Keep Your Website Simple, Stupid


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The most profitable websites that have the best conversion rates are simple in nature.

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Keep Your Website Simple, Stupid

  1. 1. Keep Your Website Simple, Stupid<br />Your website is the foundation of your online presence. Any marketing activity, whether online or offline, should lead potential customers and clients to the website. Therefore, your website needs to be of good quality. Some people confuse quality with quantity. They think, “the more, the better!” This is not the case. The most profitable websites that have the best conversion rates are simple in nature. There is no need to over think a company website and include absolutely anything and everything related to your business on its pages. That strategy often leads to confusion, information overload, and distractions. <br />Here are 4 aspects of your website in which the KISS policy (keep it simple, stupid) should be kept in mind:<br />Landing Pages<br />Landing pages should always be specific to the link or the advertisement that led the user to the page. If you are advertising a 50” HD TV, don’t link to the HD TV page, or even worse, to the homepage. Bring them to the 50” HD TV page! The page should have a brief description, a photo, and a way to purchase the product. It shouldn’t be complicated. You may think that this strategy of linking to a broad page is a good one because the user can now see everything else that you sell, however, they don’t want to see everything else that you have to offer. Not at first, anyway. This is a mistake that far too many e-commerce websites make. <br />Lead Forms<br />You don’t need to ask prospects the name of their first born child or where they went to college. Just ask for basic information like name, email address, phone number, and one or two questions that are related to the services that you offer. Anything more than that will turn the person off. People don’t want to give too much information to someone that they don’t know that hasn’t yet earned their trust. They also don’t want to spend much time filling out a form. A simple lead form will result in more customers or clients in the long run. <br />Content<br />One of the most important factors that contributes to a good website is high quality content, but any more than 500 or 600 words on a page isn’t really necessary. People are pressed for time and tend to skim website content. Provide them with all of the information that they need and leave out any extraneous “filler”. <br />Navigation<br />People are accustomed to a top or side navigation and a footer. Don’t try and be fancy. Do what works. Follow navigation best practice. If you reference a different page of your site, link to it. The logo should always link back to the homepage. People have acquired certain website browsing habits over time. Abide by them. <br />About the Author:<br />Brick Marketing is a full service internet marketing company located in Boston, MA. For more information please call 877-295-0620 or visit <br />