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Bridgeway Academy Online High School Orientation


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Bridgeway Academy Online High School Orientation

  1. 1. New Family OrientationFor Online HighSchool Students Your Personal Guide to the Enrollment ProcessLong Fence and Home
  2. 2. Areas Covered• Congratulations on a great decision – your new journey begins• Getting started with the Bridgeway family• Completing the admissions process• Meet your professionally trained academic advisor• Navigating through your welcome packet• How to Login in to Online Learning• Parent’s responsibility to assure success• How to gage your student’s daily work• PE and Community Service Requirements• Question and Answer Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 2
  3. 3. Why do over 2 million parents homeschool their children today?• Today, Increase in children who homeschooling has are homeschooled become a viable 2 2,000,000+ educational option Millions 1.5 for many Americans; there 1 1,100,000 has been a 235% 850,000 0.5 increase since 1999. 0Source: Experts Say 2 Million Students Now Homeschooled 1999 2003 2008By LifeWay Christian Resources , Biblical solutions for life - January 18, 2009 Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 3
  4. 4. Many Homeschool to Give Their Children Individualized Attention • Studies show that children’s ability to learn and their self-esteem notably decrease as classes become larger, particularly when they go above 20 students… • Yet, more than double that number are crowded into many classrooms. • Students do best where there are few disruptions and more individualized attention from the teacher. • Students with two or more years of small classes in elementary school score higher on tests in middle and high school, are more likely to graduate, take the SAT or ACT and apply to college. • Homeschooling provides focused attention.Source: Class Size And Student Achievement; Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 4
  5. 5. Top Colleges Agree: Homeschoolers are Better Prepared for College• A Harvard University admissions officer said most of their home-educated students “have done very well. They usually are very motivated in what they do.”• Brown Universitys dean, Joyce Reed, states, “Homeschoolers are the epitome of Brown students. They are self-directed, they take risks, and they dont back off.”• University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill’s dean of admissions, James Walters, reports his home-educated students “are performing above average academically.”Source: Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 5
  6. 6. Completing the Admissions Process Application is received by admissions department Application and payment are submitted to financial department Email confirmation of payment Financial paperwork (if applicable) is emailed or mailed:  Option to pay in full  Option to pay in two payments  Option to pay monthly Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 6
  7. 7. Meet Your Professionally Trained Academic Advisor• Our professional advisors will guide you every step of the way.• Bridgeway Academy provides students and parents with a level of individualized attention, support and customization that is unmatched in any other educational environment. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 7
  8. 8. Your Advisor is Here to Facilitate the Home Education Process for the Parent• Your guidance counselor, an encourager, and a resource to turn to for tips and ideas• Your academic resource, able to keep parents and students on track with accurate records• Your personal expert, providing analysis of student placement testing and learning styles, and customization of homeschooling curriculum packages• Your supportive assistant, aiding with curriculum decisions and encouragement throughout the school year Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 8
  9. 9. Meet your Principal! Jessica Parnell was a high school English teacher and director of gifted education before coming to Bridgeway. She brings with her a passion for homeschooling that developed both out of experience as a student and as a Pennsylvania Homeschool Evaluator. It is her mission and the mission of Bridgeway Academy to help every homeschooler succeed--not just academically but also in life. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 9
  10. 10. Navigating Through the Welcome Packet 10
  11. 11. Welcome Email Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 11
  12. 12. Student Record Release Form: OWPAK01• Form submitted to your child’s PREVIOUS school.• Submission of this form is required and top priority for Grades 10 -12.• For grade 9, academic records are required if the student earned any high school credits.• No curriculum can be sent until the previous school’s records (or placement tests for younger students) are reviewed by your advisor. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 12
  13. 13. Importance of High School Transcripts Allows credit from otherschools to be transferred toBridgeway AcademyOriginal signed and sealedtranscripts are requiredTo speed up enrollmentprocess, advisors can work offof an unoffical transcriptprovided by the parent or theschoolGrades earned in previousschools are not included in theBridgeway Acdemy GPA Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 13
  14. 14. Online Parent Handbook• Reference guide for how the program works.• No need to print – one will be shipped to you.• Read through entire handbook and then sign Parent Agreement form. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 14
  15. 15. Parent Agreement: OWPAK02• Outlines your rights and responsibilities as a Bridgeway homeschooling parent.• Print form, initial each topic, sign and date form at bottom, then send it back to Bridgeway with the other paperwork you are returning. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 15
  16. 16. PA Affidavit: OWPAK 04• Only for Pennsylvania students • Make sure you print the correct form for your child’s grade level• California families can submit their affidavits online• Arizona students have an option of utilizing an affidavit Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 16
  17. 17. Placement TestIn order to accurately place your student in the program, incoming 9th graders are asked to take the following placement test:Basic Math Skills Placement TestEnglish Grammar Placement TestEnglish Writing Placement TestEnglish Reading Comprehension Placement TestEnglish Vocabulary Placement TestTo access the test, please go to the following web address: the Systems Requirements before you start the tests) Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  18. 18. What to Expect from your advisor – High School• Review transcript and credits earned.• Prepare Projected Course of Study for Graduation for course of study student desires (from questionnaire, enrollment form and/or conversation with family).• Email Projected Course of study to family along with letter explaining decisions that need to be made.• Call family within 48-72 hours to review projection. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 18
  19. 19. What to expect from your advisor – High School (continued)• Discuss course selection with family and ask them to sign and return Projection if they agree via email, fax, or mail.• For High School Seniors – send SENIOR Packet with curriculum.• For High School Sophomores/Juniors – information on the PSAT/ACT/SAT with curriculum. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 19
  20. 20. Projected Course of Study Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  21. 21. Graduation Requirements Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  22. 22. CourseAssignments Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  23. 23. CourseSyllabus Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  24. 24. Weekly Guide Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  25. 25. Online High School Website Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  26. 26. Student’s are expected to complete all of their school workin their own hand. You are guilty of cheating if you present work as your own work if it is something you did not do. Youare also guilty of cheating if you help someone else to cheat. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  27. 27. Honor Code – this form is found in your Online Handbook – please sign and fax it to your advisor.As a recognized school by the Pennsylvania State Board of Education, all of our students enrolled in Bridgeway Academy Program are required to sign an Honor Code Form stating that the student who is enrolled in the Bridgeway Academy will do all the work.We recognize that a student may seek help and so encourage the student to consult our tutors, as well as solicit opinions from others. This is a normal and acceptable practice. However, the tests and workbook materials sent in must be the work of the student whose signature is below.I, ________________________________ attest that the work I submit to Bridgeway Academy is and will be my own. All tests submitted accurately assess my competency because they are completed by me and are done without the aid of any printed material(score keys) or any material accessed from the computer.Signature ________________________________Date ________________________________ Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  28. 28. Honor Code•• WHAT HAPPENS IN A CASE OF SUSPECTED ADADEMIC MISCONDUCT?•• Disciplinary Warning: verbal or written notification that the student has not met the Academys standards of conduct, and that a repeated offense will result in more serious disciplinary action. It is not the case that first offenses automatically receive a warning; most first offenses receive a stricter response, with warnings reserved for cases with unusual mitigating circumstances.• Disciplinary Probation: an action that places conditions on the students continued enrollment in the Academy, including the statement that further violation of Brideway Academy policies will likely result in Academic Withdrawal.• Academic Withdrawal: a written statement notifying a student that his or her enrollment at Bridgeway Academy has been terminated for violating Academy policy. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  29. 29. Parents are responsible for monitoring their student’sprogress. Parents are assigned a login to allow them to check on their student’s work. Progress should be monitored daily. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  30. 30. Online High School Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  31. 31. Grades• Grades are computed quarterly and a progress report will be emailed to you. Grades are cumulative for each course.• You can review your student’s progress and grades at anytime by logging in with your parent userid and password.• Only the highest scores on quizzes and test are computed into the final grade.• Writing assignments can be resubmitted for an improved grade. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  32. 32. Orientation Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  33. 33. What Do I Do First?• Open your browser and go to Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  34. 34. Check Your System Requirements• Click on System Requirements to check if your system has all the software required to run Compass Learning Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  35. 35. Check Your System Requirements• Click Check System• This screen also gives you the contact information for Compass Learning Support Scroll down to see Browser Requirements… Check your browser – IE 7 and Firefox 3.011 are fully supported. Firefox 3.5.7 doesn’t always work. Chrome doesn’t work Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  36. 36. Check Your System Requirements• Any Requirements with an “X” need to be updated – click on link to update your software. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  37. 37. Login• Key in the username and password supplied to you by your academic advisor and click Log In. This should always be Odyssey Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  38. 38. Launchpad• This is your course launch pad. Make sure there is a circle around each course assigned and/or the word always be This should assignments highlighted Odyssey underneath. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  39. 39. Launchpad• This is your course launch pad. This shows your last login date. This should always be Odyssey Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  40. 40. Launchpad - Portfolio Click here to access your portfolio to view completed work This should always be Odyssey Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  41. 41. Launchpad This accesses the Odyssey Writer Tool If this is flashing, an Odyssey Writer always be This should Odyssey Project has beenreturned from your teacher. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  42. 42. Launchpad - Toolkit Click here to access your toolkit – to access worksheets, calculat ors and books This should always be Odyssey Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  43. 43. Launchpad To Replay an activity, key thecode here. Retrieve the code from your Portfolio always be This should Odyssey Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  44. 44. Launchpad Click here to Log off This should always be Odyssey Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  45. 45. Getting Ready to StudyBefore you startwatching a lesson:1. Make sure you have time to watch the whole lesson – videos cannot be fast forwarded or started from where you left off.2. Make sure you have a notebook and pencil to take notes.3. You can also take notes with Odyssey Writer
  46. 46. Focus• Once a lesson begins, watch the whole thing. Keep your cursor in the window and don’t try and do other things while the lesson is playing –• Focus on the lesson. Take notes on notebook paper or open Odyssey Writer to take notes. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  47. 47. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  48. 48. Starting an Assignment No let’s take a look at a course. To access a course click on the Course Icon should always be This Odyssey Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  49. 49. Access Your Course Click here to return to the Launch Pad. Each course is made up of four folders if you are taking a full- year course. Click on Quarter 1 to begin the course. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  50. 50. Access Your Course Look for the flashing green arrow. Click on the folder it is pointing to. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  51. 51. Access Your Course Look for the flashing green arrow. Click on the folder it is pointing to. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  52. 52. Access Your Course Look for the flashing green arrow.Click on the folder it is pointing to. In this case the arrow is point to a quiz that needs to be retakenbecause the minimum score was not met. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  53. 53. Access Your Course This symbol means this activity has a decision point. If you fail a quiz, theClick on “Resources” to print arrow will return to this quiz and youout worksheets for required will be required to retake it.activities and extra practice. Sometimes the arrow may return to the previous activity requiring you to complete it again for review before retaking the quiz. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  54. 54. Example of Quiz Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  55. 55. Taking Notes with Odyssey Writer Click on the Odyssey Writer Icon to Open Odyssey Writer while watching a lesson. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  56. 56. Resource To access worksheets, click on the word Resource to display a pdf worksheet in your browser. Print out the worksheet and complete it. Your parents can access the answer key through their parent login.Copyright Bridgeway Academy Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  57. 57. This is an example ofa Resource worksheet for Algebra I Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  58. 58. Your Portfolio Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  59. 59. Portfolio Click here to access your portfolio to view completed work This should always be Odyssey Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  60. 60. Click on a quiz score to view your quiz Portfolio and which questions you answered correctly Click here to displaycompleted work Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  61. 61. Portfolio Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  62. 62. Odyssey Writer Assignments• As you work through your assignments, you will encounter assignments referred to as Odyssey Writer Assignments. These are writing assignments and will be graded. Here are some basic concepts to keep in mind: • If an assignment asks for an “essay”, an essay is required. It MUST be at least three paragraphs and contain a thesis statement, an introductory paragraph, supporting paragraphs with topic sentences and a conclusion. • Please proof and correct your assignments before turning them in. • Have your parent or tutor review your assignments before turning them in. www.bridgewayacademy.c Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  63. 63. Compass Learning will “time out”after 100 minutes of inactivity – if you are working on an OdysseyWriter Assignment and don’t saveyour document – you will lose yourwork if you have it open for more than 100 minutes
  64. 64. Odyssey Writer Assignments 64 www.bridgewayacademy.c Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  65. 65. Sample Odyssey Writer Project 65 www.bridgewayacademy.c Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  66. 66. Paste to Draft 66www.bridgewayacademy.c Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  67. 67. How to Gage Your Work• Use your Weekly Guide to decide how much to do each day. If you follow this guide you will complete all of your assignments in 180 days.• Use the Assignment Tab in the portfolio to see how much work you have completed and how much you have to go.• Full credit Compass Leaning courses assigned by Bridgeway Academy consist of four folders: one for each quarter. When you click on a course from your launch pad, you will see these four folders. Each folder or quarter should be completed in about 45 days. To help you gage how much to do each day, you might find it helpful to view all of the assignments in a folder. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  68. 68. Assignment Tab Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  69. 69. Assignment Tab Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  70. 70. Assignment Tab Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  71. 71. Assignment Details Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  72. 72. PE Log• To receive credit for Physical Education, the form must be returned at the end of the semester. Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 72
  73. 73. Community Service• Community Service is required for High School Students• Guidelines can be found in the Parent Handbook• 15 hours per year of enrollment Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 73
  74. 74. Science Lab Kits• Science lab kits are available for the cost of $195.00 from Bridgeway Academy. Contact your Academic Advisor if you would like to purchase the lab kit.• Lab kits are correlated to your curriculum• Students who complete and submit the labs will receive 1 lab credit for lab science on their transcript.• Lab kits are available for: • Biology • Chemistry • Physical Science • Physics Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 74
  75. 75. Foreign Language Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy
  76. 76. You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers• What to call for • If you didn’t receive welcome packet. • If any contact information is incorrect. • m• When to call: M-F 9-5• 610-266-9016 ext 104• Fax: 801-881-6401• 315-750-4569• • Running list of questions for Copyright 2009 Bridgeway Academy 76
  77. 77. "Homeschooling gives you everyadvantage with your child--individualization, time, ability toadjust teaching and learning to whatworks for your child and thefreedom to take your time whennecessary or dig deeper when yousee significant interests andpassions." Jessica Parnell 77