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Championing elected councillors in 21st Century


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This was a presentation focussing on the distinctive political role of the elected councillor. The workshop was held at LGA House 18th Oct 2010 at the LGA Independent Councillors Annual Conference.

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Championing elected councillors in 21st Century

  1. 1. LGA Independent Group Autumn Conference October 18th 2010 Championing elected members in the 21 st Century
  2. 3. The challenge for politicians: this: versus this:
  3. 4. levers of influence.. not power
  4. 5. From town hall...
  5. 6. cabinet member for your ward.
  6. 7. Institutional Political Community
  7. 8. Institutional Political Community
  8. 9. Institutional Political Community
  9. 10. Institutional Political Community
  10. 11. What can councillors do... ...that officers cannot?
  11. 12. Strategic / political thinking Communication Active listening Leadership Express community values Commit resources
  12. 13. Strategic thinkers Community agitators So. Councillors are: Decision makers Communicators
  13. 14. discussion question ?
  14. 15. How will 'big society' join up with community activism and local government?
  15. 16. director of politics and partnerships [email_address] co-ordinator of programme [email_address]