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Hi I’m Be, I am the owner and director of Futureheads Recruitment.
This was my first SxSW and I went to about 20 inspirational talks but today I want to talk to you about someone who
1. Fabulous example of an entrepreneur – being successful financially
2. Great example of good user experience, and being a part of that experience
3. It’s not just about the money, and working ethically to help a community
Today I am going to talk to you about Brian Chesky from AirBnB – He was one of the 3 founding partners of AirBnB – he grew up in the states.
Both his parents were social workers – and growing up in the states they pleased with him to get a job with health insurance. That was their biggest criteria
But then his teacher said, Brian you are a designer – it’s time for you to design the world
So it all started in 2007…
2007 Went to stay in a new town in America with his 2 mates – he only had $1000 and the rent on an apartment was $1150 .
All the hotels were sold out because there was a music festival on.
So Brian inflated 3 beds they had in the car and rented them out. Hence they are called AirBnB
He thought he would get a bunch of hippies – what he got was well turned out the middle class.
In 2008, just a year later - Brian was looking for funding for his idea and people said – What you are going to let strangers live in your house? And you are going to find them on the internet?
Investors practically wandered off laughing…
Brian was told told … no one would stay in a home.
All of the investors he approached turned him away (I am sure they regret this now – AirBnB is a multibillion£ business) he was offering then between 10-25% for a $10K investment.
In 2009, just 2 years later - he had 100 users in NYC and he thought… better to have 100 engaged then 1 million who aren’t interested

I love that the first thing he did when got his first proper cheque was hired a pixar artist to map the user journey and the different touch points for the user.
But he did loads of stuff that I love, and I thought was really clever
Hurricane sandy hit – and one of the hosts decided wanted to rent his place for free – he changed it all technically and promoted so no money had to be exchanged – Obama thanked him personally for that. He helped rehouse over 2500 people!
50% of people in Spain under the age of 30 are unemployed – but many have heritage housing he shared some good statistics of how he is helping a struggling economy.
AirBnB now exist in every country they are allowed to, they has 630 employees and he has interviewed them all personally.
I love this quote
Brand is not what you tell your customers it is what your customers tell their friends
But it’s not just lip service …
Brian still only lives in AirBnB housing so he can feel the experience and improve the touchpoints for the user continually
Turns out people love homes.

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BIMA SXSW recap_Be Kaler deck

  1. 1. Be Kaler
  2. 2. Brian Chesky
  3. 3. The users of AirBnB grew slowly but surely
  4. 4. Brand isnt what you tell your customers, its what your customers tell their friends
  5. 5. @bchesky• Be Kaler • Director• Futureheads Recruitment Ltd•• @BeKalerFH