Role of the councillor in 2010


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This presentation and workshop discussed the role, influences and challenges for newly elected councillors in 2010. It was given as part of LB Brent's Induction day, May 16th 2010

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Role of the councillor in 2010

  1. 1. Bridget Harris LB Brent Changing role of the councillor in 2010 May 16 th 2010
  2. 2. The hardest thing in politics... getting elected.
  3. 3. ALL NEW AND IMPROVED FORMULA FOR 2010 Lose touch with friends and influence too many people! exhaustion guaranteed The views expressed on this soap box will not necessarily always be those of the individual or organisation concerned. Views may change at any time according to hindsight and the fiscal outlook. BECOME A POLITICIAN!
  4. 4. local government network
  5. 5. local government network
  6. 6. Who runs the council...?
  7. 7. The people you represent...
  8. 8. “ the rights and interests of every, or any, person are only secure from being disregarded when the person interested is himself able, and habitually disposed, to stand up for them”
  9. 9. residents party council partners
  10. 10. The bad news for politicians... people people know you don't have all the answers people want to do things for themselves people have access to online resources and tools people are more educated
  11. 11. The good news for politicians... people people know you don't have all the answers people want to do things for themselves people have access to online resources and tools people are more educated
  12. 12. Public spending in local government has increased by over 40% in last 10 years
  13. 13. local government family innovation
  14. 14. 'new public sector' innovation
  15. 15. third sector participation Funding for sector totalled £9.2 billion in 2003/4 Over 22 million people are participating in a voluntary group (Home Office figures 2001) “ mutualism” “ big society” “ community politics”
  16. 16. Run the council SCRUTINISE THE COUNCIL Champion your residents Raise local grants Empower people Talk to people Introduce exciting policies Recruit volunteers Challenge doubters Manage crises Listen to people Lead on the design of your local future Community leadership Contest the political space Inspire officers role of elected members ?
  17. 17. Sit in long meetings Wonder why you're there Feel stressed Get bogged down in detail Read too much, too often or too little Manage failure Defend the status quo Assume there are only three options Focus on internal structures Get detached from your 'politics' Lose touch with residents Lose perspective Fight with people Be criticised Memorise the corporate plan
  18. 18. 3 must haves 3 must nots role of elected members ?
  19. 19. avoiding the potholes
  20. 20. You are the representative of the people to the town hall... ...not the town hall's representative to the people. tribune of the people
  21. 21. politics, not posturing A political decision is where - you have two great options you can't do both and whatever happens you are going to annoy someone.
  22. 22. Ward walks with officers Not just consultation – collaboration and co-creation. keep in touch, keep in touch, keep in touch community roots
  23. 23. questioning, not acquiescence How is this going to affect my residents? How are we going to measure outcomes and impact? Is there another way?
  24. 24. quality, not quantity
  25. 25. Where do you want to go? My Ward People of Brent
  26. 26. What do you need to do? Ask yourself regularly are you being effective? Have a plan Have a vision
  27. 27. How are you going to do it? What can you initiate? What can you change? Who is in charge?
  28. 28. Bridget Harris [email_address] May 16 th 2010 Questions?