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Big picture

  1. 1. Bridgeway Advisors
  2. 2. Welcome to the Advisor Department of Bridgeway Academy!You will be learning many things over thenext few weeks. I encourage you to letyour training supervisor know if itbecomes a little overwhelming.We are happy to slow things down atanytime.
  3. 3. The Big PictureThe advisor position has a lot of tasks involved andwe use a lot of tools to accomplish those tasks.To prevent information overload, you may find ithelpful to keep the Big Picture in mind.
  4. 4. Customer ServiceFirst and foremost, this is what this position is allabout.Great Customer Service includes: Timely response to all emails and phone calls Going the extra mile to meet the needs of our customers Accurate answers and record keeping
  5. 5. Customer Management System To provide excellent customer service we use tools to help us communicate with our families. Customer Management System (Kazeli) Email – both individual and group Student Demographic Information Note-taking and documenting interactions Follow-up campaigns for automating contact Record of sales transactions
  6. 6. Placement TestingIn order to provide excellent service to our families,we must accurately evaluate their students uponentry to Bridgeway Academy. Tools we use for thisprocess include: Performance Series Placement Testing Course Preference and Learning Style Surveys Notes from Sales Reps in Kazeli One-on-One conversations
  7. 7. CurriculumAdvisors are expected to be experts onthe curriculum we offer families. Anadvisor is responsible for counselingfamilies on curriculum selection andordering the curriculum for the familyfrom our Warehouse (CurriculumExpress)Additionally, advisors will setup studentsin online curriculum .
  8. 8. Accurate RecordsAdvisors are responsible for generatingreport cards and transcripts for theirstudents. We currently use a StudentManagement System for transcripts. Thissystem is called School Dynamics.In addition, online advisors use the onlinegrade book, soon, all advisors will find student’stest scores on our online testing site,
  9. 9. Work Flow ManagementWe have developed several documents to aid advisorsin tracking their students through the enrollmentprocess and keeping track of advisor payment andinvoicing. Student Trail (google doc) Payment Trail (google doc) Weekly KPI Form – to help you keep track of all the task you should complete each week Dropbox – we use this to save and share student records
  10. 10. Inter-Office CommunicationAn important part of being a BridgewayAdvisor is communicating with co-workersand management. We use several tools toaccomplish this: Skype Go-to-Meeting for online meetings Google Docs for tracking procedures and information Dropbox for sharing documents
  11. 11. Advisor Tool BarTo help us keep track of it all, we have created anadvisor toolbar. Once installed you will have quickaccess to all the useful tools you need to serve yourfamilies well!
  12. 12. In a Nutshell – Weekly TasksAnswer all phone calls and emailsCreate and send weekly advisor emailSubmit Weekly KPI reportAttend weekly advisor and all staffmeetingsProcess new studentsGrade any submitted student writingprojects (online advisors)Evaluate weekly progress (onlineadvisors)
  13. 13. In a Nutshell – Yearly TasksPlace StudentsOrder CurriculumEnroll students in appropriate follow-up campaignsReview submitted work and generate report cardsand transcriptsCheck-in once a quarter via phoneContact family regarding re-enrollment