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Top 3 Reasons Not to Incorporate Ads on Your Website


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Top 3 Reasons Not to Incorporate Ads on Your Website

  1. 1. Top 3 Reasons Not to Incorporate Ads on Your Website<br />Website owners often view advertising as a way to make some easy money off of their site. While for some websites that might be completely OK, it might not be appropriate for a website or webpage that is used for business purposes. Advertising could include Google ads, banner ads, or contextual ads on a company website or a company blog. A website owner might think that there is really no harm in adding a few advertisements here or there, but it’s important to really think about the purpose that they serve. If it’s just to make a few extra dollars, it’s not worth it. The goal of a business website should be to gain conversions from website visitors. Anything that distracts a user from that end goal, including advertisements, should not be incorporated into a webpage layout, especially if it doesn’t look good or fit with the overall design and flow. <br />Here are the Top 3 reasons not to use ads on your website:<br />Ads Overshadow Content<br />A website should be easy to navigate and have few distractions. Advertisements are definitely distractions and can sometimes turn people off from your website, especially if they are pop up ads. You don’t want to lose a potential client or customer because they immediately bounced from your website due to a poorly placed advertisement. Ads can really kill the quality of a site’s usability. Also, think about the ad to content ratio. The foundation of any website is its content. If this content is being overshadowed by advertisements it will be very hard to provide any sort of value.<br />Ads Could Result in Lost Business<br />Think about the kinds of ads that might run on your website. Most likely, they are in some way related to the products or services that you offer. Web users that visit your page are there for a reason. If the advertisement offers something similar or related to what you offer, it’s highly likely that they could click on the advertisement, which means that they are clicking away from your page. Sure, you might make a little bit of money, but it’s likely that you would have made much more money if that visitor had stayed on your page and purchased products or signed up for services. The goal of a business website should be to get clients and customers, not a few dollars for an advertisement click-through. <br />Ads Make You Look Desperate<br />Website owners place ads on their website to make some money. Web users aren’t dumb. They know how it works. Therefore, if there are advertisements all over your website it looks like you need additional income. How legitimate and successful is a business that needs to supplement its income by running ads? <br />Overall, running advertisements on a business related website is a bad idea. If the desire to run ads is just too strong to ignore, think about incorporating them into internal pages. However, even that isn’t the best idea. If a company offers a quality product or service and has good content that should result in more money than any advertising ever would. <br />About the Author:<br />Brick Marketing is a full service Boston SEM and SEO company that offers website marketing services. For more information please call 877-295-0620 or visit <br />