Instructive model design


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Instructive model design

  1. 1. By Bridget Blankenship
  2. 2. Instructional Design is theWhat is Instructive Design? process of creating a ‘Instructional experience’ that will make the experience more effective and appealing.
  3. 3. “Not to know is bad; not to wish to know is worse.” African proverb In the late 1800’s is when the study of learning really took off. Researchers like Ebbinghaus and Pavlov started to study how people forget. Other researchers such as BF Skinner started to build on these studies and created the radical behaviorist approach to learning.
  4. 4. However, it wasn’t until aroundworld war II when instructionaldesign started to take off, wheneducators started to developtraining materials for those in themilitary. Historically InstructionalDesign is actually quite new.
  5. 5. According to “The ADDIE instructional design modelprovides a step-by-step process that helps training specialists plan andcreate training programs.” The ADDIE Instructional Design Model consists of five components Analysis Design Development Implementation Evaluation
  6. 6. Training programs require analysis and planning. To produce the mosteffective training you must remember three important areas of the Analysisprocess.1.) Business goals2.) Material being taught3.) The learners capabilities
  7. 7. During the design phase a specialist decides what the training should looklike when it’s complete.
  8. 8. The development phase is brought together from the information from theneeds analysis phase and the decisions made in the instructional designphase.
  9. 9. The Addie model provides a methodology to plan, develop, and test the coursebefore it launches and is ready to be used.According to there can be some issues that designers and trainersshould be aware of during the Implementation phase. *Establish the timetable for the course rollout *Schedule the courses, enroll learners, and reserve on-site and off-site classrooms *Notify learners and their supervisors about the course *Select trainers and prepare them with a custom train-the-trainer *Arrange for the printer to deliver course workbooks to the class site *Ensure all sites will have internet-ready computers and arrange for laptops to beshipped when necessary *Manage travel and expenses for the trainers and/or learners
  10. 10. The evaluation phase can create graphs and metrics. The evaluation phase showsthe courses efficiency and helps locate new opportunities to improve learnersperformance.
  11. 11. The criterion referenced instructional design is amethodology based on behavioral scienceprinciples on how people learn.Robert F. Mager created this type of instructionalmodelThis type of model is usually for technicaltraining.
  12. 12. According to there are a lot of benefits for using CRI“CRI Workshop BenefitsGuarantee Results – CRI makes sure each learner leaves with the skills required todo his or her job. Because training focuses on performance—not simply deliveringcontent—learners are equipped to actually perform on the job.Increase Value of Training – Because CRI is truly performance-based instruction,its results are measurable and immediately observable. With improved skillmastery, CRI training participants help their organization reach productivity goals.Lower Training Costs – CRI enables learners to determine if training is the answerto performance problems and if so, how to choose the most cost-effectivesolutions. CRI also helps you identify when training is NOT the answer.Motivate and Inspire Performers – CRI offers ample relevant practice andfeedback within a supportive learning environment. Learners leave instructionwith the hard skills, confidence, and motivation to do their job.”
  13. 13. Even if CRI and ADDIE are different in some waysthey also have similarities*Both of them are made so that they follow aFramework*They both can be used to teach people going intoa work field*both of them are designed by teachers so thatthey can be used by teachers
  14. 14. *As we saw earlier ADDIE is set up in phases that need to be followed in a certainorder unlike CRI which just needs to be followed in points.*ADDIE can be changed and edited but CRI can not.
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