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  1. 1. Obama Care Bridget Dames, Nick Crawford, Ally Cromer, and Sam Homan
  2. 2. Definition National Health Care plan aimed at reforming the American Health Care program
  3. 3. Mission Statement Main focus- Providing more Americans access to affordable health care, improving quality of health insurance, regulating the health insurance industry, and reducing spending on health care.
  4. 4. Background facts Law that established program: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act President when established: Barack Obama Date established: March 23, 2010
  5. 5. Democrats/Liberals Supports it Everyone deserves health care Benefits the majority of the population
  6. 6. Republicans/Conservatives Oppose It Government should not be involved Its unconstitutional Less privately owned practices Increase taxes on medical equipment
  7. 7. Controversial Today? ● Liberals - Still think that everyone should have health care benefits. ● Conservatives - Still oppose and think that this isn’t constitutional. It is now harder to own small businesses. Don’t want to be taxed more
  8. 8. Modifications ● Waivers giving exemptions to some businesses (about 1,150 of them) for about a year ● Republicans have accused the administration of awarding waivers to allies who supported the health care act. ● Lifting the requirement on businesses to file a form called 1099 for a variety of businesses expenses
  9. 9. Agency and cost The health and human services administration oversees what goes on with obamacare The final premium is decided on lower than the CBO predicted but higher than people are [aying now. 95 fine comes out of tax returns for not being insured, it will double the cost for 27 year old males. It is predicted to cut the deficit by 200 billion in the first 10 years
  10. 10. State participation 25 states have accepted Obamacare, as well as the D.O.C.
  11. 11. The cost borne by Federal and State Government 75% of Obamacare is borne by the Federal Government, while 25% of the program will be given to both States and companies within the states. The companies mainly help to serve just as “navigation” programs.
  12. 12. How will it be Administered? The state government will collect through insurance companies, with various prices depending on which state you are in. Companies can also choose to get rid of their insurance program and make the associates use Obamacare. Some companies will serve as “navigation” programs and get people to sign up for Obamacare , and receive funds for doing so.
  13. 13. How will money be distributed? The federal government will be giving funds to all the states in order for them to distribute Obamacare. Companies will also receive money so that they can get people to sign up for Obamacare.
  14. 14. Requirements for joining Obamacare There really aren’t any requirement, the bill just needs to be passed and the states that want to receive the funds do, and even companies decide if they want to give it to their employees. The federal government offers the states grants for running the healthcare within the states, and again it offers companies grants for helping people sign up for obamacare
  15. 15. Works cited obamacare-crisis-solved-95100.html monthly-cost-across-u-328-040209815.html
  16. 16. Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following are not a main focus of obamacare? A. Improving quality of healthcare B. Getting rid of healthcare C. Regulating health insurance industry D. Reducing the cost of healthcare
  17. 17. Multiple Choice B. Getting rid of healthcare
  18. 18. Multiple Choice 2. Who primarily opposes the act? A. Republicans B. Democrats C. Neither D. Both
  19. 19. Multiple Choice A. Republicans
  20. 20. Multiple Choice 3. What government agency oversees Obamacare? A. Department of Education B.The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act C. Health and Human Services Administration D. None of the above
  21. 21. Multiple Choice C. Health and Human Services Administration
  22. 22. Multiple Choice 4. What percent of the cost is borne by Federal Government? A. 25% B.50% C. 75% D. 100%
  23. 23. Multiple Choice C. 75%
  24. 24. Multiple Choice 5.How many states have accepted Obamacare? A. 25 B. 10 C. 45 D. All
  25. 25. Multiple Choice A. 25