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  • Imagine for a few minutes that it’s 1995 and you’ve just met two beautiful young Stanford graduates that tell you about a new way to treat acne and they’d like to offer you the opportunity to be in on the ground floor. What if there wasn’t a Bieber or Jessica Simpson, just us, sharing the products and sharing in the profit stream. Fast forward to today, 2013.. Proactiv is in 100 countries and according to various quotes in business magazines upwards of $1B globally. What would our lives be like, with just a little share of that market?? I’m Bridget Cavanaugh and I’ve been working with the Doctors for a little over three years and in just that short time it’s transformed my life, my family’s life and earning power today and into the future… You’ve been invited because someone in our stellar organization thinks you might be right for the business, that you’ve got what it takes to realize your dreams with Rodan + Fields… and to help you decide if this is a good fit for you, we’re going to share a little about where… Where they’ve beenWhy we chose this channelWhat we’ve accomplishedWhere we’re headedWhat it could mean to you..Better understanding of how a business like ours could align with your goals..And importantly, Why now is the best time to capitalize.. What’s coming in 30 days…what today’s timing could mean… I’m a business owner, a Lexus earner and a member of the company’s advisory board from the least likely place, some call it the last best place – Montana. My location speaks to the power of the business model and that someone like me from a small college town in Montana can compete with the likes of Nordstrom just by hitching my wagon to this star. My story goes something like this. First of all, I never thought in a million years I would do direct marketing and secondly, I never pictured myself as one of the top income earners and member of the the leadership advisory board for the most celebrated company in the DSA. For decades, I was an overworked, but well paid PR professional and technology marketing executive, but in 2008-2009 I no longer was – well paid that is. Like many, for the first time in my career, I needed a serious Plan B. In the course of 30 days, my income had decreased by 40%, but my bills and obligations had not. I was now working the same long hours and making almost half. My children were young and needed an engaged, non-stressed, happy, available Mom and I was none of those things. When Rodan + Fields was , I saw immediately how I could siphon off my share of a $2.9B industry. I just needed a few crumbs of that kind of money to change my life and that’s what I set off to do knowing the things I’m about to share with you tonight. The more I treated it like a business, the more it paid me like a business. This is not get right folks. If dialed in wanting to make some “fast money”, I think you may have the wrong number. But if you’re looking for a business that with some effort, some commitment to your dreams and following a simple duplicable system can start earning you day care money, mortgage money, replacement income, or six-figure and on up, then stay on the call. And let’s dive in…
  • Here’s what we know… what the doctors did for acne, they intend to do for the Anti-Aging Market… and instead looking to retail, they are looking to us – the consumer to capitalize on the trends, on their proven reputation and on the need in the economy, not just US, but the global economy, to empower a new brand of entrepreneur… I know of such an entreprenuer, one who took control in a down economy, one who saw that she could be first in Pennsylvania, my business partner, and director of all things fun and funny on our team Kristin D’Uva… I’d love for you to share your story about why you partnered with the doctors and what’s happened since you did…INTRODUCE KRISTIN… D’UVA…
  • What do they have in comon??? MotivatedBig reason why… pay off mortgage, pay for college or student loans, replace an income, medical billsCoachable10-15 hours a weekLove helping others… .Faith in yourself, you can do this… Kinder garten teacher, college graduate,
  • Here are the questions you should be asking yourself as a business owner? Perfect storm.. Especially when you overlay the 5th P: Positioning…. Being first… domestic only, “ I was there when, we weren’t even in Canada yet… I was there when the first person in Boston got their car… “ that how early.. I have a new partner in Lexington KY and we are looking and can’t locate another consultant there yet… PRODUCT: Do I have a superior, unique product who’s results and quality is so outstanding as to create repeat sales? Am I representing a line of products that DO what they SAY they are going to do? Have they been proven clinically.. Can I stand behind them? I’m going to share them, will people love them?PRESENCE: Does my brand have instant credibility, a trusted and known entity, do they have a reputation the proceeds them… proceeds me… opens doors and makes the conversation compelling and easy to start? (after all, we have a paid social life… we talk to people)PROFITABLE? How quickly can I be profitable? How will I make money?? Reach my goals.PROGRAMS: Will I get the training, support, the tools, customer service I need to scale this quickly… with limited hours… Back to Kristin to talk about the products…. Her before and after picture is now famous in customer circles and she has a huge team happy customers all over the US…
  • Everything we know about retail, about marketing, about product distribution is in flux… … is it any wonder that department store sales are on the decline? 209B in 2007 to 184B in 2011… those are staggering figures and evidence that the conversation is moving online and BETWEEN friends..Social Media – we’re al on Facebook and the top topic trending on Google is SKIN CARE.. 2.2 M searchesShift in Power – it’s time to accept and capitalize on how powerful we really are.. How influential… A friend’s recommendation is the No2 factor influencing skin care purchases… “what are you using on your skin…”Proactiv is a household name, this will be too… even more so, more resources! So, the world is going to hear about it… why not from me?In fact, 9,000 customers have now heard about R+F because of me, because of the smart, well-timed entreprenuers joining today. This is an important fact, 70% of my income is generated purely from product sales and customers who love our products… I have partners, but we all have customers who are not attached to the business, only the products… this is huge distinction between RF and other companies you might want to compare us to. If you could put a Anti-aging version of Proactiv kiosk anywhere in the US and eventually the world and earn every time a consumer swiped their credit card to buy the product…. We’ll get into more of how that works in a minute… Breakthroughs – Peptides + Retinol + Hydroquinone and Sunscreen and in 30 days we’re “Making skin care history” a game changer.. We’ll all find out together what’s coming!2.9 Billion spent annually….
  • Not a… “skin care gig for girls”… Rodan + Fields is a vehicle for wealth creation…realizing you can buy their other company’s product from a vending machine along side coke and pepsi and skittles, one cannot help but think of this as a franchise… they build Proactiv from nothing, no awareness, no track record into $1B in sales, what do you think they can build with that success story behind them? Behind you? Add to that… healthy skin, vitality, youth is a calling card of confidence for anyone in most any profession or any social circle. As much as we value our appearance in the US, Japanese women use more and spend more on skin care than any women in the world. While tonight, we’re US, when you’re backed by a billion-dollar global company, don’t be afraid to think big, think long term, think international when it comes to your future income. R+F is not make-up… we’re dermatology to the home, we’re helping others take control of their health, curing issues with the skin… with a compelling alterative to expensive medical procedures in a product line that delivers VISIBLE RESULTS – guaranteed… consider this… dermatologists represent just 1.2% of the physican market and ironically skin is the biggest organ and melanoma is on an alarming rise… that means there’s 1 dermatologist to every 36,500 people in the US… which explains why the average office visit is $235 - and that’s just for a routine consultation.Breakthrough and opportunity on every level.
  • Let’s face it… the boomers are aging… I’m a GenXer.. I’m aging too and guess what.. I have a team of 20 year olds knocking this business out of the park… why.. Because we’re all aging, all the time and creating a market that accellerating at a rapid pace. You want to be in a growth market. 24% growth in a reccession… when I look at nutrition or other categories, they are thrilled with 5%.. Growth is good, but BIG growth is better for us… Here’s the thing.. Secret… you don’t have to create a behavior… 300 M in the US have skin and they wash it at least 1x a day… and they are all aging, looking in the mirror and relatively unstatisfied with their bar of soap or one-product-wonder… Me, in a llttle more than 36 months, I have 8000+ customers… who order every 60 days on an autoship… residual income that builds and builds as we grow my business.. Where could you be in 3-5 years starting today? You have the benefit of time, early in, and more…. OH… AND WE”RE ALL AGING ALL THE TIME!!!
  • Unlike most anti-aging solutions which promise to address aging with a single product or ingredient, R+F uses a complete regimen to address the complex aging process. Multi-Med approach is one that is well recognized among dermatologists and has been key to our success… 80% of how we age in our control… GUYS love this… Step 1, Step 2…. Right ingredients (OTC meds), right formulations in the right order… And, we have a new app called perskinality that uses advanced medical imaging to diagnose skin care concerns more accurately than a medical Dr. straight from our website…Be sure to ask the person who invited you to the call about Perskinality!
  • Anti-age is just one of four… but check out these clinical… 100% experiencing improvement… 100% I’m not a scientist, but that number seems high.. 90% saw an improvement in fine lines… Now imagine the people you know.. All of them with a product grave yard, no one raving about their glowing skin. Etc… waiting for you to provide THE SWITCH…
  • Trusted brand… ..what does that mean to you? People will be intrigued, excited, they have prior positive experience with these two Drs. Recognition + trust + credibility are things that take years and years to establish and you have them… Their story is extraordinary.. Started Proactiv with $500 in the bank… wanted to help people.. Not enough people could see them in their clinic… cost, access, etc… What they did for acne, they are now doing for aging skin and they want you be a part of it…
  • This month alone we’re in Vogue, Glamour online.. They love our skin care app….!! So enamoured with the Drs… Page 52 of New Beauty.. Our REVERSE regimen… We achieve all of this soley through the quality of the products… we do no paid advertising3rd party validation that it works!New Beauty on page 52Family Circle.. PRESS TOUR – making skin care history, game changer, we’ll know soon!!
  • We’re we’ve been is as impressive as where we’re going… we bailed on prestige retail.. Gave Nordstrom the boot! So they could partner with us… that should make you feel good? The lines that are now exclusive to us, where exclusively available in prestige retail.. From 2002-2007. By 2007, the brand was the leading clinical skin care line in major stores ..#1 line in Norstrom… What the Drs. realized however was that transitioning to a direct sales model would allow the company to reach more customers, get these tranformative solutions into the hands of more people, get more people using quality sun screen, taking better care of their skin, avoiding a trip to the dermatologist for acne treatments…they would allow the consumer to do it from home… This change was DELIBERATE, it was a deliberate choice, we were the first company to successfully come out from behind the glass counter into the world of direct sales. Launched in January 2009, by 2012 we were recognized as the RISING STAR of the DS and awards and accolades have continued resulting in prestigous industry awards for three years running – product awards.. But more importantly, sales support, training and tools… all the things that make us grow quickly, efficiently to achieve our income goals..
  • DS is a unique business opportunity where you can build your own business and reap the benefits. I’ve never seen anything like. I was listening to the radio this afternoon and at minimum wage full time… maximum you can earn is like $16,000 a year. No vacations. This is a virtual franchise where you can create a “storefront” and duplicate your success on any street in any city in america… Unlike opening your own brick and mortar, or working for someone else on a pre-set salary or hourly, you can build your own business. This is a financial asset that you own. Or what about investing in a Franchise. UPS Franchise 17,000… to ship other people’s packages, Subway 25K, Dairy Queen.. Forget about it… Our cost of entry is low. You leverage your existing network of connections and you share a product you love! Sharing the product, scaling it efficiently and quickly using a “business in a box” with programs, marketing tools… if any of you have started a business, it takes like 4 weeks to get a logo designed… website, fully e-commerce ready… 8-12 weeks… meaning while the money meter is ticking… The start-up cost is low because you’re not buying inventory to SELL… no parties, no inventory, no deliveries, no paperwork… no hassle.. Recoup your investment, your start-up cost in your first full 30 days… with a FREE ipad to boost… This is about generating short-term and LONG term income that flows from the transactions made within your network… as you help other people with business owners with their skin, their financial needs… There is NO CAP on what you can earn.. The more time you invest building your network, the more income potential you can realize
  • Your network exists today and it’s enhanced by social media… The exponential power of this model comes from different generations of connections that are created. RF gives you the tools and best practices to build and support these different levels of connections, so you can make the most of every interaction… Here’s how it worked for me… Dream team list… some became product customers, Consultants or connectors… it’s not who I knew necessarliy, it was who I needed to know.. Or ever better yet.. Who needed to know me… some of my top builders, individuals on my personal team growing huge national teams were referred to me by friends… met on airplanes, at weddings, at my kids’ school… it’s amazing the people you will attract when you partner with the caliber of these Drs. and this company…Plus, you earn nearly 31% on all product sales, that’s significant… 5% on all those other dots… and cash bonuses.. iPads, trip and more… holiday season.. RIGHT NOW money??? YOU BET! Longer-term.. Replacement income, retirement income, college fund.. You bet… My first check… car payment, second mortage.. Then in 24 months, I replaced what took me 17 years in corporate ladder climbing to create…
  • Business in a box – everything you need to be successfulComprehensive online tools to run your business anywhere, anytimeCustomer care for customers have their questions answered – nursesAssessment toolsBusiness and product trainingStands by each entrepreneur.. They got your back… and help manage both business and customer needsThe person that invited you… they go to work for you, I go to work for you… field training and professional developmentWe do all the extra stuff… you focus on building a business…You’re in business for yourself and not buy yourself…So what dos this mean? Immediate launch and pay back.. Earn as you learnInstant credibility and ability to SERVE others…
  • Website live instantlyRun it from an iPad or smarthpone… Mobile apps… Digital product guides…They’ve thought of everything… Easy to use technology that appeals to all ages, all technology users…
  • Which kit? Deep discount… one time on the products… more to start, more to experience, more to gift and share… more is better… RFx Express is just that, off to a faster start with more of the products to experience… but if 695 fits the budget, it will get the job done… Most of our iPad earners start with the bigger kit, it speeds their launch, but I’ve seen it done on the 6… We have a personal use kit as well,
  • Takes minutes… Personalized storefront, ready to take orders… holiday is a great time, gift giving season, celebration, parties.. Asking what’s new? January, heck December pay check… I have to tell you… we’re in a zone right now.. If there was a time to get ahead of a wave, a wave of new products – not just new… BREAKTHROUGH! national press coverage, innovative new tools and technology… 80 day window… Knowing what I know, having been through 3 conventions… would I like to have a head start? INDEED… for those of you that have decided, but you’re working on timing, go now… don’t hesitate…build now before the BIG launch and get BIGGER with it!! Year-end tax deductions and other benefits that I can’t advise you on.. But it’s all good…
  • The rewards are immediate… recover your start up costs with cash bonuses… We want you to run your business on a new iPad… ask the person who invited to to share exactly how we do this!! RIGHT NOW MONEY… iPaD! GOOD THRU December 31st.. There’s just a few more weeks to leverage this….
  • RFx is the highgest recognition in the company… but we’ll focus on the Ipad, then a free trip to the wine country, a Lexus, Maui… You live your life and build your business and we provide the lifestyle!
  • Circle back with the person that invited you… ask questions, see if this a good fit… if the Drs would have asked you to join them when they created Proactiv… knowing now that it’s a $B company… would a little piece of that company change your life? Well, this time around, they will tell you… they got it right… they are inviting you… this will be the next $B sequel for them… and they want you to have your share…
  • Business presentation-10-6

    1. 1. Redefining Business OwnershipChanging Skin. Changing Lives. [1]
    2. 2. Partnering with Entrepreneurs toDeliver Breakthrough Skincare Solutions and Substantial Income Potential [2]
    3. 3. A Business Opportunityfor Entrepreneurs with Diverse Backgrounds Stay-at-Home Mother and Wife of Former Major League Baseball Player Country Music Writer | Corporate Chief Financial Officer | Aesthetician Elementary School Teacher | Luxury Real Estate Agent | Attorney Home Schooling Mom| Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Beauty Industry Marketing Executive | General Contractor / BuilderFormer Professional Figure Skater | Public Relations Executive | Artist andEntrepreneur | Commercial Real Estate Broker | Corporate Sales Trainer [ 24 ]
    4. 4. The Right Business Model,at the Right Time, in the Right MarketProducts PresenceClinically Proven Solutions Trusted Dermatologists,That Deliver Results Established BrandSupport Direct Sales Modelto Monetize with Low Costthe Value of Entry,of Your Network High Profit PotentialPrograms Profit [5]
    5. 5. Convergence is Creating New Business Opportunities+$2.9 Billion Spent Breakthroughs Annually on In Skincare Anti-Aging TRADITIONAL Business Models are OBSOLETE Shift in Rise of the Power from Social Corporations to Economy Individuals [4]
    6. 6. Breakthrough Approach for Treating Aging SkinA Transformational OpportunityIn Independent Business Ownership Addresses the Universal Demand for Youthful Looking Skin Compelling Alternative to Expensive Medical Procedures BREAKTHROUGH REGIMEN [3]
    7. 7. An Opportunity to Participatein a Billion Dollar, Growing Market Facts on U.S. Spending on Anti-Aging Skincare Market • 2.9 billion category in 2011 • The fastest growing segment of skincare • 24% projected constant value growth through 2016Source: Euromonitor [7]
    8. 8. Transformative Results* BEFORE AFTER*Results achieved using the ANTI-AGE Regimen and AMP MD System [ 11 ]
    9. 9. Transformative Results* BEFORE AFTER*Results achieved using the REVERSE Regimen [ 12 ]
    10. 10. A Synergistic Approach to Skincare ANTI-AGE Regimen Comprehensive Regimen Supports the Natural Processes that Maintain Skin’s Structure Designed for the Prevention and Correction of the Visible Signs of Aging Combines the Right Ingredients, in the Right Formulations, in the Right Order No Prescription Required, 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee [9]
    11. 11. Clinically Proven Benefits Average Improvement 59% Radiance 48% Even Skin Tone 47% Softness 43% Visible Pores 38% Fine Lines 32% Wrinkles 19% Brown Spots % of Participants Experiencing an Improvement 100% Skin Texture 100% Overall 90% Fine Lines 90% Moisturization 50% Firmness 40% Pore Size 10%Source: Independent 8 Week Clinical Trial. Results May Vary. [ 10 ]
    12. 12. Trusted Dermatologists Two of the Most Recognized Names in Skincare “ A dermatological dream team. ” — Women’s Health  Successful Entrepreneurs  Trained at Stanford University School of Medicine  Creators of Proactiv®, the World’s Most Successful Acne Treatment  Redefined the Market for Acne Skincare, Redefining Anti-Aging Skincare [ 14 ]
    13. 13. Established Brand with Significant Media Coverage Print Television Web More Media Coverage than Any Other Direct Selling CompanySource: Meltwater News, US Coverage Only; Excludes Avon due to Extensive Paid Advertising [ 15 ]
    14. 14. Our Direct Sales ModelFocuses on Where the Power Resides 2012 Direct Sales DSA Powerhouse2007Retail SalesA LeadingClinical Skincare Line in Prestige Department Stores [ 17 ]
    15. 15. A Unique Model  Leverage Your Network  Share the Product  Scale Efficiently and Quickly  No Product Inventory LOW Cost of Entry HIGH Profit Potential  Recoup Your Start Up Costs in the First Month  Long-Term Residual Income  Unlimited Earning Potential [ 18 ]
    16. 16. Leverage the Exponential Value of Your Network you  Multiple “Generations” of Connections Drives Incremental Opportunities  Technology Enables Leverage, Speed and Duplication  Multiple Sources of Income: Sales and Commissions [ 19 ]
    17. 17. Proven, Turnkey Business Support Customer Care Assessment Tools Training Email and Phone Access Sophisticated Ongoing Skincare to Registered Nurses “Prescription” Tools and and award-winning with Dermatology Guidelines for Business Education Experience Determining From Leaders in Skincare Needs the Field [ 21 ]
    18. 18. Building Your Business Anytime, Anywhere [ 22 ]
    19. 19. Getting Started BIG BUSINESS LAUNCH RFX EXPRESS BUSINESS KIT KIT $695 $995*The minimum requirement to start your Rodan + Fields business is the $45 Business Portfolio. Kit contents subject to change. [ 28 ]
    20. 20. Start Your Own Business Today It Takes Minutes to Get Started  Complete Online Application  Choose Your Product IMMEDIATE… … Creation of Personalized Storefront … Access to Business Tools … Delivery of Display Products and Materials [ 27 ]
    21. 21. Immediate RewardsEarn an immediate return and more on your initial start-up cost and the chance to qualify for a new iPad Fast Start Program iStart Program Accelerate your earnings with As you build your business and this program, designed to advance in the Compensation reward you on three levels as Plan, you will have the you build your business and opportunity to earn a new iPad help others to do the same. in your first three months. [ 25 ]
    22. 22. Road to RFX [ 26 ]
    23. 23. Redefining Business OwnershipDisclaimer: The information on this presentation has been provided by a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant. Rodan & Fields, LLC makes no guarantee as to the amount ofincome, if any, that Consultants participating in the business opportunity will generate. Each Consultant’s business results may vary. Changing Skin. Changing Lives. [ 30 ]