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Top SEO Blog Posts for July 1, 2011


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Top SEO Blog Posts for July 1, 2011

  1. 1. Brick Marketing Blog Weekly Roundup – July 1, 2011<br />The following Brick Marketing Blog posts provide valuable SEO, search engine marketing, and social media marketing tips and advice for the week of June 27-July 1, 2011. <br />On Site SEO First, Links Second<br />An SEO campaign can be separated into two parts, on-site and link building. On-site optimization is phase one and should be done first. A link building campaign is phase two and shouldn’t begin until after a site has been properly developed and optimized.<br />CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL POST<br />Don’t Be a Social Media Copycat<br />In social media, what works for Company A might not be right for Company B. Not all companies that advertise the same way are successful. It’s about communicating with your target audience effectively, which means that you need to understand their social media behaviors and their brand expectations.<br />CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL POST<br />Twitter Promoted Tweets to Enter User Streams<br />A little over a year ago Twitter launched “promoted tweets” that began appearing at the top of searches conducted on the website. They also incorporated promoted trends and promoted accounts into the Twitter experience. Twitter will now be taking its next big step towards bigger dollar signs.<br />CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL POST<br />Is SEO Getting In Your Way?<br />Sometimes a company gets so caught up in SEO that the needs of the target audience gets lost in the shuffle. Search engine optimization is important, however it should never overshadow your primary marketing goals and objectives.<br />CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL POST<br />Google Announces the Google+ Project<br />Google+ is the search engine’s newest attempt at improving the social media networking experience. Google isn’t branding it as a social network, per say, but rather as a project.<br />CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL POST<br />