Annual          ReportMentalHealth         2010-2011andHousingSolutions
Annual             From the President of the Board and Executive Director  Report  2010-2011We are pleased to present this...
SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS          Mental Health and Substance Abuse ServicesSolution: Recovery-Oriented Services            ...
SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS        Housing ServicesSolution: Transitional and Permanent Housing                                ...
SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS          Vocational ServicesSolution: Training, Experience and Employment                          ...
SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS       Community Case ManagementSolution: Intensive Support for Client Recovery                     ...
SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS         Health ServicesSolution: Integrating Health and Mental Health                              ...
SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS       Creative Arts ServicesSolution: Therapeutic Creative Arts                   Promoting persona...
FINANCIALS       Statement of Revenue and Expenses                          REVENUES                                      ...
BOARD AND ADMINISTRATION     Board of Directors                           Staff     Officers                              ...
DONATIONS       Donors - Thank you supporters! Individual Donors                           Tory (Victoria) Frya           ...
DONATIONS       Donors - Thank you supporters!  Corporate and Business Donors                                   Monthly Pr...
SUPPORT   Opportunities to Support The Bridge   There are numerous opportunities to become involved with The Bridge, throu...
Nonprofit Org                                           US Postage                                               PAID     ...
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The Bridge Annual Report 2010-2011


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The Bridge Annual Report 2010-2011

  1. 1. Annual ReportMentalHealth 2010-2011andHousingSolutions
  2. 2. Annual From the President of the Board and Executive Director Report 2010-2011We are pleased to present this Annual Report which covers the 2010-2011 fiscal year. Derivingfrom our agency logo tagline, Mental Health and Housing Solutions, the theme of this AnnualReport is Solutions, how our services have changed the lives of the almost 2,000 men andwomen we serve each year: solutions in rehabilitative mental health and substance abusetreatment, housing, vocational services, integrated health care and the creative arts.Solution also has a second meaning from chemistry: a combination of elements that createssomething new. Throughout our 57 year history there has been a remarkable solution ofboard, staff, clients, government funders, foundations, corporations and individual supporterswho have all contributed to our development and success.The founding of The Bridge in 1954 coincided with the passage of New York State’s CommunityMental Health Act. Originally a self-help social program organized by a group of patientsdischarged from a psychiatric hospital, The Bridge has grown into one of New York’s premierrehabilitation and housing agencies for persons with serious mental illness, co-occurringmental illness and substance abuse conditions, the homeless and persons with HIV/AIDS. Asa community-based agency, we take great pride in responding to local needs in the manyneighborhoods in which we work in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, and soon, in Brooklyn.We hope you will find this report informative and will join our family of supporters. To learnmore about us visit our website at where you can sign up for oure-newsletter and link to our blog and Facebook Page. You can also follow us,Dr. Peter D. Beitchman Cynthia C. WainwrightExecutive Director President
  3. 3. SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS Mental Health and Substance Abuse ServicesSolution: Recovery-Oriented Services Building on Hope and RecoveryI Diane Goldberg PROS (Personalized Recovery Oriented Services) – a State-licensed program that helps clients to achieve independent living goals in work, education, housing and relationships through evidence-based practicesI Adult Mental Health Clinic – a State-licensed program offering individual, group and family therapy, and medication monitoringI Specialized Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program – a State- licensed program for persons with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disordersInnovationsPeer-to-Peer ProgramClients learn and practice advocacy skills to useinside The Bridge and in their lives outside TheBridge.Cognitive Remediation ProgramClients enhance cognitive skills that are the foun-dation of recovery for people with serious mentalillness. Amazing things are happening in ourCognitive Remediation Room.2010-2011 STATISTICOver 200 people are enrolled in the PROS Program/175 people in Addiction Treatment and 110 in AdultMental Health ClinicWhat clients are saying: ~ Jennifer W. ” “The variety of groups in PROS helps me in my recovery. The staff is supportive and always available for me when I struggle.” “Recovery at The Bridge has been so outstanding for me. While being in recovery, I accomplished my GED. Now I’m going to college to become a Registered Nurse.” ~ Cheryl S.
  4. 4. SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS Housing ServicesSolution: Transitional and Permanent Housing Moving Towards Independence I A Continuum of transitional and permanent housing in Manhattan, Queens and The Bronx, for the homeless, people with serious mental illness, substance abuse disorders and HIV/AIDS I Four new projects in development for 197 men and women including homeless veterans, young adults aging out of residential treatment facilities or foster care, adults with serious mental illness, and low-income families Innovations Iyana House This model program includes a Bridge inreach team at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility and permanent housing and services for homeless women with co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse who are being released from prison. Sheridan Hill This unique program provides permanent housing and services to older adults who have serious mental illness and medical conditions.2010-2011 STATISTIC764 Bridge clients living in 19 single site buildingsand more than 350 apartments leased inbuildings throughout the CityWhat clients are saying: ” “For the first time in my life I have a secure home; I feel part of a community” ~ K. Tanenbaum
  5. 5. SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS Vocational ServicesSolution: Training, Experience and Employment Job placement and post placement supportI A Continuum of Services including Pre-Vocational Exploration,Job Skills Training, Work Experience, Competitive Job Placement andPost Placement ServicesI Career Clubs - a successful method for clients pursuing vocationalgoals, as well as those already employed, to share experiences andconcerns about workI Special Employment Program for clients to learn and practice jobskills at The Bridge in food service, building maintenance & janitorial,mailroom & messenger services, clerical, data entry, and horticultureInnovationUrban FarmsThese provide clients with work training and job opportunitiesin horticulture. Clients also learn about nutrition and the benefitsof eating vegetables and fruit. In 2011 we opened a third farmin East Harlem.2010-2011 STATISTICMore than 300 participants enrolled invocational services, including job placementand post placement supportWhat employersare saying: ”“Victor has worked for us for over six years,two afternoons a week, cleaning our offices;He is prompt, courteous, friendly and politeto everyone: an invisible presence. We arehappy to have him and rely on his steadfastefforts on our behalf.”~ Richard R. Ferrara, AIA,DeLaCour & Ferrara Architects, P.C.
  6. 6. SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS Community Case ManagementSolution: Intensive Support for Client Recovery Especially for those with the highest need I Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams provide the full range of home-based mental health and rehabilitative services to individuals who have been unable to take advantage of conventional programs I Case Management links clients to community-based services and monitors them Innovation Supportive Housing with ACT Offering housing in apartments with the full range of home- based services of an ACT team2010-2011 STATISTIC208 clients participate in ACT and intensivecase management services What clients are saying: ” “My case manager helps me get the services I need so that I can stay out of the hospital.” ~Maria F.
  7. 7. SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS Health ServicesSolution: Integrating Health and Mental Health Encouraging our clients’ wellnessI On-site primary care at The Bridge provided by the William F.Ryan Community Health CenterI Wellness Self-Management Program promoting good health,nutrition, exercise and positive lifestyle, diabetes management,weight management, and smoking cessation to help clientsmanage their healthInnovationsIntegrating Health Care ServicesOn-site with a mental health programChronic IllnessDemonstration ProgramMental health, addiction treatmentand medical care coordinated forhigh need clients2010-2011 STATISTIC25 different groups in our Wellness program with400 individuals participatingWhat clientsare saying: ” “Being able to get my regular health- care at the same place as I get my mental health care is a huge help to me and lets me manage my life better.” ~ Louis N.
  8. 8. SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS Creative Arts ServicesSolution: Therapeutic Creative Arts Promoting personal growth through art and poetry I Art therapy groups and The Poetry Workshop for all Bridge clients who wish to participate I Bridge Group Artists produce and exhibit new art annually in a special collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art. Innovations The Bridge Group Artists had a successful exhibit, “Stuff” at The Museum of Modern Art. The Bridge Poetry Workshop developed a group poem based around the simple act of one member inadvertently leaving his coat on the group’s table. The Coat Why you for got ‘bout you dark, secret r coat: ive note, tossed with defiance on2010-2011 STATISTIC the long, wAlmost 100 clients participating in Poetry hite table.and Art Shadow with its own sha Body of lan pe. d the spiriWhat clients are saying: t left ” there to lea n on. At rest in “The Bridge Art Program its own self has enabled me to grow -image. as a person and as an artist.” Coded fragm ~ R. Kaplan ents in dis guise?... “Poetry’s a healing process... a dosage, a medicine.” ~ C. Donnelly An excerpt from a collaborative poem written in The Bridge Poetry Workshop.
  9. 9. FINANCIALS Statement of Revenue and Expenses REVENUES EXPENSES Program Service Fees Program Services Grants and Govt Support Fundraising Contributions/Other Developer/Management Fees Management and General The Bridge, Inc. and Affiliates Consolidated Statement of Activities for the year ended June 30, 2011 (Unaudited) REVENUES Program Service Fees $12,850,446 Grants and Govt Support 12,653,937 Developer/Management Fees 712,077 Contributions/Other 1,141,083 TOTAL REVENUES $27,357,543 EXPENSES Program Services $25,914,789 Management and General 1,795,849 Fundraising 189,204 TOTAL EXPENSES $27,899,842 (DECREASE) IN NET ASSETS ($542,299) NET ASSETS AT BEGINNING OF YEAR $16,989,350 NET ASSETS AT END OF YEAR $16,447,051Our mission: to change lives by offering help, hope and opportunityto the most vulnerable in our community through mental health and substance abuse treatment, housing, vocational training and job placement, healthcare, education and creative arts therapy.
  10. 10. BOARD AND ADMINISTRATION Board of Directors Staff Officers Peter D. Beitchman, DSW, LMSW Cynthia C. Wainwright, President Executive Director David A. Brauner, Vice President Robert Yankowitz, PhD Albert E. Mayas, Vice President Deputy Executive Director Sara E. Morgan, Vice President & Secretary Mel P. Barkan, Treasurer Harriet O’Hagan, MD Medical Director Directors: Vivian O. Berger Donald T. Gorsica, MBA Ronald G. Cruikshank Director of Finance Nan R. Davis Daniel K. Manitsky Carole Gordon, LMSW Director of Housing Development Laurie Melton Peter G. Neaman Earl Benjamin, BA Charles Rosner Director of Residential Services Ruth Corn Roth John Seley Patricia Callahan, EdM, MA, CRC Darren Skolnick Director of Vocational Services Claytisha B. Walden Jessica Josell Wechsler Tabitha Gaffney, MA Alice Zoloto-Kosmin Director of Clinical Administration & Quality Improvement Gerald H. Morganstern Rory K. Gilbert, LMSW Counsel Director of Community Case Management Murray Itzkowitz, DSW Sharon Gold, LCSW Executive Director Emeritus Director of PROS & Clinical Services Ann R. Hyatt, MA, ACFRE Director of Development & External Relations Susan Kaskowitz, LCSW, CASAC Director of Addiction Treatment Services Anthea Sutherland, JD, SPHR Director of Human Resources Anthony Tozza, BA Director of Information Technology ANNUAL REPORT Ann R. Hyatt, MA, ACFRE, Editor Professional Photography by Hilary Duffy Design and Production by Laura Cacciato Printed by AliGraphics The Bridge 248 West 108th Street New York, NY 10025 Phone: 212-663-3000 Fax: 212-663-3181 Email: Web:
  11. 11. DONATIONS Donors - Thank you supporters! Individual Donors Tory (Victoria) Frya Cathy Steen Arlene Adler Ronald Garfunkel Malcolm Stogo Angel and Irma Alvarez Linda C. Gawley Margaret Stone Frank Anelante Dr. Rosa Gil Dr. and Mrs. Zebulon Taintor Thomas P. August Judith Glassman Eva Talel Harold Baer, Jr. Sarah Gniadek Edward Thomas George Ball Judith Ann Goldring Anthony Tozza Margaret T. Ball Carole Gordon Richard Troja Mel and Lou-Ellen Barkan Daniel Goldsmith Cynthia C. Wainwright and Stephen Berger William and Denise Baumert Trudy and Robert Gottesman Claytisha Walden Dr. Peter Beitchman Lawrence F. and Martha B. Graham Jessica Josell Wechsler and Steven Wechsler Ferdinand Bennett Andrew Guenther Lisa Weill Vivian O. Berger Lewis C. Hoff Doris White Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Besada Karl B. Holtzschue Jennifer Williams Daniel Horowitz Gerald and Henny Wolland Ann R. Hyatt Dr. Robert Yankowitz Sandra Jackson Alice Zoloto-Kosmin Stephen Jagde Dr. and Mrs. Charles Zuckerman Marianne and Conrad A. Johnson Kim Kaminsky Foundation Donors Azali Kassum Anonymous Janice Keller Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation Patti Kenner The Burpee Foundation Dr. Arnold and Nancy Koopersmith The Frank E. Clark Charitable Trust Robert and Professor Carol Krinsky The Dammann Fund Tracy Kuban DeLaCour Family Foundation Marc A. Landis The Helen M. DeMario Foundation Roxanne and Guy Lanquetot Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Carol Lee The Educational Foundation of America Margaret Bever William M. LeFevre Eugene and Emily Grant Foundation Ruth Brandt Jules E. Levy Herman Goldman Foundation David A. Brauner Aaron Lewit Fay J. Lindner Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Lance Braunstein Adam Libove The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation Wendy Brennan Linda Lipay van Ameringen Foundation Nancy Brickley Philip Liscio Olga Brito Daniel Manitsky Dr. Gnarity K. Burke Victoria Marsick Pat Callahan John M. Martinez Steven Carlin Albert and Francine Mayas Lucy Chan George Thomas McDonald Vicki Chesler Kathleen McGill Patricia Chilik Barbara Mellor Sally Cleaver Laurie Melton Andrew Cleek Margaret Melton Dale S. Coenen Gertrude G. Michelson Steven K. Copulsky Bruce R. and Lorrie Millman Gordon and Ruth Corn Roth Sara E. Morgan Patricia Cortese Gerald H. Morganstern Ronald G. Cruikshank Peter Neaman Nan and Richard Davis Dr. Harriet O’Hagan Lara DeNonna Chuck Peipher Maria Diaz Dorothy Vermeer-Peltz Amy Dipaolo Robert Pinkard Eric Dones T. Gorman Reilly Mary Dowery Nancy and Rick Richardson Joseph “Dee” Dussich Shaiza Rizavi and Jon Friedland Margaret Edelman Steven B. Rosenfeld Rochelle Eisner Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Rosmarin Matthew Farley Charles Rosner Richard and Katherine Ferrara Carol Schoen Ginny Fox Dr. John E. Seley Marilyn Fox Mr. and Mrs. Joel Simon Henry and Helen Freedman Darren Skolnick The Bridge gratefully acknowledges all of our Donors for their contributions from July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011.
  12. 12. DONATIONS Donors - Thank you supporters! Corporate and Business Donors Monthly Premium Corporation Ace Endico Mormax Company, Inc. Adcar Associates, Inc. National Janitorial Property Management Affiliated Adjustment Group, LTD. Pearlgreen Corporation Alliance Laundry Systems (Speed Queen) Preferred Business Forms, Inc. AM&G Waterproofing, LLC PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP American Express PS Marcato Elevator Co., Inc. AMR Engineering Consultant, P.C. PWB Management Corp./Twin Pines, LLC The Arker Companies Rende Contracting Corporation Artec Construction and Development Corporation Richman Housing Resources B&B Coverage, LLC Rosenwach Tank Co., Inc. Barhite & Holzinger Schechter & Brucker, P.C. Belmont Arthur Avenue Local Development Corporation Service Directions, Inc. Alan H. Bernstein Consulting, LLC Signature Construction Group Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Skyline Windows Boro Land Surveying, P.C. Sommer Associates, LLC Broadview Networks SSS Electronics Corporation Michael Borruto General Contracting, Inc. Stradley Ronon Butler Woodcrafters, Inc. Strauss Paper Company Capacity Coverage Strauss Painting, Inc. Castle Oil Corporation Suburban Pest Control Centennial Elevator Industries, Inc. Tarrytech Computer Consultants Century Elevator Maintenance Corporation Techne & Associates, Inc. Chase Bank Thomsan Office Supply Chem Rx Tonto Pest Control Community Environmental Center Triple Crown Foods, Inc. Crystal Blue Cleaning Service, Inc. Tristate Apartment Furnishers DAVEY, The Care of Trees, Inc. Van Deusen & Assoc., (VDA) DeLaCour & Ferrara Architects, P.C. W. Atlee Burpee & Company Diversified Programs Wells Fargo Commercial Banking Drapemasters of America Windels Marx Lane & Mittendorf, LLP Enterprise Community Investment, Inc. Community Partners Epstein Engineering The Bridge partners with many governmental and community organizations ESD, Inc. in order to better serve our clients. We are grateful for their support. F&F Supply, Inc. First American Title Insurance Co. Governmental Foothold Technology US Department of Housing and Urban Development Forsyth Street Advisors, LLC NYS Office of Mental Health Goldman Sachs & Co. NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services Grubman Anand, P.C. NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance H&D Maintenance Co. NYS Office of Adult Career and Continuing Education Services Hess Corporation NYS Department of Health Hewlett Benefit Services NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Hirschen Singer & Epstein, LLP NYC Department of Homeless Services Highpoint Ventures, Inc. NYC Council Hofheimer, Gartlir & Gross, LLP Public Health Solutions Hub International Program Partners Israel Berger and Associates, LLC The Horticultural Society of New York Isseks Bros., Inc. Jewish Home Lifecare The J. Pilla Group, LTD. Museum of Modern Art JAD Building Maintenance Supplies National Alliance on Mental Illness Janus Property Company William F. Ryan Community Health Center JMA Consultants, Inc. Kahn Brothers Advisors, LLC S. Kraus Restoration L. Riso & Sons Co., Inc. Langsam Property Services Corporation Levin & Glasser, P.C. Littler Mendelson, P.C. M. Blaustein & Son, Inc. Marks Paneth & Shron, LLP Maxons Restoration, Inc. Mega Contracting, Inc. Melva Construction Corporation Millin Associates, LLC We have made every effort to include all donors who donated during this period. If you notice an omission or inaccuracy, please contact Ann Hyatt at to correct our records.
  13. 13. SUPPORT Opportunities to Support The Bridge There are numerous opportunities to become involved with The Bridge, through volunteering, hiring Bridge clients and donating. Below are some avenues to become involved: Volunteer Opportunities Join The Bridge Make a Difference Committee, a Committee with a mission to promote The Bridge programs, services and societal benefits to new audiences, hosting and participating in fun and unique social/networking events. Members manage various drives and initiatives to benefit Bridge clients and help support our overall mission. This group is dedicated to en- gaging the next generation of volunteers and donors who will continue to promote The Bridge and assist adults with mental illness through their com- mitment. Our Friends of The Bridge Art Program works to introduce, promote and support The Bridge Art Program to new audiences. Members blend their talents to raise awareness and funds for The Art Program by participating in activities including art tours, studio visits, and lectures, with particular attention to supporting the MoMA Exhibit and the Art Exhibit at The Bridge studio headquarters. Contributions Contribute – We rely on contributions to con- tinue to provide excellent service to our clients. Donations can be restricted to a specific pro- gram, or can be donated to where they are needed most. Gifts can also be made in honor of a loved one or to memorialize a loved one. Donations can be made online, by credit card or checks can be made payable to The Bridge. If you work for a corporation, your gift to The Bridge may be matched. The Bridge Legacy Society The newly formed Bridge Legacy Society pays tribute to those individuals who make estate commitments or life-income arrangements that benefit The Bridge. In recog- nition of their thoughtful support, members of The Bridge Legacy Society receive a variety of special privileges. We invite you to join this group of dedicated individuals. If you are interested in further information about any of the above, please contact Ann Hyatt, Director of Development and External Relations at or call: 212-663-3000, ext. 379. BridgeWorks You can also help us by hiring a Bridge Client. The Bridge Vocational Services places qualified workers with employers. Job candidates supported by our Vocational Services are always pre-screened to make sure they will be a good fit for the organization looking to hire and its particular work environment. Bridge staff provides ongoing vocational support including job coaching and post employment counseling to ensure the loyalty of the employee placed and successful job retention. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Jack Zetlin, Director of Placement Service, at or call: 212-663-3000, ext. 396.
  14. 14. Nonprofit Org US Postage PAID White Plains, NY Permit No. 7033Annual Report2010-2011 Mental Health and Housing Solutions