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BIMA Scotland Breakfast: Celebrating Social Media Day #SMDay


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In celebration of Social Media Day (30th June 2017), BIMA Scotland ran a briefing with speakers from Dog, See Me Scotland and 29studios - exploring a full 360 view of the latest trends and innovation in social media.

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BIMA Scotland Breakfast: Celebrating Social Media Day #SMDay

  1. 1. BIMA Breakfast Briefing Celebrating Social Media Day #SMDay June 30, 2017
  2. 2. Laura Haggerty SPEAKER Strategy Partner Dog Supercharging strategy: The role of audiences
  3. 3. #SMDay | @dogdigital Superchargingstrategy:Theroleofaudiences.
  4. 4. Audience-ledstrategyhas beenaroundforawhile,but toooftenouraudience understandingisbasedon infowhichis: ▪ Vague, ▪ Outdated, ▪ Notdata-led. #SMDay | @dogdigital
  5. 5. Astrategywhichmissesthemark, anddoesn’tgettheROIyouwant. The Result: #SMDay | @dogdigital
  6. 6. Audienceinsightisthe mostvaluable strategictoolfor success. #SMDay | @dogdigital
  7. 7. Audienceinsightcantransformyourapproach! ▪ Compete with brands more effectively for audience attention on saturated networks. ▪ Personalise the user experience with messaging which resonates with each group’s needs. ▪ Choose channels where your audience is most active and likely to engage. #SMDay | @dogdigital
  8. 8. Howdowegetthere? #SMDay | @dogdigital
  9. 9. 9 Sociallisteningisthenew focusgroup. In fact, it may even be better than a focus group! ▪ Information collected is unprompted. ▪ More lifestyle information than any other channels. ▪ Analyse users’ day to day social activity. ▪ Look beyond your existing audience for new groups to tap into. #SMDay | @dogdigital
  10. 10. #SMDay | @dogdigital Brand conversation Topic conversation Audience Insight
  11. 11. 11 Distinguishbetweenyour currentaudienceand otherpotentialaudiences. Consider: ▪ Where each audience group is in their consideration journey ▪ Whether their perceived needs are different as a result ▪ What the crucial info they need to know is #SMDay | @dogdigital
  12. 12. 12 Goingbeyond demographics:Lookto gatherdataavailableon nativesocialchannels. ▪ What’s their outlook? Are they positive-thinkers? ▪ What do they use social media for? What are they discussing? ▪ What language and tone do they use and respond to? ▪ What user problems do they have? #SMDay | @dogdigital
  13. 13. Puttingthetheoryintopractice: Reviewperceivedaudiencegroupsaspartofa digital strategyoverhaul–find outwhatcontenttheywantto see. #SMDay | @dogdigital
  14. 14. The solution: Using Talkwalker, we: #SMDay | @dogdigital Identified topics to monitor Shortlisted users by criteria Gathered raw data Segmented data into categories Developed personas
  15. 15. 15 Theinsight:6core personagroupswere identified: For each persona, we understood: ▪ Who they are ▪ What they like ▪ Their outlook ▪ How they describe themselves ▪ Political affiliations ▪ What they talk about ▪ Pain points #SMDay | @dogdigital
  16. 16. Howdoweputwhatwe’velearnedintopractice? #SMDay | @dogdigital
  17. 17. 17 Useittoinform channelstrategy. You should take into consideration: ▪ Are your new audience groups highly active on a channel that you aren’t? ▪ Should you change the weighting of focus on your channels accordingly? #SMDay | @dogdigital
  18. 18. 18 Don’ttreataudience groupsasthesame! ▪ Particularly important for campaigns! ▪ Don’t be tempted to homogenise social content and expect the same content to resonate with each group ▪ Use insight into user interests to come up with creative ways to get your key messages across #SMDay | @dogdigital
  19. 19. 19 Usepaidcontent amplificationtodivideand conquer. ▪ Great way to attract the prospective audiences identified ▪ Create content with that group in mind ▪ Make use of robust targeting options on social network to reach them ▪ A/B test messaging and tone! #SMDay | @dogdigital
  20. 20. #SMDay | @dogdigital Usetheinsighttotransformthewholecustomerexperience. Socialchannelsarejustthebeginning! Lookbeyondsocialchannelsandconsiderhowyoucanmake contentmoreimpactfulateachtouchpoint.
  21. 21. Nick Jedrzejewski, Communications Manager, SeeMe Scotland SPEAKER
  22. 22. It’s Okay to Speak About Mental Health
  23. 23. Our Challenge • How can we show that our social media is changing they way people behave around mental health?
  24. 24. The Power of Okay • Don’t ignore it, ask someone if they’re okay
  25. 25. Focus on Instagram • NO ONE followed us, well about 100 people compared to over 10,000 following on Twitter and Facebook
  26. 26. Focus on Instagram • People showing off how much fun their having!
  27. 27. Creating an Impact on Launch • Post across our social media channels • Did a lot of outreach • Blogged with more detail on what the campaign was about
  28. 28. Importance of Outreach • To create a buzz it can’t all come from one place
  29. 29. Keeping Momentum • Nominating • Re-sharing posts on our page • Messages which could inspire others to join in • So much user generated content
  30. 30. Campaign Evolving “Thank you so much for sharing this, I'm having a really tough night and I've just stumbled across this post. “I've loved your music since you started and I'm going through a really hard time at the moment with the good old black dog... So it's amazing to know someone I look up to has awful days/weeks too. “Thank you”
  31. 31. How Did It Work As A Campaign • 3000 new followers • 800 in week one, all organic • 2000 #myunfilteredlife posts • Best post on our page during the campaign received 185 likes, a 925% rise on best before campaign • Posted 143 times to the See Me account
  32. 32. What Came Next? • Continue the idea of creating a safe space to speak about how you really feel.
  33. 33. It’s Okay • Campaign is to show that it is okay to say how you feel and ask for help. • Young people are less likely to publically say how they feel. • Created • Had over 1000 people posting how they’re feeling
  34. 34. It’s Okay On Instagram • Promoted the campaign across social media channels, with Instagram being really important • Felt on this channel we could be a bit more edgy with language • Varied out content and added GIFS
  35. 35. Keeping the Campaigns Alive
  36. 36. Twitter @BIMA Facebook Instagram @BIMA_HQ