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Jing Powerpoint


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Published in: Education
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Jing Powerpoint

  1. 1. Add Visual Elements to all your Online Conversations By: Bridget Purdy
  2. 2.  A free application that can be downloaded to Windows or Mac computer Enables you to take screen captures and annotate these static images of your computer screen Enables you to record short videos ( minutes or less) of onscreen action Share instantly with others through –whether over the internet, in instant messages, email or embedded in your online course shell
  3. 3.  Explaining Ideas Giving Feedback Collaborating on Projects Sharing Information Easier
  4. 4.  Download from homepage and install
  5. 5.  Must setup account to use Jing
  6. 6.  Record a narrated historical Journey or science experiment Record themselves solving math problems Use as a digital story telling tool Pronounce and define key vocabulary
  7. 7.  Create tutorials for working with new technologies Demonstrate how to access your class Blog, Wiki or Edomodo for parents or students Create screencasts to publish students works and copy to class blog Create a lesson and have students show examples Demonstrate how to edit handwriting W_A&feature=player_embedded Model a “think aloud” reading technique