the adult education tuition at our dedicated centres. • We have an annual award evening to celebrate their success.
  70. 70. Celebrating – Learners success
  71. 71. Our libraries are used by local groups and societies for various meetings or informal gatherings.
  72. 72. Sri Lankan New Year celebration
  73. 73. Our buildings attract visitors • The 17 libraries within the borough vary greatly in size, architectural style and age of the buildings. • They all have a loyal customer base, and many are used as community centres and a local resource for group meetings.
  74. 74. A selection of the library buildings
  75. 75. We are proud that our libraries are a focal point within our community - for all the residents to enjoy