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   Maintenance and Operations
Planning, Forecasting and Tracking

What it does   SaSiMS is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated, user friendly and rapid
               deployment av...
Engineering                  Maintenance Programme Management
                                    Component Enginee...
 I am a Technician      Maintenance and Engineering
     working in         The Maintenance Module contains five su...
As Materials Manager    Inventory Module
 myfunction revolves    The inventory module provides a comprehensive tool...
My Financial Director     SB/AD Control
  will have only one      The SB/AD module is the means used to track all a...
I am the Ops Planning    Planning Module
          guy -          The Planning Module allows full operations and ma...
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SaSiMS Brochure


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SaSiMS is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated, user friendly and rapid deployment aviation maintenance and operations planning, forecasting
and tracking software package offering exceptional value for the

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SaSiMS Brochure

  1. 1. SaSiMS Maintenance and Operations Planning, Forecasting and Tracking Software Published by Maintenance Support Systems Ltd
  2. 2. SaSiMS What it does SaSiMS is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated, user friendly and rapid deployment aviation maintenance and operations planning, forecasting and tracking software package offering exceptional value for the investment. It is fully FAA/TCCA/EASA JAR OPS compliant. It is equally suitable for smaller as well as larger operators (helicopter, fixed wing aircraft and airliners), MROs and flight schools. SaSiMS offers comprehensive functionality with regard to the management of flight operations and all aspects of the maintenance activities. Who we are SaSiMS is published by Maintenance Support Systems Ltd. The system has its origin in Sweden where the companyʼs main software development office is located. Since its inception in 1995 the program and the company have expanded together. Most people behind SaSiMS have worked in aviation their entire working lives and therefore know how to make the system compatible with real life situations. Where we are As the company expanded we have opened worldwide sales and support offices to cover our growing client base on a 24 hour basis in: Europe Westpark Shannon, Co Clare, Ireland +353 61 711 400 Trastvägen 12 914 21 Nordmaling Sweden +46 930 39 00 03 North America 380, Saint-Antoine Ouest 3000 Montréal, Québec H2Y 3X7 Canada +1 514 448 9333 Asia / Pacific Regional Enterprise Network No 1 Halford Street Castlemaine, Victoria 3450 Australia +61 3 547 22278 How to You can call us at any of the above numbers for further information or e-mail us at contact us Our website is
  3. 3. SaSiMS Engineering Maintenance Programme Management Component Engineering and Airworthiness Directive Control Maintenance Modification Status Management Aircraft Configuration Control Publications Control / Library Reliability Monitoring Work Orders Work Cards Work Pack Management HIL / Deferred Defect Control Tooling Control Quality Management Logistics Supplier / Customer Management Unlimited Pricelists Capability and Comprehensive Part Set Up Inventory Fully automated Traceability / Batch Barcode Technology Stocktaking Functionality Built In RFQ, PO, Quote, Delivery Notes, Sales Order Operations Traffic and Utilities Control Staff Management Planning Route Management Graphical time line overview available in all sub-modules Highly efficient use of drag & drop available in all sub-modules The planning module is unique for this kind of software as it has integrated maintenance and operations planning in the same view. Reporting Utilization Data transfer Financial Accounting File transfer and Management Accounting Data Reports Data transfer Human Resource Records Data Import Functionality Integrated Reporting Over 140 reports available as standard End user customisable IT User Friendly and Flexible No additional Hardware Required Latest SQL Database Technology Extremely Small Footprint on Hard Drive We offer smaller operators to access our server (ASP)
  4. 4. SaSiMS I am a Technician Maintenance and Engineering working in The Maintenance Module contains five sub-modules; Line/base • Work Orders • Work Cards Maintenance - • Component Maintenance How can SaSiMS • Maintenance Programmes make my life • Component Template easier? It is the main facility for the specification of both aircraft and component maintenance programmes. It allows the user to manage multiple maintenance programmes with an unlimited number of tasks. Tailoring of the maintenance programme to satisfy the requirements of various aircraft or component types/variants is also achieved in this module. It is also through the Maintenance module that the generation, scheduling, control and The system is accomplishment of work cards and work orders is carried out. The designed with maintenance module connects with the component, inventory and staff modules to allow the specification of material requirements and sign-off details simplicity in mind. of work cards and work orders. The maintenance module also provides the A configurable user with a comprehensive and total accomplishment history of all work orders, work cards, maintenance tasks (scheduled and out-of-phase), and screen ensures you aircraft inspection/checks. Inspection lists/sheets are built with a drag and will not get lost drop facility making it very user friendly and efficient. Tasks only need to be or worse yet - entered once even if they apply to multiple zones. Work cards can be costed down to the individual technician. WCs, both free-standing and connected to discouraged WOs can be created interactively with a simple click on the mouse directly and frustrated. from the Status/Forecast Reportʼs preview window. This reduced menu Aircraft Configuration option leads to increased efficiency. The aircraft module is used to record all details of the aircraft which are This philosophy operated/leased/maintained. The module allows entry of information such as manufacturer and model/variant details, aircraft date of manufacture and applies throughout provides the user with a method of viewing the current aircraft flight times and SaSiMS. slings/hoists (if applicable). The user can also specify if special equipment such as an APU, on-board engine registration device or freon air conditioning is installed. The creation of an aircraft is facilitated by setting up templates. Templates are created showing the aircraft, assemblies (including sub-assemblies and sub- sub-assemblies), components and associated maintenance requirements. Once the template has been defined and a new aircraft has been registered in the Aircraft module, the template items (i.e. components, assemblies, maintenance requirements, etc) are copied from the template set-up screen to the new aircraft set-up screen. Through the Component and Log-Book modules, the aircraft set-up can be completed by specifying component details and automatically updating component life information. This feature greatly reduces the time required to complete the set-up of a new aircraft in SaSiMS. Component Maintenance For users doing component maintenance in-house. Easy to create and manage maintenance program for components. Component Work Orders can be attached to aircraft Work Orders and the labour and parts cost can be printed on the aircraft invoice attachment. Component Inspection List/Sheet for the Component Work Order is also printed from this module. Component Work Orders can be connected to a specific customer and that way facilitate component maintenance for external customers. Accomplished Component Work Orders will transfer the work done to the individual component and gives the user a complete accurate maintenance log for the component.
  5. 5. SaSiMS As Materials Manager Inventory Module myfunction revolves The inventory module provides a comprehensive tool for the sourcing and around having the distribution of all inventories, from expendable and consumable to rotable. The recording of general information for each specific part (including preferred correct parts in and alternative suppliers) is contained within this module. the correct place when they are Sub-modules included range from RFQ, PO, Quotes, Sales Orders to Delivery Notes as well as a dedicated Customer / Supplier Management section. needed and all within a confined budget. A hand-in facility for the receipt of ordered parts is included. The module will record pricing information relating to each batch, price discounts, warranty details, and also allows the creation of price lists for individual suppliers/ customers. Other features of the module include a stock-taking function specific to each parts-holding location, a Technician parts out-take section which allows the technician to withdraw required parts from stock, a Parts Requests section allowing entry of parts requests for work cards and work orders. SaSiMS has many This module liaises with the maintenance module for work card and work features to assist in order material requirements and also with the Component module. the smooth A Quarantine section to record details of parts which have been quarantined management of your following removal from an aircraft, return from a workshop or hand-in in stores. The Quarantine section also contains a feature for the automatic logistics and addition of quarantined components to open repair orders. inventory. You can set your Inventory/batch is integrated with the Maintenance module giving complete traceability. Costs, in any currency, remain with the part/batch giving exact re-order points costing and inventory valuation. and minimum quantity per station Component Control to ensure you are The component module allows you to track all serialised components which always ahead of are installed on aircraft and/or other component assemblies. Such the next components may be quarantined, in the workshop or currently held in stock. The user has full control and can manipulate all component movements AOG situation. between, aircraft, shops or assemblies. The module liaises with the log-book to record and automatically update the appropriate component, and provides accurate forecasts of overhaul requirements, service life limitations and modification requirements specified in the SB/AD module. It is also possible to specify individual maintenance requirements or to connect maintenance tasks from the Maintenance programme to each component. The Component module History section provides a full life and maintenance history for each component. Through the Component module Miscellaneous section the user can specify owner details, maintenance reference documents and can also enter component financial details such as core/overhauled/residual values and depreciation rates. On entry of new component an automatic check is carried out with the SB/AD module for similar part-numbers.
  6. 6. SaSiMS My Financial Director SB/AD Control will have only one The SB/AD module is the means used to track all airworthiness directives, question: service bulletins, or any OEM documents. Control and monitoring of the requirements of an SB/AD against the fleet, component (installed or “How much will it cost otherwise) and/or spare parts holding is catered for. and have I carried out a cost benefit The module allows the specification of generic SB/AD limits, the automatic connection of effective aircraft/components and the automatic updating of analysis?” individual effective aircraft/component limits from the entry of generic SB/AD limits. All open SB/ADs can be tracked through the aircraft status and forecast reports to provide accurate forecasting of when the SB/ADs are due for accomplishment. As one of the most Tool Management cost A dedicated tools module caters for a comprehensive list of all tools available. effective software Through this module you can enter tool serial numbers, specify their current systems available on location, status and determine their calibration details and requirements. Warnings are also created when tool calibration is impending and highlights the market their location. today we will put Publication / Library Control together a suitable package for you The Publications module is used to track all documents and manuals. and show you all the For each document / publication you can specify the name and manual reference, individual manual serial numbers and their locations within the benefits. The integra- organisation, publisher details, issue dates, subscription details and tion of Maintenance associated components if applicable. The module also provides the facility to compile a complete revision history for each individual manual. The revision and Operations history can handle temporary and complete manual revisions and provides the Planning software will user with a means of tracking such revisions as they arrive at the reap organisation. It also tracks their incorporation in a particular manual where applicable and highlights the date of their supersedance and the superseding cost savings not only manual or revision number. initially but also long Staff Recording into the future. Through the staff module creation of company records for each employee is achieved. This section is used for all staff in Engineering and Operations which feeds the various other modules. Included can be training records (both complete and outstanding), medical records, authorisation levels which are used in the sign-off of work cards and work orders in the Maintenance module, etc. The module also contains the records such as Approval Certificates and License numbers, log-in details, and contact details. This module can also be used to customise the various warnings which an employee may be authorised or need to see. The Log Book It is through the Log Book that you have the facility to enter all required information relating to aircraft flights and individual journey legs of flights for the fleet. The information which can be entered ranges from flight numbers and routes, aircraft, flight and cabin crew details, passenger numbers, and flight times (scheduled and actual) all the way to technical information such as fuel loads, hydraulic and engine oil uplifts, engine cycles and anti-ice requirements. The log-book automatically totals the flight times following each leg/flight and updates the aircraft and component times and maintenance forecasts accordingly. All flight logs entered in the Log-Book module are also used to automatically update the aircraft flight times in all other modules of SaSiMS including Operations Planning.
  7. 7. SaSiMS I am the Ops Planning Planning Module guy - The Planning Module allows full operations and maintenance planning How can SaSiMS help capability. The module has been specifically designed to assist in improving operations by minimizing overall costs through the more efficient planning, co- me improve ordination and utilization of resources – Maintenance / Flight crew and aircraft. operational The use of SaSiMS can help both aircraft operators and MROs to improve efficiency? efficiency and productivity while minimizing delays and cancellations that could be caused by inefficient planning and monitoring of the fleet and crew status. This in turn helps with both flight safety and staff morale. SaSiMS offers you Features include multi-screen displays, drag and drop technology and real time maintenance update. A number of different graphical displays are pre-set fully integrated with variable time line scaling and ability to zoom in/out. operations and maintenance Smart collision check - unavailable resources for a specific activity are not viewed and if using Drag and Drop a suggested solution to the collision is planning tools shown. allowing you to This module also allows the operator with multiple bases to specify required optimise not only resource criteria per base thus allowing for maximum service level. aircraft use but also keeps track of all Operations Planning personnel for Crew Management System including Pairing, Assignment, Rostering, maximum efficiency Tracking, Check-in, Records, Reports and Statistics. The system tracks licenses, medicals, passports, visa requirements, etc to ensure full availability and profitability. of personnel. Legality rules and criteria as defined are adhered to when generating rosters. Legality can be based on point systems or flight and duty time forecasting and tracking. Operations Control including Flight generation, Aircraft Scheduling, Assignment and Flight Watch/Operations Control. Real time data (e.g. from SITA) can be entered into the system automatically. Changes in flight planning are immediately reflected in the maintenance planning. Maintenance Planning It is possible to add and schedule maintenance both directly through the Planning module and also through the Maintenance module. All the planned maintenance events can then be displayed on the same grid as the planned operation allowing maximum re-action time should one impact the other. The module enables the operator to comply with EASA requirement for “Hangar Visit Plan”. Automatic check of required tool calibrations and parts in stock when approaching a WO.
  8. 8. Integrated Customisable Report Generator Engineering Quality Assurance Document / Publication Control Audit Control Aircraft Set Up and Template Reliability Maintenance Program Management Inventory & Logistics SaSiMS Operations Planning Stock Control, Purchasing ARP / ROC Sales functions Planning & Production Tooling Management Forecasting Calibrations Work orders / Work Cards Log Book / Records Single Point of Entry © 2006 Maintenance Support Systems Ltd