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Top SEO Blog Posts for June 17, 2011


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Top SEO Blog Posts for June 17, 2011

  1. 1. Brick Marketing Search Engine Optimization Journal Weekly Roundup – June 17, 2011<br />The following Search Engine Optimization Journal blog posts provide valuable SEO, search engine marketing, and social media marketing tips and advice for the week of June 13-17, 2011. <br />How to Localize Your Keyword Research<br />Keyword research is one of the most important components of SEO and will determine who can find your website. If you own a small local business you don’t need to rank on a national level for your keywords. This post includes local keyword research process tips. <br />CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL POST<br />Tips for Conducting a Link Audit<br />A link audit is the first step in developing any link building strategy because it will give you a clear picture of what kind of links you have and help you determine what kind of links that you need to have. <br />CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL POST<br />Tips for Determining Your SEM Budget<br />There are signs that the economy is slowly recovering and reports project an estimated $19 billion will be spent on search engine marketing this year. Companies need to check out their competition and be smart about what they are willing to spend on SEM.<br />CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL POST<br />SEO is Never Done<br />SEO is a long-term, ongoing process. You shouldn’t quit your SEO activities just because it looks like your goals are being accomplished. SEO is a commitment that you need to make for the long haul. <br />CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL POST<br />How to Optimize Your Facebook Page for SEO<br />Regardless of your product niche, chances are at least a handful of your target audience uses Facebook to varying degrees. Creating a Facebook page for your company is a great way to connect with your customers. A Facebook page can rank in the search engines right alongside your website, so don’t forget to optimize it for SEO!<br />CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL POST<br />