Max homeschool experience webinar with performance series update


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  • NOTE: Before webinar begins, chat with families that signed on early and get to know them a little. How old are their children? Is this the first time that have homeschooled? What drew them to homeschooling in general?I would like to welcome you and congratulate you on this major step in your lives. We are very happy to welcome you to the Bridgeway Academy family—and we really do think of ourselves as a family. (Give an example of something nice that we do—like have birthday parties and whatnot)  [PRESENTER: Looking for that personal story that’s going to connect you to your audience quickly. As we discussed, people connect most quickly and effectively when then can relate to your struggle to transformation. Why did you homeschool? What struggle where you overcoming? Why Bridgeway? How did you come to be an advisor?]Does everyone have their welcome packet because we’ll be going through that in a little while
  • Try to direct everything toward how it will help them as a parent. We have created this webinar to make each step easy, etc.Before we talk about the admissions process, let’s take a look at some of the reasons homeschooling is such a great choice.
  • This is one of the most common questions parents ask us—especially as children get older. Remember: you have been teaching your child since the day he or she was born. Think about all the things you taught them: how to walk, how to talk, how to feed and dress themselves, hygiene, good social skills, etc.
  • ARE THERE ANY QUESTIONS ON THE PREVIOUS SECTION?Let’s all open our packet and go through it together. If you don’t happen to have your packet right in front of you, please go to your email and retrieve it.
  • Review what they have committed to
  • In her words, "Homeschooling gives you every advantage with your child--individualization, time, ability to adjust teaching and learning to what works for your child and the freedom to take your time when necessary or dig deeper when you see significant interests and passions."It is her mission and the mission of Bridgeway Academy to help every homeschooler succeed--not just academically but also in life.
  • Demonstrate Member’s site
  • Demonstrate Member’s site
  • Instructions for administering and scoring the test are on the inside cover of test booklet
  • Stress that ungraded tests will be either sent back for grading or they will be charged—their choice. Stress that this will hold up the process because we must have those back before any curriculum is sent.
  • Stress how excited we are to be offering this test – it is really going to help measure each student’s progress
  • Give examples of how to score verbally (ex: If your student went through the test and started falling below mastery level score on sections 56, 57, and 58 and could not go further, then you would mark #58.)
  • Give examples of how to score verbally (ex: If your student went through the test and started falling below mastery level score on sections 56, 57, and 58 and could not go further, then you would mark #58.)
  • Give examples of how to score verbally (ex: If your student went through the test and started falling below mastery level score on sections 56, 57, and 58 and could not go further, then you would mark #58.)
  • Give examples of how to score verbally (ex: If your student went through the test and started falling below mastery level score on sections 56, 57, and 58 and could not go further, then you would mark #58.)
  • Give examples of how to score verbally (ex: If your student went through the test and started falling below mastery level score on sections 56, 57, and 58 and could not go further, then you would mark #58.)
  • Give examples of how to score verbally (ex: If your student went through the test and started falling below mastery level score on sections 56, 57, and 58 and could not go further, then you would mark #58.)
  • Give examples of how to score verbally (ex: If your student went through the test and started falling below mastery level score on sections 56, 57, and 58 and could not go further, then you would mark #58.)
  • Give examples of how to score verbally (ex: If your student went through the test and started falling below mastery level score on sections 56, 57, and 58 and could not go further, then you would mark #58.)
  • Give examples of how to score verbally (ex: If your student went through the test and started falling below mastery level score on sections 56, 57, and 58 and could not go further, then you would mark #58.)
  • Have the child spell the word and use it in a sentence verbally. If they get both correct, the word is counted as correct.Even though your child can spell the word – they need to be able to use the word in a sentence correctly.
  • BEFORE WE CONTINUE, DOES ANYBODY HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT PLACEMENT TESTS?The # 1 thing we need for high school students. We cannot move forward without it.This form needs to be sent to the student’s previous school—we cannot do anything if it is sent to us.
  • Stress that grades earned in previous schools do not transfer to Bridgeway Academy’s GPA. This is due to a number of reasons: difference in grading scales, difference in course content, etc.
  • California – available online through state’s department of education.Arizona – affidavit is an option – there are other options—talk to your school board2 WPAK 08 – one elementary, one secondary – make sure you have the right one for your grade level
  • This is a review of information already presented. Nothing can ship until we receive these items.Clearly define what parents need to send back and why time is of the essence. Same content as what we just went through, so important to summarize here.
  • If your school requires that the request comes from us, let us know and we will submit it on your behalf. Parents can provide an unofficial copy but we MUST have an official copy as soon as possible.
  • Emphasize : we must receive signed projection back and we won’t send curriculum until we get itPresenter: detail info in Senior packet, cap & gown order, participation form, graduation response form
  • Max homeschool experience webinar with performance series update

    1. 1. New Family OrientationYour Personal Guide to the Enrollment ProcessLong Fence and Home
    2. 2. Areas Covered• Congratulations on a great decision your new journey begins• Getting started with the Bridgeway family• Completing the admissions process• Meet your professionally trained academic advisor• Navigating through your welcome packet• Understanding placement tests & how they help you• Parent’s responsibility to assure success• What to expect from your advisor• Choosing the very best curriculum possible• Question and Answer Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 2
    3. 3. Can I really do a good job teaching my Child?• You don’t have to be an expert at homeschooling.• You’ve been a teacher since the day your child was born.• Homeschooling is a shared adventure if you find the right homeschooling curriculum provider with proven and tailored curriculums.• Spending time with your child takes more than talk.• Expose kids to activities, people, places and ideas to stir their imaginations.• Take trips, look at art, gaze at stars and play games.• Planning, creative and solving activities involve making choices which instill decision-making skills.• Dig deeper into topics that your child is passionate about and take the time to firm up concepts that need review and repetition.• Move forward when they master the material. • Freedom to teach in a style that excites and motivates your child • Ability to adjust based on your child’s needs Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 3
    4. 4. Completing the Enrollment Process 4
    5. 5. Financial & Academic Commitment FormOutlines your rights and responsibilities as a Bridgewayhomeschooling parent. This form must be filled out by all families regardless of payment plan. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 5
    6. 6. The entire staff of Bridgeway Academy welcomes you ! Meet The Team Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 6
    7. 7. Your Welcome Email• Contains 3 attachments• Welcome Letter from our School Director• Parent Handbook• Scholarship Application for Missionary and Military families Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 7
    8. 8. Meet your Principal! Attachment #1 Jessica Parnell was a high school English teacher and director of gifted education before coming to Bridgeway. She brings with her a passion for homeschooling that developed both out of experience as a student and as a Pennsylvania Homeschool Evaluator. It is her mission and the mission of Bridgeway Academy to help every homeschooler succeed--not just academically but also in life. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 8
    9. 9. Parent Handbook Attachment #2 The Parent Handbook is emailed with your intital enrollment. Current copy can be found on the Bridgeway Member’s Site Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 9
    10. 10. Scholarship Applications Attachment #3 Scholarship Applications are available for active Missionary and Military families Scholarships are given as refunds on tuition Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 10
    11. 11. Final Steps• Before your student is assigned to an advisor you must: Finalize your payment information  This includes returning the Installment Contract Agreement if making monthly payments or the Payment Authorization Form if making two payments Completing the student survey  This provides us with important information about your student Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 11
    12. 12. Your Advisor is Here to Facilitate the Home Education Process for the Parent• Your guidance counselor, an encourager, and a resource to turn to for tips and ideas• Your academic resource, able to keep parents and students on track with accurate records• Your personal expert, providing analysis of student placement testing and learning styles, and customization of homeschooling curriculum packages• Your supportive assistant, aiding with curriculum decisions and encouragement throughout the school year Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 12
    13. 13. Your Welcome Email• Your Welcome email from your advisor includes three Attachments: • Proctoring the Placement Test • Homeschool Legal Advantage Membership Information • School Calendar Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 13
    14. 14. Your Welcome EmailLearning Style Assessment • This assessment will give you and your advisor insight into your student’s learning style and help your advisor select the best curriculum! • You will receive a customized report detailing your students learning style. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 14
    15. 15. Learning Style Assessment Report• This report will also give your advisor a better understanding of how you learn, as well as provide insight into ways to better improve your learning experience. They will be able to use this report to suggest the best curriculum options to complement your learning style. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 15
    16. 16. Placement Tests: Reading Readiness Test• Kindergarten students are mailed a Reading Readiness Test and do not have to take the Math, English or Spelling tests.• Admissions Dept. will mail the Kindergarten placement test to you• Parent administers test to student• Parent grades test• Parent mails test back to your advisor with the rest of the completed forms• Advisor will review the test to determine which program is best suited for the student Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 16
    17. 17. Placement tests for Pre K thru Grade 9 Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 17
    18. 18. Placement Tests• One of the most common concerns of parents is whether or not their children have truly progressed in any given school year. How do you know for sure that your children are moving forward as they should?• How can you track whether they are gaining additional academic skills each year? Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 18
    19. 19. Placement Tests• With Bridgeway Academy, tracking progress is easy! Our new Performance Series testing allows us to not only give you a clear picture of where your student is today, but also to measure progress throughout the school year.• This series of testing will track your childs progress in math, reading and language arts Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 19
    20. 20. Placement Test• The Performance Series test is delivered online and can be accessed from any computer.• Performance Series provides students with tests tailored to their proficiencies in reading, math, language arts.• The online test adjusts automatically to each student’s ability level, generating more difficult questions if the student is answering correctly and easier ones if the student is answering incorrectly.• Students do not spend unnecessary time on test items that are much too difficult or too simple, leading to less time testing.• The result is a valid and reliable ―scaled score‖ that can be used to measure academic growth just as a yardstick is used to measure a child’s growth in height.• Personalized mini study guides can be generated on an individual basis to help students strengthen areas of weakness identified by the test. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 20
    21. 21. Proctoring the Placement Test• You will receive a welcome email from your advisor– this will contain the site ID, student ID, and student password needed for testing.• Make sure that students are working alone on the test, without assistance or coaching, to allow valid results.• Students can stop and start the test as many times as necessary (bathroom breaks, fatigue, attention span, etc) within a two- week period.• Student data can be accessed by Bridgeway Academy only when a student finishes his/ her test completely. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 21
    22. 22. Proctoring the Placement Test• When completely finished with the test, a congratulatory message appears on screen. If your student tries to go too fast through the test, the test may ―spoil.‖ If this occurs, you will see the message, “Your test has ended.” Otherwise, when your student completes the test, they will see the message ―Congratulations, you have completed the test.”• Make sure all students—especially higher-performing students— understand the different test questions and lengths, and that they are expected to get some questions wrong.• IMPORTANT: You must allow pop-ups in your web browser in order for the test to work properly. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 22
    23. 23. Placement Tests: Computer Requirements Windows MacintoshHardware/Platform Requirements Hardware/Platform• Windows 2000, XP Requirements• Pentium III 500 MHz or higher* • OS 10.2 – 10.5.7• 256 MB of RAM* • 500 MHz or Greater G3,• Color display: minimum 256 G4, G5 *• Resolution: minimum 800 x 600 • 256 MB of RAM*Browser Requirements • Color display: minimum• Internet Explorer 6, 7 256• Firefox 3 • Resolution: minimum 800 x 600 OSX Browser Requirements • Apple Safari 3x • Firefox 3 to 3.5 Internet Connection Internet Requirements Recommendations • Full T1 or better Internet connection (1.5 Mbs/sec or higher) • Ports 80 and 443 open for access to the Internet • All software associated with this product requires an Internet connection Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 23
    24. 24. Placement Tests: Accessing the TestAccessing the TestUse Firefox or InternetExplorer to access thiswebsite:www.edperformance.comClick on Student Login toaccess the test. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 24
    25. 25. Placement Tests: Accessing the Test Enter the Site ID: 59-8045-6297(You must enter the dashes) and click Next. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 25
    26. 26. Placement Tests: Select TestSelect Reading, Language Arts or Math and click Next.When you have finished one subject area test, you willbe returned to this screen to select the next subjectarea. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 26
    27. 27. Placement Tests: Enter Your Student IDEnter your Bridgeway Academy Student ID and clickNext. This is printed on the front of your ―Proctoring the Placement‖test email you received with your Welcome Packet. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 27
    28. 28. Placement Tests: Verify Your NameVerify your name. Click Yes if your name is correct. Ifyour name is not correct, click No and call your advisorat Bridgeway Academy to verify your student ID. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 28
    29. 29. Placement Tests: PasswordEnter your first name (all lowercase) as your studentpassword and click Next. The test directions are nowdisplayed: Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 29
    30. 30. Placement Tests: Test Instructions Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 30
    31. 31. Placement Tests: Testing ScriptBefore your studentbegins, the test, read theTesting Script to the student.Answer any questions yourstudent may have and thenhave the student click ―BeginTest‖When all three tests arecomplete, your advisor willanalyze the results and usethe results to recommendcurriculum for your student. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 31
    32. 32. Course Selection Form• Link to the Course Selection form for high school students is sent in the advisors welcome email.• This form communicates information to your advisor if you or your student already knows courses that you are interested in taking.• This is also a good place to communicate future plans and goals Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 32
    33. 33. Academic Paper WorkThe second email you will receivefrom your advisor has severalattachments.• The Getting Started Checklist• Student Record Release• PA Affidavit• Transfer of Home Educated Courses• Vocabulary Placement Test• Spelling Placement Test Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 33
    34. 34. Placement Tests: Spelling / Vocabulary Test: WPAK 02 a & b• 2 Different Tests : • SOT Test • WW Test• Only for students in grades 1- 9.• Read the instructions on both and decide which would best suit your student’s needs.• Do not take both tests – only one is needed. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 34
    35. 35. Comparison of the 2 Spelling Tests SOT Spelling Test WW Vocabulary Test• Biblical Curriculum • Non-Biblical Curriculum• Repetition & Review • Higher order thinking• Words and meanings are vocabulary introduced by themes or • Words are introduced in families sequential order • Contextual use emphasized Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 35
    36. 36. Student Record Release Form• Form submitted to your child’s PREVIOUS school.• Submission of this form is required and top priority for Grades 9 -12.• For grades 6-8, academic records are required only if the student earned any high school credits.• For grades 1-5, academic records are not required. Parents may send in a copy of report cards and/or achievement testing results.• No curriculum can be sent until the previous school’s records (or placement tests for younger students) are reviewed by your advisor. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 36
    37. 37. Transfer of Home Educated Courses If your student was previously homeschooled and completed high schoollevel courses, please fill out this form.This is for students who donot have official transcripts from a previous school. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 37
    38. 38. Importance of High School Transcripts• Allows credit from otherschools to be transferred toBridgeway Academy•Original signed and sealedtranscripts are required•To speed up enrollmentprocess, advisors can initiallywork with an unoffical transcriptprovided by the parent or theschool•Grades earned in previousschools are not included in theBridgeway Academy GPA Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 38
    39. 39. PA Affidavit• Only for Pennsylvania students • Make sure you print the correct form for your child’s grade level• California families can submit their affidavits online• Arizona students have an option of utilizing an affidavit Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 39
    40. 40. Summary: Completing the Enrollment Process For grades 2-10 administer the placement tests. For Kindergarten – 1st grade, the reading readiness test needs to be completed and returned by mail. Have your student take the Learning Style Assessment Complete the Curriculum Preference Form Submit your student’s transcript from previous schools (High School credits only) Meet with your advisor Review your curriculum suggestion letter and Projection Course of Study (high school) Approve Curriculum Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 40
    41. 41. Summary: Completing the Enrollment Process (continued) Copy of official (sealed and unopened) transcript from previous school for grades 10-12 or students who have earned any 9th grade credits.  Schools may also send the official transcript directly to us.  Schools may also fax a copy of the transcript Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 41
    42. 42. Summary: Completing the Enrollment Process (continued)Ways to return information: 1. Scan and email packet to your advisor 2. Fax paperwork (Note: Do not fax placement testing) Fax #: 610-266-7817 3. You can email the paper placement testing 4. Mail Packet to: Bridgeway Academy 334 2nd St. Catasauqua, PA 18032 Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 42
    43. 43. What to Expect From Your Advisor - Elementary• Sends an email when your placements and forms have been received. • Provides parent with an estimated time on when they will receive preliminary course recommendations• Placement tests and paperwork are reviewed in the order received. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 43
    44. 44. What to Expect From Your Advisor – Elementary (contined)• Contacts parent to go over curriculum choices via email and/or phone.• Discusses why choices were made.• Listens to feedback.• Makes any necessary changes to choices.• Verifies approval of course schedule. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 44
    45. 45. What to Expect from your advisor – High School• Review transcript and credits earned.• Prepare Projected Course of Study for Graduation for course of study student desires (from questionnaire, enrollment form and/or conversation with family).• Email Projected Course of study to family along with letter explaining decisions that need to be made.• Call family within 72 hours to review projection. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 45
    46. 46. What to expect from your advisor – High School (continued)• Discuss course selection with family and ask them to sign and return Projection if they agree via email, fax, or mail.• For High School Seniors – send SENIOR Packet with curriculum.• For High School Sophomores/Juniors – information on the PSAT/ACT/SAT with curriculum. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 46
    47. 47. What Do I Do While I’m Waiting for My Books?• Review the Member’s Site • Login in to the• Read the Parent Handbook Bridgeway Academy• Visit Member’s site to access the and have your student resources there. work on some Math or • Go to: English Review www.bridgeway• Grades 5-12, register on the online testing site and review information posted Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 47
    48. 48. Online Resources Enter yourusername andpassword. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 48
    49. 49. Online Resources• The Bridgeway Academy Members site includes many online resources including: • Free Electives in Health • High School forms • Book Report information • Bridgeway Contest info • Standardized Test Prep • Reference Tools • Log in and explore! Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 49
    50. 50. Register in HLAAs a Bridgeway family, you are eligible for a free one-year membership to Homeschool Legal Advantage! • Homeschool Legal Advantage offers free legal assistance with all of your homeschool needs. • Additionally, HLA is offering to provide every new member with legal help drawing up a will! • Attached to the welcome email from your advisor and included with your curriculum shipment, you will find a brochure with more information about Homeschool Legal Advantage, as well as instructions for registering for your free one-year membership. • HLA membership is by family, so even if you have enrolled more than one student, you only need to register one time. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 50
    51. 51. Enrichments Kit• There will be days when you or your elementary students aren’t up to speed and you need educational activities that your kids can do independently while you recover.• Enrichments Kits are designed to keep your homeschooler engaged and enjoying higher order problem solving while also having a great time passing the hours.• This picture shows the variety of items that we use to fill various grade level bags. You don’t get it all but you get a great age or grade level variety! Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 51
    52. 52. Enrichments Kit (Cont’d)Many families enjoy the Enrichments Kits as an alternative to their corecurriculum . The Critical Thinking materials and art supplies are a great way tosneak in a school day – even on a weekend!Best of all, with the Enrichments kit activity kit, can bePersonalized to your child’s interests .Your homeschooler will never even know he is learning! Enrichment Kits each contain up to 3 fun and engaging workbooks, art materials & a variety of fun in a great Bridgeway BackpackThese are available for purchase for $69.00.Ask your advisor for details. They make great Gifts! Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 52
    53. 53. Bridgeway Spirit Wear• We are proud to announce that you can now purchase hoodies, back packs, tote bags and vinyl clings with the Bridgeway Logo!• You will receive an order form via email• Just fill it out and mail or fax it back to us• Your box of school spirit will be on its way to you shortly! Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 53
    54. 54. We want to help !• What to call for:• If you want to upgrade your curriculum package and also if any contact information is incorrect.• When to call: M-F 9-5 Eastern Time• Because the phones get busy and we strive to provide excellent customer service, your advisor will return your call within 1-2 business days.• What to email for: • Just email your questions to your advisor and you will get all of your questions answered in one organized easy to understand email! • What a time saver for you ! Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 54
    55. 55. ―Education is the great engine topersonal development. It is througheducation that the daughter of apeasant can become a doctor, thatthe son of a mineworker can becomethe head of the mine, that the childof a farm worker can become thepresident of a great nation.‖ Nelson Mandela 55
    56. 56. Thank you for taking the time to participate in today’s webinar! 56
    57. 57. 334 Second Street Catasauqua, PA 18032 (610)266-9016 www.bridgewayacademy.comEmail: 57