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  • Please note that the same holds true for any online course. If they have not completed at least 80% they do not receive credit.
  • Point out what you mean as you go over these slides.
  • Remind them to also make sure the credit value has transferred properly. If the student completed the course, make sure the credits are showing up on the right side.
  • The check-up card is a great way to let the family know what is still needed. Sometimes they forget to include a PE log or book report. It also allows you send that personal greeting. Feel free to include stickers for younger students.
  • Report cards

    1. 1. REPORT CARDS Most student return their work for Bridgeway to process twice during the school year: once after 1st semester ends and again after 2nd semester ends.For those residing in states like NY, quarterly reporting may be required. The warehouse logs in Kazeli that the work was received. It is then placed on the advisor’s shelf in the cabinet in the hallway. BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 2
    2. 2. REPORT CARDS Check Kazeli notes and fields to see if there are any notes or emails about payments being delinquent. For 2nd semester report card, check to be sure that final payment was made. Balance should be 0.00 by the end of year. If there is any question about the balance, please ask Finance. BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 3
    3. 3. REPORT CARDS Check SD to be sure HR, Grade, & School Year are correct, as well as “active” checked. If the HR, Grade and Year are not correct, you need to be sure the final report card for last year was created and sent and that the year was closed out. (See IMPORTANT! note on next page before you change anything!) Note that the HR is incorrect because it says this student is in High School. Also, the active button is not checked. BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 4
    4. 4. REPORT CARDSIMPORTANT! If the previous year was not closed out but the report card was completed, go to:Menu Make a note on the previous year’s supervisor card and an entry inGradebook/Lesson Plans Kazeli. You then need to recheck the HR, Grade,Gradebook Year, and active button because it sometimes changes when you closeClick the close year button out the year. BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 5
    5. 5. REPORT CARDS Go to the schedule and check to be sure all the courses they are taking have been added for the current year. (Menu, Student Scheduling, Schedule Students to Courses Individually) If the courses have been added, they will appear on the left side of the screen. If the schedule hasn’t been created, refer to the advisor handbook in the section called “Create Schedule” - Pg. 130. BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 6
    6. 6. REPORT CARDS Sometimes the gradebook will need to be adjusted. Example: If the student exchanges a course partway through the year or adds another elective. Just delete or select the course you need. Then make sure to re-create the gradebook. Now you are ready to begin adding grades. BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 7
    7. 7. REPORT CARDS Review work: briefly look over book reports, look at artwork, pictures, projects, field trips, work experience, etc and make notes as necessary. Review master record sheet and tests to be sure all grades match. If parents have submitted PE log, or any other record of work such as art, music, health, computer, or course evaluation sheets, be sure to add them to the master record sheet if they haven’t already been added. Go online for any grades needed from Rosetta Stone, Aleks, Creativity Express Art, Mindleaders, etc. Refer to the advisor Handbook in the section “Online Courses” on how to retrieve these grades. Transfer all grades from MRS to your Student Card (may be paper or digital ). BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 8
    8. 8. REPORT CARDS – WHAT IF?What if…the student’s work is missing book reports and or logs (PE, Music, etc.)?Book reports and logs are REQUIRED for High School students. If some are missing, you must call or email the family to obtain them. Place the report card on hold until the additional work comes in. REMEMBER: High Schoolers need to log at least 60 hrs. for a ½ credit of PE. For elementary students you may be more lenient depending on the situation.What if…the student’s work is missing a few tests?We must see proof that students have completed at least 80% of any given course to receive credit. If they have handed in at least 8 out of 10 tests, that is satisfactory. If the proof provided does not reach the 80% mark, you must contact the family for further documentation. BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 9
    9. 9. REPORT CARDS – WHAT IF?What if…the student’s work is lost in the mail?Assure the parents that we can make arrangements. Usually just having them send us their copy of the MRS is fine. This is one reason we always encourage the families to keep copies of the MRS!What if…the student’s account has not been paid in full by the end of the year?DO NOT release the final report card. Once you check with the finance department, send the family a polite reminder that we will not be releasing final grades until the balance has been paid. BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 10
    10. 10. REPORT CARDS Go to Menu and select Gradebook . BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 11
    11. 11. REPORT CARDS Choose the course from the drop down arrow below the student’s name. Scroll to the top. It is often not at the top when you go to enter grades. Enter the grades from the master record sheet. BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 12
    12. 12. REPORT CARDS Be sure to change the quarter number when entering grade for a quarter other than 1st quarter. If sending in semester grades, divide the grades between the two quarters. If only one grade comes in for a subject, give the same score for both quarters. Enter all non-numerical courses such as PE, online art, health etc, as 100%. It will be changed later in the transcript editing screen to a P for passing. BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 13
    13. 13. REPORT CARDS – WHAT IF?What if…there aren’t enough spaces in the Gradebook in SD to enter each individual test score?Take the scores and average them together for each quarter. For example, if there are 12 test scores and you are creating a report card for 1st semester, use a calculator to average the first 6 scores together and enter as quarter 1. Then add the last 6 scores together and enter as quarter 2.What if…once the grades are transferred to the transcript, they show up as 0?This means the weights have not been set properly. See your handbook for instructions on how to set weights. BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 14
    14. 14. REPORT CARDSAfter all grades are entered, in the same gradebook screen,1) click beside the circles of the quarters for which you are going to transfer grades.2) click the square “Transfer View Qt Grades” button.3) Click the little file folder button right beside the transfer button you just clicked. This is the transcript editing screen. On here, you need to scrutinize the courses, the grade levels, be sure all sections are filled in, and make sure nothing is checked incomplete. BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 15
    15. 15. REPORT CARDS Once in the transcript, non-numerical grade classes need to be changed to passing by clicking the little arrow to the far right of the course. This process is usually done for PE, Art, Health, Music, Classical Literature, and anything the parents submitted a course evaluation form for and didn’t indicate a percentage grade. NOTE: Making sure everything looks right in this screen now, will save potential wasted time later. If something was not submitted or incomplete, you can check these boxes and it will display INC when you print the report card. BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 16
    16. 16. REPORT CARDS To print report card, go to menu and down to Report Cards/Transcripts Click the Report Cards tab at top. Set to the correct quarter Make sure the correct boxes are checked under “Yes? Show this item.” The following are the correct boxes: Show "Official Signature" line Show Honor Roll Information Show Final Column and Grade Show Midterm and Final Column Labels Show Sem1 and Sem2 Grades/Columns Show Both Numeric and Letter Grades Show Final Grade on Summer Report Card Show General Note BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 17
    17. 17. REPORT CARDS Under “Print by” and then beside “Honor Roll” choose the quarter or quarters you want to print. Beside “RC Heading” type the correct heading. Write a personal note beside “General Note.” Be sure to write it professionally with correct grammar, punctuation and structure. For example, if using exclamation marks, do not leave a space between the word and the punctuation and do not use more than one exclamation mark after a word. Click the magnifying glass to view the report card. If something does not look right when viewing, go back to the transcript and correct the error before printing. Print 2 copies, one for the parents and one for the student’s file BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 18
    18. 18. REPORT CARDS Sign both copies at the bottom. Staple the file copy to the top of the master record sheet. Record on the supervisor card that report card has been sent. Make entry in Kazeli that report card has been sent. BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 19
    19. 19. REPORT CARDS Fill out the Bridgeway Academy Academic Checkup card, including some encouraging comments at the bottom. Include Honor Roll Ribbons for 1st semester and 2nd semester students. If just processing 1st or 3rd quarter work, don’t include. Mail materials back with the report card, academic checkup and Honor Roll ribbons. For students 12 and under, include a coupon for Friendly’s, Applebees and Old Country Buffet if they sent in book reports. Check to see if there are any other incentives being sent out at this time. BRIDGEW AY ACADEMY ADVISOR TRAINING 2011 20