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Dreamatology New Consultant Orientation


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Dreamatology New Consultant Orientation

  1. 1. The Guide to AMP Up Your Rodan + Fields BusinessWho, What, Where, When, Why, How? © Team Dreamatology Training Guide
  2. 2. iStart: Set Your Goal on Level II andGo Fast!How:•Enroll two business partners with 600cv (on the 600 kit or above)•Promote 2 business partners to EC in your first full month•Maintain that EC promotion in Month 2 © Team Dreamatology Training Guide
  3. 3. Signing up PCs and BusinessPartners © Team Dreamatology Training Guide
  4. 4. Recruit, Develop & Duplicate Plug into your leaders Work on your own belief system Master the system 72 Hour Success Coach-ability is Key! © Team Dreamatology Training Guide
  5. 5. The Rubber Meets the Road Your Why Your Story Goal Setting Three-Way Calls BBLs/Events and Mastering the Invite © Team Dreamatology Training Guide
  6. 6. The Power of “Why”What is your purpose? Your Why?Your WHY should: -make you cry -keep you enthusiastic -a lifestyle goal to run towardsHelp you on the purpose of what you’re buildingDiscipline your disappointments © Team Dreamatology Training Guide
  7. 7. Hours of Operation are VeryImportant Work with Purpose and Intent!  Create your schedule and show up…  Work your business every day  Volume-producing activity (VPA)  We make $ sharing product & business  Consistent, income-producing activity is key - over time you will see results! TAKE ACTION: Set your hours of operation, making sure to include team training calls and professional development
  8. 8. How to Focus Your Time Prospecting 40% -- identifying the right people. Invest in the right people Training 30% -- plugging into the system, corporate, Pulse Business Meetings10% (weekly business presentations) Interviews 20% -- maintaining the value proposition © Team Dreamatology Training Guide
  9. 9. Your Posture Think and act like a CEO Surround yourself with quality people – seek them out! Create and maintain the value proposition You want dynamic, goal-setters, coachable who like to help other succeed! © Team Dreamatology Training Guide
  10. 10. Who You Gonna Call?  Who will you share this with?  Your warm market  Do not pre-judge!  Everyone can plug in: 3Cs TAKE ACTION: Download “memory jogger” Create your list of names. Start with the people you admire most. Make a of 200, with 20 people you admire most at the top! © Team Dreamatology Training Guide
  11. 11. Prospecting & InvitingRemember: You are in the business of inviting! Prospecting language Packaging your story What will you invite them to? Take Action: Package Your Story TODAY! © Team Dreamatology Training Guide
  12. 12. The Power of Three-Way CallsThird Party Validation Easy Learn as you Earn Build strong teams At the core of duplication… Do 3-4 calls your first week in business! © Team Dreamatology Training Guide
  13. 13. Your Formula: 5 x 3 x 4 Five new people a day Three interviews a week 3-4 new business partners a month © Team Dreamatology Training Guide
  14. 14. Just keep pouring the coffee Do The Math: •Reach out to 3-5 new people a day •Schedule 5 interviews a week •Close 2-3 new business partners per month © Team Dreamatology Training Guide
  15. 15. Training and supportHow will you do all of this? Stay plugged in! Focus on your 30 day training with your upline! SET GOALS:  MINIMUM of two new consultants who sponsor 2 every month  4 preferred customers  RECRUIT AS MANY AS YOU CAN EVERY MONTH! BIG PICTURE= 8 STRONG LEADERS!
  16. 16. Show me the Money! © Team Dreamatology Training Guide
  17. 17. Fast Start Program Product sales + recruiting = right now money Team building and duplication + wealth © Team Dreamatology Training Guide
  18. 18. The Power of 2x2 Duplicationand Your Immediate ROI © Team Dreamatology Training Guide
  19. 19. Monthly Qualifying Criteria MONTHLY MINIMUMS to be COMMISSIONABLE …MUST Be Maintained Every Month $100 Sales Volume (SV) – commissionable CRP- Personal Product + Pulse $600 PSL1V to be an Executive Consultant 1)SV on kits of those you recruit 2)PREFERRED customers (retail doesn’t count!) 3)Your personal team sales volume (their CRP, and retail customers!) Take Action: 1200 PSLIV is the Team Standard of Excellence (you want to be here ASAP!)
  20. 20. Big Picture:3-5 year business plan “I’m not saying it will be easy… I’m saying it will be worth it!”
  21. 21. Start Today… 1) Practice Makes Perfect 2) Personal Development 3) Professional Development