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Marketing for Freelancers and Small Agencies


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For the Orange County WordPress Business Meetup, Monday March 19, 2018, I will be discussing how content marketing can augment your business goals through creation and distribution.

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Marketing for Freelancers and Small Agencies

  1. 1. OCWP - March 2018 @YouTooCanBeGuru Marketing for Freelancers & Small Agencies
  2. 2. @YouTooCanBeGuru What is marketing? Marketing is using resources to bring your product or service to the attention of your customer (the market). OCWP - Marketing
  3. 3. @YouTooCanBeGuru We knew that. I know. But review is good. Right? OCWP - Marketing
  4. 4. @YouTooCanBeGuru What not to do: OCWP - Marketing
  5. 5. @YouTooCanBeGuru What are your business goals? OCWP - Marketing
  6. 6. @YouTooCanBeGuru Do more isn't a goal. OCWP - Marketing
  7. 7. @YouTooCanBeGuru What are your resources? OCWP - Marketing
  8. 8. @YouTooCanBeGuru Generic Business Goals Increase customers. Increase revenue. Increase staff. OCWP - Marketing
  9. 9. @YouTooCanBeGuru Better Business Goals Increase�the right kind of customers. Increase�profit margin. Increase�happiness of staff. OCWP - Marketing
  10. 10. @YouTooCanBeGuru Marketing goals should support your business goals. OCWP - Marketing
  11. 11. @YouTooCanBeGuru As WordPress developers and agencies we have a head start. OCWP - Marketing
  12. 12. @YouTooCanBeGuru With websites, we are all publishers. OCWP - Marketing
  13. 13. @YouTooCanBeGuru We have our own platform to educate our audience. OCWP - Marketing
  14. 14. @YouTooCanBeGuru Content Marketing Is: Content Creation Distribution OCWP - Marketing
  15. 15. @YouTooCanBeGuru Content Marketing Using words* to persuade. Using words* to educate. Using words* to sell. *Could include�audio / video. OCWP - Marketing
  16. 16. @YouTooCanBeGuru Content Creation Short or long-form blog posts. Video (demos, interviews). Podcasts. OCWP - Marketing
  17. 17. @YouTooCanBeGuru Create then publish on your WordPress site. OCWP - Marketing
  18. 18. @YouTooCanBeGuru What about distribution? OCWP - Marketing
  19. 19. @YouTooCanBeGuru Content Distribution Front-Facing Channels are best. OCWP - Marketing Twitter LinkedIn Facebook
  20. 20. @YouTooCanBeGuru Then what? OCWP - Marketing
  21. 21. @YouTooCanBeGuru Engage! OCWP - Marketing
  22. 22. @YouTooCanBeGuru This is where the magic happens. OCWP - Marketing
  23. 23. @YouTooCanBeGuru Yes. This means you OCWP - Marketing follow people back like their posts reply to their comments
  24. 24. @YouTooCanBeGuru Being a polite person always elevates your brand. OCWP - Marketing
  25. 25. @YouTooCanBeGuru Q & A Let's get real.
  26. 26. @YouTooCanBeGuru