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Keynote - Community: Observe, Include, Accept


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In any industry, you have peers. In WordPress, you have community. So what does community mean? Why is it important to be part of a community? How do you become part of the community when you’re new? And how can we have mentorship from the seasoned community members?

In this talk, I’ll discussed how we can include others. How new people can observe. How active members can include. And how we can have a truly diverse and and accepting culture — not just an inclusive label.

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Keynote - Community: Observe, Include, Accept

  1. 1. @YouTooCanBeGuru Community: Observe,Include,Accept WordCamp Seattle 2018
  2. 2. Blah blah blah Community @YouTooCanBeGuru
  3. 3. Is this really another talk about community? @YouTooCanBeGuru
  4. 4. This talk is about social science. You like science, right? @YouTooCanBeGuru
  5. 5. Observe Include Accept @YouTooCanBeGuru
  6. 6. Observe @YouTooCanBeGuru
  7. 7. Include @YouTooCanBeGuru
  8. 8. Accept @YouTooCanBeGuru
  9. 9. *a note about assimiliation @YouTooCanBeGuru
  10. 10. Why do I have a lego piece? @YouTooCanBeGuru
  11. 11. What can you start doing today that will impact your role in community? @YouTooCanBeGuru
  12. 12. @YouTooCanBeGuru