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6 money saving tips for your Brisbane holiday


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Whilst a holiday is something everyone looks forward to, they can be an expensive luxury that many cannot afford. A Brisbane holiday is no different. Brisbane is an expensive city, just like Sydney. And, Brisbane CBD accommodation is just as expensive as the top city in Australia, if not the world.

However this shouldn’t deter you from visiting Brisbane for a holiday. There are plenty of tips you can take avail of to save you big buck on a holiday in Brisbane. We look at these money saving tips in this presentation. They include using public transport, only splurging on one restaurant meal per day, combine budget and luxury activities, opt for cheaper accommodation, travel off-season and eat where the locals eat.

To find out more about these great money saving tips for your Brisbane holiday, be sure to visit our blog where you’ll find a post on this topic

To help you get started on your cost savings, book your accommodation with us at Bridgewater Terraces. We are just 1km from Brisbane CBD and offer 1, 2 and 3 bedroom holiday apartments from just $140 per night – much cheap than Brisbane CBD accommodation! Contact us to book your stay.

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6 money saving tips for your Brisbane holiday

  1. 1. 6 money saving tips for your Brisbane holiday
  2. 2. It may seem obvious, but using public transport over taxis is a sure way to save money in Brisbane. Brisbane has heaps of public transport to take advantage of including rail, bus and ferry. 1. Use public transport
  3. 3. Everyone likes to splurge on dining out when on holiday. But for your Brisbane holiday, limit your dining out to only one meal a day. You’ll save up to $50 a day in doing so. 2. Have one restaurant meal a day
  4. 4. Saving money on your holiday doesn’t mean you have to stick to cheap activities every day. Just reduce the number of expensive activities and swap them for cheaper or free activities available in Brisbane. 3. Alternate between luxury and budget
  5. 5. Forgo booking a hotel for your Brisbane holiday. Rather, choose a more affordable option – holiday apartments! Apartments like ours, Bridgewater Terraces, have apartments from $140 per night. Bargain! 4. Choose holiday apartment accommodation
  6. 6. Travelling outside of the holiday seasons is one of the easiest ways to save money a Brisbane holiday. Flights and accommodation are cheaper in the low-seasons, so avoid school holidays and Christmas and you’ll see the savings! 5. Travel during the off-peak season
  7. 7. Brisbane locals don’t frequent the same resultants that tourists dine at because they tend to be more expensive. So to save money dining out, ask a local where to eat and you’ll be able to afford an entree too! 6. Eat at the locals’ favourites Story Bridge Hotel
  8. 8. Ready to book your Brisbane holiday? Start saving money on your Brisbane holiday by booking accommodation at Bridgewater Terraces. From just $140 per night, you’ll have plenty of money left to spend on dining and activities. Click here to visit our website
  9. 9. 56 Wharf Street, Kangaroo Point, Queensland Ph: +07 3435 5216