project report of Dearye autoclaved fly ash brick production line


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We are one of the top 4 manufacturers specialized in supplying turnkey projects of production lines
for manufacturing AAC blocks/panels and autoclaved bricks made of various solid wastes for more than
15 years in China.For more details about our company and projects,pls contact Jason Zhang at

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project report of Dearye autoclaved fly ash brick production line

  1. 1. AutoclavedAutoclavedAutoclavedAutoclaved flyflyflyfly ashashashash brickbrickbrickbrick productionproductionproductionproduction linelinelineline 蒸 压 粉 煤 灰 砖 生 产 线 项 目 报 告 ProjectProjectProjectProject reportreportreportreport 郑州德亿重工机器制造有限公司 ZhengzhouZhengzhouZhengzhouZhengzhou DEYIDEYIDEYIDEYI heavyheavyheavyheavy industrialindustrialindustrialindustrial machinerymachinerymachinerymachinery manufacturingmanufacturingmanufacturingmanufacturing Co.,Co.,Co.,Co., LtdLtdLtdLtd
  2. 2. 目 录 Catalog Chapter one: The Advantages of Project Construction 第一章 立项目的和意义 Chapter two: The market forecast 第二章: 市场预测 Chapter three: Quality standard and performance of fly ash brick 第三章 粉煤灰砖质量标准及规格与性能 Chapter four: General situation of fly ash brick 第四章 粉煤灰砖概况 Chapter five: Production technology and process flow diagram of autoclaved fly ash brick 第五章 粉煤灰砖生产工艺及工艺流程图 Chapter six: the requirement, storage and mixing of material 第六章 原材料的要求及储存和混合制备 Chapter seven: Proportioning and consumption of raw material 第七章 原料配比及原材料消耗量 Chapter eight:production technology and equipment selection 第八章: 生产工艺与设备选型 Chapter nine: Service and evaluate 第九章:项目服务及评价结论
  3. 3. Chapter one: The Advantages of Project Construction 第一章 立项目的和意义 (1). National policy for the reformation of wall mate 国家墙改政策支持、项目建设优势 As the constant shrinking of available arable land, in order to protect land resources, national policies for a series of reformation of wall material are promoted to apply the new wall materials, to replace the solid clay brick gradually, and to improve resource utilization and environmental protection. land resource protection and sustainable development strategies are taken to implement the substitute of solid clay brick by autoclaved Fly ash bricks. Our country has expressly stipulated that after November 2003, more than 170 cities are prohibited to use clay bricks 随着可用耕地的不断减少,为了保护国土资源,中国推出一系列墙改政策 用于推广应用新型墙体材料,逐步取代实心粘土砖,提高资源利用率和保 护环境。其中用粉煤灰蒸压砖取代实心粘土砖是我国实行土地资源保护, 实现可持续发展战略的重大举措。中国已明文规定 2003 年 11 月以后在 170 多个大中城市禁止使用粘土砖。 The State Council, the National Development and Reform committee, Ministry of Land Resources, Ministry of Construction, State Administration of Taxation and other departments have issued a series of incentive policies and preferential measures for the promotion of autoclaved Fly ash brick production line. For example: relief policies for income tax and value-added tax, fixed asset investment regulation tax is exempted, and urban facilities tax fee and land using tax is reduced or exempted, 国务院、国家发改委、国土资源部、建设部、税务总局等部门相继出台了 一系列鼓励政策和优惠措施,用于推广粉煤灰蒸压砖生产线建设。比如: 所得税、增值税减免政策,固定资产投资方向调节税降至零,对土地使用
  4. 4. 税和城市设施配套费进行减免,对利废者金融部门予以优先贷款,对排渣 单位不准收取费用等等。 The financial institutions should provide the prior loan to those who utilize the waste materials, no fees should be charged to the slag draining enterprises. According to Document No. 33(2005) issued by General Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China stipulates that: ‘By the end of 2010, the use of solid clay brick should be prohibited in all cities, the national annual output of solid clay brick should be controlled by less than 400 billion bricks. Therefore, to develop new materials, is not only coincide with the vital interests of the majority of the people and national development strategies, but also coincide with the popular sentiment, the general trend, it is a sunshine industry which benefits the country. 根据国办发(2005)33 号文件规定:“到 2010 年底,中国所有城市禁止使 用实心粘土砖,全国实心粘土砖年产量控制在 4000 亿块以下”。因此,大 力发展新型材料,不仅符合广大人民的切身利益和国家发展战略,而且是 人心所向,大势所趋,是一项利国利民的阳光产业。 (2). Energy efficiency 建筑节能 After putting this plant into operation, annual output of standard bricks will reach 50 million, the industrial waste each year 30 thousand tons, 5 acres of land will be economized. It can reduce environmental pollution, and change waste into treasure, it is the ideal industry supported by the country, which is in line with the overall national economic construction and development requirements. 该项目生产线建成投产后,年产标砖 3000 万块,每年可利用粉煤灰、天 然砂、废渣达 5 万吨,年节约耕地 30 亩。既减少环境污染,又变废为宝, 是国家重点扶持的理想产业,符合国家经济建设发展的总体要求。 Comparing with clay solid brick, autoclaved fly ash bricks can save the land and
  5. 5. energy, beneficial to utilizing waste, also has some good advantages of neat appearance, easy to be applied and promoted etc., which is fully consistent with load-bearing strength grade and the technical requirements of non-bearing wall. 蒸压粉煤灰砖与粘土实心砖相比,具有节土、节能、利废、外观规整、便 于推广应用等优点,强度等级可完全符合承重及非承重墙体技术指标要 求。 Chapter two: The market forecast 第二章: 市场预测 The twenty-first century will see the large-scale development of residential building; large-scale housing construction is no doubt a good opportunity to accelerate the development, as far as wall material which accounted for 70% of the building materials is concerned, therefore, sufficient new type of wall material is required to replace solid clay bricks. 二十一世纪,将是我国住宅建筑大规模发展的时期,大规模的房屋建筑, 对占建房材料 70%的墙体材料而言,无疑是加速发展的大好时机,这就要 求有足够的新型墙体材料去取代粘土实心砖。 Autoclaved fly ash brick has many advantages like: rich source of raw materials, low energy consumption, land saving, high strength, neat surface and so on, is an ideal product to replace the clay solid brick in a multi-storied building. It has good economic, social and environmental benefits. Being a new wall material, autoclaved Fly ash bricks enjoy a series of preferential policies from country; the products are exempt from VAT and income tax within 5 years after put into operation, meanwhile, to the architectures which utilize this product, are free from certain (special) charges of reformation of wall material, so that it can ensure the product's competitive advantage in the market. They are also heat/cold conserving, sound proof compared to solid clay building. 蒸压粉煤灰砖具有原材料来源丰富、能耗低、节约土地、产品强度高、外
  6. 6. 表规整等多项优点,是多层承重建筑中取代粘土实心砖的理想产品。具有 良好的经济效益、社会效益和环境效益。蒸压粉煤灰砖作为新型墙体材料, 享受国家一系列的优惠政策,产品均免征增值税和投产 5 年内的所得税, 并对使用该产品的建筑,不征收墙改专项费用。从而保证了该产品在市场 上的竞争优势。 Take advantage of resources of fly ash,sand,slag, carbide and other industrial waste, to make use of advanced production technology and equipment, by lower investment, to build fly ash utilization projects in a high starting point. It has low cost of fly ash brick, huge development space, broad prospects, strong market competitiveness. 利用砂、粉煤灰、炉渣、电石渣等工业废渣资源,采用国内先进的生产技 术和装备,以较低的投资、高起点建设粉煤灰综合利用工程,生产的蒸压 粉煤灰砖成本低,发展空间巨大,前景广阔,具有很强的市场竞争力。 Chapter three: Quality standard and performance of autoclaved fly ash brick 第三章 粉煤灰砖质量标准及规格与性能 1.Quality standard 质量标准: Product executive building materials industry and national standards JC239-2001 《fly ash brick》. 产品执行建材行业国家标准 JC239-2001《粉煤灰砖》。 2. product specification 产品规格: 240mm×115mm×53mm,void ratio 0%,空洞率 0% 240mm×115mm×90mm,void ratio 25%, 空洞率 25% 240mm×115mm×115mm,void ratio 25%, 空洞率 25%
  7. 7. This is Chinese brick size, we will provide moulds for your need size: 250*120*88mm, 250*120*65mm,229*114*76mm 这是中国的砖尺寸标准,我们将为你方提供所需的 250*120*88mm, 250*120*65mm,229*114*76mm 模具。 3. Frost resisting performance 抗冻性能 After the freeze-thaw cycle single brick quality loss less than 2%, high-class product strength level not less than MU15. 经过冻融循环单砖质量损失小于 2%优等品强度级别不小于 MU15。 4.Mechanical property 力学性能 In JC239-2001, has five strength level: MU10. MU15, MU20. MU25.MU30 JC239-2001 中规定 MU10.MU15.MU20. MU25.MU30 等四个强度级别。 Form one: fly ash brick mechanical property 表一:粉煤灰砖力学性能 Strength level 强度级别 Compression strength 抗压强度/ MPa Rupture strength 抗折强度/MPa 10pcs Average value≥ 平均值≥ Per brick data≥ 单块值≥ 10pcs Average value≥ 平均值≥ Per brick data≥ 单块值≥ MU30 30.0 24.0 6.2 5.0 MU25 25.0 20.0 5.0 4.0 MU20 20.0 16.0 4.0 3.2 MU15 15.0 12.0 3.3 2.6 MU10 10.0 8.0 2.5 2.0 Note: High-class production strength level can not less than MU15 注:优等品的强度级别不得小于 MU15 Form two:fly ash brick frost resisting performance index 灰砂砖抗冻性能指标 strength level 强度级别 Compression strength after freeze 冻后抗压强度 /MPa Dry quality loss for per brick% 单块砖的干质量损失 % MU30 24.0 2.0 MU25 20.0 2.0 MU20 16.0 2.0
  8. 8. Note: High-class production strength level can not less than MU15 注:优等品的强度级别不得小于 MU15 5. Other performance: 其它性能 (1) The frost resistance: it is to point to a brick ability of repetition freeze-thaw resistance. If produce autoclaved fly ash brick according to regulations of product standards, able to survive frost resistance test, its anti-freeze capability is closed its strength, and the more high intensity on the strength, the more frost resistance for autoclaved fly ash bricks. ①抗冻性:是指砖抵抗反复冻融作用的能力。蒸压粉煤灰砖如果按规定生 产达到产品标准要求时,能够经受抗冻性试验,蒸压粉煤灰砖的抗冻性与 其自身强度有关,强度高者抗冻性好。 (2) Water resistance: including the strength of dry, wet circulation function and in the water for a long time, autoclaved fly ash brick compressive strength will increase after dry wet circulation function or long-term in water. ②耐水性:包括干湿循环作用后和长期浸泡水中时其强度的变化,经干湿 循环作用或长期在水中蒸压粉煤灰砖的抗压强度均有所增长。 (3) Water absorbability: bibulous rate speed is close with the ordinary baking brick . ③吸水性:与烧结普通砖相比,其吸水速度与烧结普通砖相近。 (4) Strength changes under natural conditions: Autoclaved produced after high temperature steam curing. Hydration reaction is full, so has the stable strength and performance. Fly ash bricks out of the autoclaves in the atmosphere, the strength will be increased in early stage then will keep stable, the strength also will increase when they are in damp environment and the water for a long time. MU15 12.0 2.0 MU10 8.0 2.0
  9. 9. ④自然条件下强度变化:蒸压粉煤灰砖是在高温、蒸压下进行反应形成的。 水化反应比较充分,因此具有稳定的强度和性能。在大气中出釜,前期强 度有较多增长,以后不再提高,保持稳定。在潮湿环境和水中长期浸泡, 强度亦会增强。 (5) High temperature resistant property: Autoclaved fly ash brick can not be heated above 200 celsius degree for long time, when the temperature is low then 200 celsius degree, has no difference on strength. ⑤耐高温性:蒸压粉煤灰砖不能长期受热 200℃以上,200℃以下强度基本 没有影响。 (6) Chemical resistance: more than MU15 fly ash brick in acid and alkali solution immerse intensity has not changed much. ⑥耐化学腐蚀性:MU15 以上的粉煤灰砖在酸碱溶液中浸泡强度变化不大。 Chapter four: General situation of fly ash brick 第四章 粉煤灰砖概况 Autoclaved fly ash brick is based on fly ash, lime as raw material, allow add pigment and admixture. Will pass through raw material handing, batching and dispelling, equality the raw material, then pressure forming, after steam curing, will get finished fly ash bricks. We can produce standard brick, hollow brick and blind hole bricks. Autoclaved fly ash brick Is a mature technology, is the energy saving of the new building materials, it applies to mixing of multilayer structure building bearing wallboard, can instead of clay brick.. 蒸压粉煤灰砖是以粉煤灰砂、石灰为主要原料,允许掺入颜料和外加剂, 经原材料处理,配料消解,胚料均匀,压制成型,经高压蒸汽养护而成的
  10. 10. 普通粉煤灰砖。它分为标砖、空心砖和盲孔砖;蒸压粉煤灰砖(以下简称 粉煤灰砖)是一种技术成熟,又节能的新型建筑材料它适用于多层混合结 构建筑的承重墙体,可以来代替黏土烧结实心砖。 Fly ash brick is mainly rely on the effective carbon oxide of quick lime and silicon dioxide of sand, in 0.8 Mpa saturated steam pressure (174.5 ℃ above) under the condition of the hot synthetic reaction. To create all kinds of types of silicate kind of gel substance, mostly for hydration calcium silicate and a small amount of magnesium silicate and so on, with aggregate sand firmly of the cementing together, forming a certain structure strength, then get high strength autoclaved fly ash brick through above step. 粉煤灰砖主要是依靠生石灰中的有效 CaO 和砂子中 SiO2 在 0.8Mpa 以上压 力的饱和蒸汽(174.5℃以上)的条件下起热合成反应。生成各种类型的 硅酸盐类胶凝物质,其中绝大部分为水化硅酸钙和少量的硅酸镁等,与骨 料砂牢牢的胶结在一起,形成一定的结构强度。在上述过程中经过设备加 压成形为高强度粉煤灰砖。 Reaction process in it: CaO+H2O—Ca(OH)2+15.5 Kilocalorie(with Pre-gelled swellable) Ca(OH) 2+ SiO2+(n-1)H2O (174.5 ℃saturated steam) CaO*SiO2 * nH2O(calcium silicate 硅酸钙) Chapter five: Production technology and process flow diagram of autoclaved fly ash brick 第五章 粉煤灰砖生产工艺及工艺流程图 RawRawRawRaw materialmaterialmaterialmaterial handinghandinghandinghanding section:section:section:section:
  11. 11. The massive lime must through crushing, grinding and reach technological requirements fineness before mixing with fly ash. General big massive quick lime will be crushing use jaw crusher, then grinding by ball mill. 原材料处理: 块状的生石灰在与粉煤灰混合配料前必须经过破碎、粉磨达 到生产工艺要求的细度。一般大块的生石灰常用鄂式破碎机进行破碎,经 破碎的石灰还需进行粉磨,一般采用球磨机对石灰进行粉磨。 MixMixMixMix designdesigndesigndesign forforforfor mixturemixturemixturemixture 混合料的配合比设计 (1) Autoclaved fly ash brick mix design request 粉煤灰砖混合料配合比应满足以下要求 A. Physical mechanics performance: especially about the compression strength, normal compression strength demand above 10 Mpa, and need content frost resisting, carbonization, acid-base resistance, fire-resistant, shrink and other request. 物理力学性能,特别是抗压强度的要求,一般抗压强度要求在 10Mpa 以上, 并且还要满足抗冻、碳化、耐酸碱、耐火、收缩等性能的要求。 B: Content the mixture plastic request when brick molding 满足砖胚成型时,对混合料塑性的要求。 C: Mix design need try to reduce the cost and improve the economic benefits. 配合比要尽量降低成本,提高经济效益。 (2) When we count mix proportion should according to the active ingredient of fly ash and lime. 配合比的计算主要根据粉煤灰、石灰原材料的有效成份来决定配合比的。
  12. 12. 3333 .Formula.Formula.Formula.Formula ofofofof mixturemixturemixturemixture 混合料的配方 According to the request, should add 6%~9% water in forced mixer with metric quick lime and fly ash after for first mixing, then send them to slaking silo for digest 5-8 hours, now will for second mixing. We also said that: the mixing device mainly including mixing-digest-mixing. 混合料的配方是将按配合比要求计量的生石灰、粉煤灰在强制式搅拌中加 入 6%~9%的水进行第一次搅拌,经一次搅拌的物料投入消化仓中消化 5~8h, 然后进行第二次搅拌即可,也就是说混合料的置备主要包括一次搅拌、消 化、二次搅拌几个过程。 The material first stirring purpose is to make the material components in scattered each other, increase the contact area, make the material, and strengthen the mixing chemical adsorption effect, and mix can make the water film wrapped in the surface of the particles that water evenly, make that mixing with lime can more fully digest, increase the workability, improve the plastic performance, the molding performance, the physical properties of the products. 物料一次搅拌的目的是使物料各组分相互分散,增加接触面积,使物料 均匀混合,并加强化学吸附作用。再者,通过搅拌可使水膜包裹住颗粒的 表面,使水均匀分布于搅拌物中,使石灰能更充分的消化,增加拌和物的 和易性,改善塑性,提高成型性能和制品的物理性能。 Normal the mixing time is about 1.8 minute. In the severe cold season, can warm up mixing for ample digest lime, that is connecting steam forcing when mixing, please note: deduct condensate by the steam, to avoid add overmuch water in mix proportion. 一般搅拌时间控制在 1.8min 左右,为使石灰充分消化,在严寒季节,可 使用加热搅拌,即在搅拌的同时通入蒸汽加压,需要注意的是,要注意扣 除由蒸汽冷凝的这部分水量以免在配合比中的水分偏多。
  13. 13. Material digest: (mainly point the lime digest), or we can say that it is the process of become quick lime to slaked lime. We always use the steel silo or concrete silo, in batch-type digest, need 5-8 hours. If adopt accumulation digestion on the ground, need above 8 hours for heat dissipation faster, digestive time is longer. But for improve the capacity and reduce production cycle, we can improve the temperature of the mixture and fineness of quick lime, proper add admixture for speed up the digestion of lime and improve forming performance. 物料的消化主要是指石灰的消化,也就是将生石灰变成熟石灰的过程。 消化一般采用钢仓或混凝土仓,采用间歇式消化时,一般控制在 5~8h。若 采用地面堆积消化,由于散热较快,消化时间较长,一般需要 8h 以上。 为了提高产量,往往必须缩短生产周期,一般可采用提高混合料的温度、 提高生石灰的细度和适当掺加外加剂的方法,加快石灰的消化速度,以改 善成型后砖胚的性能。 Through the digestion, we need the second mixing with water before mixture forming .The purpose: one is after the water evaporation of digestion, make the mixing material moisture content 3.5% lower, to facilitate the forming, must be secondary water mixing; Another is two times mixing can scatter the agglomeration of material, for the better equality and plastic property, is favour for molding and improve the quality of the products. 经过消化(或称陈化)的混合料在成型前,还需进行第二次加水搅拌,其 目的是:一方面消化之后部分水份蒸发,使拌和料含水率降低 3.5%左右, 为了便于成型,必须进行二次加水搅拌;另一方面,二次搅拌可把结块的 物料打散,使物料更均匀、塑性更好,有利于成型和提高制品性能。 BrickBrickBrickBrick formingformingformingforming request:request:request:request: 砖胚成型质量要求
  14. 14. One is to have complete specifications, the exterior surface and edgs is bright and clean, tidy, two it is not allowed to have crack, short crack layered, bending, flash and other defects. 一是要有完整的外型规格,棱角整齐、表面光洁;二是不允许有分层裂纹、 短裂、弯曲、飞边等缺陷。 The best brick machine for autoclaved fly ash brick forming is automatic hydraulic brick machine, can repeatedly forcing, Eduction gas inside the brick, high compactedness, strong fatigue resistance, meanwhile, keep the evenness of lime,fly ash,sand aggregates within brick and coarse material, avoid the defective goods. 粉煤灰砖采用液压压砖机为最佳,能多次加压,把砖内气体排出,密实 度高,抗疲劳性强,同时,保持了砖内的粉煤灰与粗料均匀度,告别了次 品砖的发生。 5555 .Steam.Steam.Steam.Steam curingcuringcuringcuring 蒸压养护 The brick will in the greenhouse for curing a stitch before forming and steam curing, for evaporation excess water in the brick embryos, can prevent the brick embryo crack in the process of heating up in brick for water expands; Then will increase the strength; For digestion not over of mixing things play continue to digest function, which can avoid lime rapidly digest swell to case brick cracks in autoclaving, static general stop time for 2 ~ 3 h 砖胚成型及在进行蒸压养护前要在温室中静停一段时间,其目的在于让砖 胚中多余水分可蒸发掉一部分,这样就可防止砖胚在升温过程中由于水分 受热膨胀而造成砖胚裂纹;其次是由于静停可使砖胚强度有所增加,从而 提高制品强度;对于消化不完的拌和物起到继续消化作用,这样就可避免 石灰在蒸压过程中因养护温度升高而造成石灰急速消化膨胀使制品产生 裂纹。一般静停时间为 2~3h。
  15. 15. Steam curing including four sections as following: 蒸压养护可分为如下四个阶段进行。 Section one: Get rid of air from autoclaves 第一阶段,排除蒸压釜内空气 This is for improve steam heat emission coefficient, reduce heat transfer resistance, increase quantity of steam, improve the steam press, increase steam temperature within the autoclaves, to quicken the bricks curing. You can use three methods to get rid of the air from autoclaves, exhaust method, vacuum suction method, early rapid boost method. We always use vacuum suction. Vacuum suction method is extraction the air from autoclaves use vacuum pump, for example: the water ring pump and so on, we do this before the steam reach the autoclaves, make within the kettle vacuum reached 152 ~ 304 mm mercury (gauge pressure 0.08 ~ 0.06 Mpa), meanwhile, extraction the air in the brick surface pore, form negative pressure state, make maintenance medium close to pure saturated steam, for the products reach heated fastest and highest temperature 这是为了提高蒸汽的放热系数,减少传热阻力,增加蒸汽量,提高蒸汽压 力、增加釜内蒸汽温度,以加速制品的养护。排除釜内空气使用的方法有 三种,即排气法、抽真空法、早期快速升压法,一般采取抽真空的方法。 抽真空法是在高压釜通蒸汽前利用水环式等类型真空泵将釜内空气抽出, 使釜内真空度达到 152~304mm 汞柱(表压力-0.08 ~ -0.06Mpa),同时也 可以抽出砖胚表面孔隙内的空气,形成一种负压状态,使养护介质接近于 纯饱和蒸汽,从而使制品的受热速度最快,温度最高。 Section two: Warming the boost 第二阶段: 升温升压阶段 It is mainly refers to the process of steam into autoclave kettle, steam and products meet the prescribed pressure and temperature. In this section, In
  16. 16. order to avoid caused brick crack for brick surface temperature is inconformity with internal, the temperature of kettle steam, brick surface, brick interior have excessive difference, we must control the warming speed (is closed to the strength of initiating structure), so the warming rate of temperature can not be too fast, general control in 1 ~ 1.5 hours is advisable. 它主要是指通蒸汽至釜内,蒸汽与制品达到规定的压力、温度的这一过程。 在这一阶段中,为避免釜内蒸汽、砖胚表面砖胚内部三者温差过大而造成 因砖胚表面与内部温差不一致而产生裂纹,必须控制升温速度(其与砖胚 的初始结构强度有关),因此升温速度不能太快,一般控制在 1~1.5h 为宜。 Section three: Constant temperature and pressure 第三阶段,恒温恒压阶段 It is mainly refers to the part of time from the highest pressure and temperature of autoclave reached the request to begin cooling step-down, for insure the hydration reaction of normal and the enough strength of lime sand brick, must control the lowest steam pressure reached 0.8Mpa, the highest is 1.5Mpa, constant temperature and pressure need 4-6 hours. 它主要是指蒸压釜内从达到规定的最高压力和温度开始至开始降温降压 这段时间,为了保证水化反应的正常进行,使灰砂砖有足够的强度,必须 控制灰砂砖养护的蒸汽压力最低要达到 0.8Mpa,最高可达 1.5Mpa,恒温 恒压时间为 4~6h。 Section four: step-down cooling 第四阶段,降压降温阶段 This is the process from discharge steam to finished goods out of autoclave. To avoid the brick crack, loose and descend of strength because the big oversize of press and temperature, the speed of cooling step-down also can not be too fast, general control in 1 ~ 1.5 h.
  17. 17. 从釜内开始排放蒸汽降温降压至制品出釜阶段。这一阶段为避免出现由于 压差和温差过大所造成的制品暴裂、酥松及强度下降,降温降压速度也不 能太快,一般控制在 1~1.5h。 Production process: 生 产 工 艺 流 程 ChapterChapterChapterChapter six:six:six:six: thethethethe requirement,requirement,requirement,requirement, storagestoragestoragestorage andandandand mmmmiiiixingxingxingxing ofofofof materialmaterialmaterialmaterial 第六章 原材料的要求及储存和混合制备
  18. 18. 1. Fly ash 粉煤灰 The quality of fly ash should according to the standard of JC409-91 (Silicate building products with fly ash), fly ash send to the factory by car, put in the pile of tent. 粉煤灰的质量应符合 JC409-91(硅酸盐建筑制品用粉煤灰)的标 准,粉煤灰由汽车运入厂内,倒放在堆棚内。 2.Quick lime 生石灰 Need according to the JC/T621-1996 (Silicate building products with lime), among it: effective CaO+MgO≥75%, MgO≤5%, SiO2≥40%, CO2≤5% , digestive system≤15min, digestive temperature 60 celsius degree, fineness 0.08mm, square hole screen≤15%. 应符合 JC/T621-1996《硅酸盐建筑制品用石灰》的规定中,其中:有效 CaO+MgO≥75%, MgO≤5%, SiO2≥40%, CO2≤5%,消化系统≤15min,消化 温度 60℃,细度 0.08mm,方孔筛筛余量≤15%。 Massive lime send the factory by car, put into the hopper of lime, after crushing with jaw crusher, the particle ones will be send into quick lime silo by bucket elevator, the lime into storage will send to ball mill for grinding via vibrator feeder, to be made of glue material, then send to the lime powder silo by bucket elevator for prepare. 块状生石灰由自卸汽车运入厂内,倒入生石灰受料斗,由一台鄂式破碎机 分别破碎成颗粒,经斗式提升机分别送入生石灰仓,进入库内的石灰,由 振动给料机进入球磨机内进行细磨,制成生产用胶结料,经斗式提升机送 至石灰粉仓中储存待用。 3. Batching and mixing 配料搅拌工段 All above materials, respective discharging by the disks of silo and control the transportation equipment, as the certain matching, then respective measuring, According to the order of fly ash, lime, discharge to the mixer, then mixing with water, to send the mixture to digest in the slaking silos, will mix again the
  19. 19. digested mixtures, then will send the mixtures to feeder of the press brick machine for forming. 以上所述各种原料,各自通过料仓下的圆盘出料、输送设备的控制,按一 定的配比,经各自计量方式计量后,按粉煤灰、石灰胶结料顺序依次卸入 搅拌机,经加水后进行搅拌,制成的混合料送消化仓消化,消化好的混合 料再次进行搅拌,经搅拌后的混合料输入压砖机的喂料机压制成型。 4. Brick molding 砖胚成型 The mixtures will be send to the press mould use press hopper, the forming brick, the molding cycle is 1-15 seconds, then the bricks will be put on the steam cart by setting machine. 压砖机受料斗将混合料喂入压机模具,经压制成为砖胚,每次成型周期约 1~15 秒,将砖胚码放在蒸养小车上。 5. Steam curing and brick storage 养护及存放 These steam carts with bricks after grouping will enter the autoclaves by ferry vehicle via tractor for curing. After curing the steam carts will be pull-out of the autoclaves via tractor to the track behind the autoclaves. They will be send to the finished storage yard, meanwhile visual inspection, group pile up . 码好砖胚的蒸养小车经摆渡车由牵引机拉入生胚预养房内编组后进入蒸 压釜内进行养护。养护结束后由牵引机将蒸养小车连同制品拉出至釜后轨 道上,再将小车运至成品堆场,同时进行外观检验,分组堆放。 6. Performance and request 性能与要求 (1) The SiO2 of fly ash content not less than 40% 粉煤灰中的二氧化硅含量不应小于 40% (2) The content of SO3 in fly ash can not more than 2% 粉煤灰中的三氧化硫含量不得超过 2%
  20. 20. Production practice showed 生产实践证明 The quality of the quick lime direct influence on the quality of the fly ash brick, should as far as possible choose the lime with high calcium content, high digestive speed and high temperature digestion. The request as following: (calcium oxide) CaO>60%, (magnesium oxide) MgO<5%;digestion speed< 15min, the digestion temperature>60℃, burned lime<5%, quick lime<10%, Pulverization ash<10%. 生石灰的质量直接影响粉煤灰砖的质量,应尽可能选用含钙量高、消化速 度快,消化温度高的生石灰。其具体要求如下:CaO 含量>60%;MgO<5%; 消化速度<15min;消化温度>60℃;过火石灰<5%;生石灰<10%;粉化 灰<10%。 In order to solve the lime in expanding the hydration for the autoclaved fly ash brick,usually by some of the following measures: 为了解决石灰在水化时体积膨胀对粉煤灰砖的影响,通常采用下面一些措 施。 (1)Improve the fineness of lime, usually control it is about 3000cm2/g 提高石灰细度,一般控制在 3000cm2/g 左右 (2)Improve the water cement ratio, mixture of molding water general control in 7.5% ~ 10% 提高水灰比,混合料的成型水分一般控制在 7.5%~10% (3) Add admixture like gypsum 加入石膏等外加剂 We can use the production water or drinking water, using natural water, should meet the following index: PH value is not less than 4; the total content of salt with no more than 5000 mg/L, shall not contain grease, vegetable oil, sugar, acids and other harmful substances.
  21. 21. 生产用水 任何饮用水均可使用,采用天然水时,应符合以下指标:PH值 不得小于4;盐的总含量不得超过5000mg/L,不得含有油脂、植物油、糖 类、酸类及其他有害物质。 Chapter seven: Proportioning and consumption of raw material 第七章 原料配比及原材料消耗量 1. The main raw material ratio:fly ash: lime:aggregate=70:10:20 主要原材料配比: 粉煤灰:生石灰:骨料=70:10:20 The ratio can be adjusted according the product strength and the physical truth of raw materials 以上配比随产品强度等级及原材料实际情况可进行调整 2. The consumption of main material(Count with annually 10,000,000 fly ash bricks )主要原材料消耗量(按年产 1000 万块粉煤灰砖计算) 序号 No. 原材料名称 Material name 小时用量 t dosage per hour (t) 班用量 t Dosage per shift (t) 日用量 t Dosage per day (t) 年用量 t Dosage one year (t) 1 Fly ash 2.8 21.0 63.0 18900.0 2 生石灰 lime 0.4 3.0 9.0 1800.0 3 骨料 aggregate 0.8 6.0 18.0 5400.0 This form is based on the capacity of 10,000,000 fly ash bricks, if will increase the capacity, according to this for push calculation 上表是年产 1000 万块粉煤灰砖来计算,若年产量加大,可按此类推计算。 3. Working system 工作制度 Working for three shifts process production, 7.5 hours/per shift, 300 days/year, the total working time is 6750 hours for one year.
  22. 22. 一日三班制连续生产,每班 7.5 小时,年工作日 300 天,年工作时数 6750 小时。 Chapter eight:production technology and equipment selection 第八章: 生产工艺与设备选型 8888. ProductionProductionProductionProduction technologytechnologytechnologytechnology 生产工艺 8.1.1 the production line technology of autoclaved fly ash brick 蒸压粉煤灰砖生产方式 Will mixing with forced double-axles mixer by fully automatic batching system, then the mixture after mixing will be send to digestion in the digestion silo, after the planet type wheel grinding and mixing, will be pressing forming by our automatic hydraulic brick making machine, you will get the finished goods after steam curing in the autoclaves. The advantage as following: 由全自动化配料系统配料入强制式双轴搅拌机混合搅拌,搅拌后混合料进 入消解仓进行连续式消化,经行星式轮碾混机碾压,由全自动压砖机压制 成型,再经高压蒸汽养护制成成品。该生产方式具有以下优点:
  23. 23. (1) The forced mixer intermittent mixing, can further to make materials mixed fully homogeneous 采用强制式双轴搅拌机间歇搅拌,可使物料混合充分、均匀。 (2) Materials are made by successive digestion can meet the requirements of the continuous production, we can insure the digestion time easy, and have success of pine warehouse operation experience, can prevent warehouse phenomenon 物料采用连续式消化可满足连续生产的要求,消化时间容易保证,而且已 有成功的松仓操作经验,可防止结仓现象。 (3) The mixture after digestion then by wheel grinding machine rolling processing (for activate, mixing, comminution, plastify and consolidation), to
  24. 24. increase the mixture compactedness, improve the performance and product quality. 消化后的混合料再经轮碾机碾压处理(主要是起活化、搅拌、细碎、增塑 和压实作用),使混合料密实度增加,性能改善,从而可提高产品质量。 (4) Choose the automatic hydraulic brick making machine from Zhengzhou DEYI heavy industry, highly automatic, good quality and high capacity, low intensity involved in the labour, structure compact, cover an area of an small area and can with the needs of the market produce other specifications of the Portland products. 选用引进郑州德亿重工研制生产的全自动压砖机压制成型,自动化程度 高、产品质量好、生产能力大、劳动强度低、结构紧凑、占地面积小、并 可随市场需要生产其他规格的硅酸盐制品。 (5) High pressure steam curing can greatly shorten the cycle of maintenance, improve the production efficiency, and ensure the quality of products. Thus, the project report is feasible and reasonable. 高压蒸汽养护可大大缩短养护周期,提高生产效率,保证产品质量。因此, 本可行性研究采用以上先进的生产方式是可行的、合理的。 8.1.2 Brief description of the process 生产工艺流程简述 The massive lime crushing, grinding with stone breadcrumbs, use ball mill grinding, after respectively metering, mixing with water, digestion, wheel grinding machine crushes the mixture, and then sent to DEYI automatic hydraulic brick machine by belt conveyor, forcing molding. Automatic setting machine put the finished-blocks into autoclave car, within the autoclaves for maintenance by ferry vehicle, After out from autoclave kettle, the finished brick will be sent to finished product yard, store 15 days can be sold. Empty autoclaved car after cleaning to return automatic brick machine for next turn. 块状石灰经破碎,经球磨机研磨,经称量,加入水,进行混合轮辗搅拌, 然后经皮带输送机送至德亿重工全自动液压砖机,压制成型,由全自动码 坯机当成品砖放至蒸养小车,然后经摆渡车,蒸养小车牵引车进入蒸压釜
  25. 25. 内蒸压养护,出釜后,成品当被运送到成品摆放区,15 天后可以出售。 空的蒸养小车经清洗后返回继续运输砖。 8.2 Curing 养护工艺 One of the important process of produce autoclaved fly ash brick is for high pressure water saturation steam heat treatment, called the autoclaved maintenance/ steam curing. To accelerate green body of water iodide hydration process, increase the crystallinity and strength of products. 生产粉煤灰蒸压砖的重要工序之一就是对制品进行高压饱和蒸汽下水热 处理,称为蒸压养护。蒸压养护的目的在于加速坯体中水化物的凝结和硬 化过程,增加制品的结晶度和强度。 8.2.1 Curing method 养护方式 Use high press steam curing, the press ≥ 1.0 MPa when curing, the temperature is about 200 degree. Maintenance equipment usually adopts manganese steel welded high pressure vessel of cylindrical (autoclaved kettle), the equipment can withstand the pressure of high internal, firm structure, seal up, heat preservation performance is good, the steam consumption quantity is little, high thermal efficiency. The most important is more than 174 ℃ porcelain body in the hot and humid conditions, can accelerate hydrate and hydrothermal synthesis reaction, make products in hydration products-fibrous hydration calcium silicate CSH (B), Bob's mullite (C4S5H5), hard calcium silicate (CSH0.33) hydration products such as the increase of the content. Crystal increase, amorphous hydration products, so as to ensure the products to reduce the strength and durability. So we choose high press steam curing. 采用高压蒸汽养护(简称:蒸压养护),养护时压力为≥1.0 MPa,温度为 200 度左右。养护设备通常采用锰钢板焊接而成的圆筒形高压容器(蒸压 釜),该设备可承受内部较高的压力,结构牢固,密封严实,保温性能好, 耗汽量少,热工效率高。更重要的是坯体在 174℃以上的湿热条件下,可 以加速水化和水热合成反应,促使制品中水化产物—纤维状水化硅酸钙 CSH(B)、托勃莫莱石(C4S5H5)、硬硅酸钙(CSH0.33)等多种水化产物含
  26. 26. 量的增多。晶体增加,无定形水化产物减少,从而保证了产品的强度和耐 久性。因此,本项目选择蒸压养护的养护工艺。 8.2.2 Dosage of steam 蒸汽用量 The consumption of steam for one thousand standard brick need 220 kg, the annually dosage is 11,000 Tons 单位制品蒸汽耗量按 220Kg/千块标砖计,全年蒸汽用量为 1.1 万吨。 8.2.3 The storage yard area 堆场面积 The finished fly ash brick storage yard: if the storage is 30 days (for 4,000,000 bricks), the height is 1.8m, then we can see that: every m2 can storage 400 bricks, the storage yard need 5000 m2, the total place is 10000 m2. 粉煤灰砖蒸压成品堆场面积:按堆存时间 30 天(成品砖 400 万),堆高 1.8m 计。经计算:每㎡可堆存标砖 400 块,成品堆场面积约为:5000 ㎡(8 亩 地)。场地面积 10000 ㎡(22 亩地)。 EquipmentEquipmentEquipmentEquipment selectionselectionselectionselection 设备选型 The main equipment and specification for autoclaved fly ash brick 蒸压粉煤灰砖设备关键设备及技术参数: The host machine you can choose DY430/DY850/1100/1250 brick machine, the production line including brick machine, step into the belt transmission machine, setting machine, cart fixed position and drag device, the forming mould. 压机作业线选用以 DY430/DY850/1100/1250 型压机为主机的压机作业线。 该作业线包括压机、步进皮带传送机、码坯机、小车定位拖动装置、成型 模具。 DY430/DY850/1100/1250DY430/DY850/1100/1250DY430/DY850/1100/1250DY430/DY850/1100/1250 automaticautomaticautomaticautomatic hydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulic brickbrickbrickbrick machinemachinemachinemachine
  27. 27. 中、小 型 蒸 压 砖 厂 的 更 新 换 代 产 品 InternationalInternationalInternationalInternational standardstandardstandardstandard 与时俱进 诚信为本 厚积薄发 专业创新 与时俱进 诚信为本 (1) Design more advanced 设计更先进
  28. 28. This machine fully absorbed the pressure of technology at home and abroad brick machine essence, fully understand and master the material properties, and summarized a set of the collection design, the manufacture, the operation, the operation of the optimization scheme. In the system back to the oil, the control valve piece of pressure oil, oil pump and the entrance of oil absorption mouth place are set strainer (with jam alarm device), effective to solve the dust on the equipment, to ensure that the harm of the hydraulic system is always in the stable, reliable working condition. 该机充分消化吸收了国内外压砖机的技术精华,完全理解和掌握了物料特 性,归纳总结了一整套集设计、制造、操作、运行的最优化方案。在系统 回油路、控制阀块压力油入口处、油泵吸油口处均设置过滤器(带堵塞报 警装置),有效地解决了粉尘对设备的危害,确保液压系统始终处于稳定、 可靠的工作状态。 (2) Full automatic control system 全自动化控制 In the feed box with a material level gage, automatically adjust, and realize communication links with the control centre room, realize the automatic control feeding; Thus to achieve a truly automatic control from feeding, pressing, forming, setting brick, the cart positioning and drag. 在进料箱中安装有物料料位计,自动调整,并与主控室实现通讯连接,实 现进料的自动控制;从而真正实现了从进料、压制、成型、码坯、小车定 位、小车拖动的全程自动控制。 (3) High product percent of pass 产品合格率高 By oil cylinder built-in displacement sensor, can accurately control feeding, the product brick qualified rate is high, the product is only + 1 mm error (good quality brick standards for + 2 mm). Because the present and the water content of everywhere raw material composition change is big, we can according to different materials, ensure that the strength of the brick adjustment to 15 Mpa above. 采用油缸内置式位移传感器,能准确控制砖的填料多少,产品合格率高, 产品误差仅为±1mm(优质砖标准为±2mm)。针对目前各地原材料成份和 含水量变化大,可根据不同的物料进行调整,确保砖的强度达到 15Mpa 以 上。
  29. 29. (4) Complete product variety 产品品种全 The machine through preloading, molding pressure, the pressurize three links to realize the autoclaved brick of products of higher density, We also can change the moulds to produce standard fly ash brick, lime sand brick, blind hole brick, hollow bricks and other paver brick and square bricks. The highest strength of fly ash brick can reach 20 Mpa. My company supporting mould can use both sides, stamping die and mould cavity by separation technology that could improve the service life of the die, maintenance cycle in more than half a year. 该机通过预压、成型压、保压三个环节从而实现了蒸压砖的制品密度更高, 而且通过更换模具,不仅能生产粉煤灰标砖(掺粉煤灰量可达 65%以上), 灰砂标砖(240x115x53mm)、盲孔砖(240x115x90mm),还可生产空心砖、 多种规格路面砖、广场砖。粉煤灰砖抗压强度最高可达 20MPa。我公司配 套模具能够正反两面使用,冲压模头与模腔采用不分离技术,大幅度提高 了模具的使用寿命,维护周期在半年以上。 (5) Supporting ability stronger 配套能力更强 All the equipment for autoclaved lime sand brick production line, we design and produce by ourselves-zhengzhou DEYI, except autoclaves. Theses avoid to cause define quality such as difficult responsibility dispute because many parts and auxiliary equipments from outside. 除蒸压釜外的其他所有主辅设备,德亿重工均可自行设计、制造。提高了 设备的配套性和完整性。避免了因外配套件太多而引起的责任界定困难等 质量纠纷。 DYS850DYS850DYS850DYS850 automaticautomaticautomaticautomatic hydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulic blockblockblockblock machinemachinemachinemachine 1. BrickBrickBrickBrick machinemachinemachinemachine is feature of high-speed operation, low abrasion on the sealing of main cylinder, uneasy to damage or leak and low failure rate.该机不仅运行速 度快,而且主油缸密封磨损小,很少损坏和泄露,故障率低。 2. The hydraulic system of our block machine is designed with double-way loop, which adopts professional combined valves to realize the working cycle of filling, air discharge, pressing and de-molding. 该液压砖机液压系统为双泵双回路,采 用独特的组合阀块、完成填料、排气、加压及脱模的工作流程。
  30. 30. 3. The hydraulic oil tank of our blockblockblockblock machinemachinemachinemachine is designed with automatic oil heating and cooling systems and oil purification devices, which adopts repeated continuous filtering to ensure the optimal working conditions of hydraulic oil. DYS850 型双向加压液压砖机的液压油箱安装油温自动加热、冷却系统和净油器, 采用多次连续过滤,从而使液压油保持最佳使用状态。 4. The feed hopper of our block machine is designed with stock level recorder, the open-close door cylinder realizes the automatic open-close of the door so as to ensure the feed averagely to the material box. 喂料料斗安装料位计、开合门气 缸实现了料斗门自动开合,来保证向补料箱内均匀给料。 5. The cart of automatic material box of our block machine adopts positive feed pattern with forced mixing mechanism so as to ensure the average cloth and efficiency. 自动补料小车运用容积式加料方式且配有强制搅拌工具,以保证不料均 匀和提高补料效率. 6. Our blockblockblockblock machinemachinemachinemachine adopts PLC Siemens controller and man-machine interface, and the whole machine can be operated automatically. DYS850 双向加 液压砖机控制系统采用PLC西门子可编程序控制器加HMI人机界面操作,整台液压 砖机可实现全自动操作。 7. The molds can be replaced for the production of standard bricks, blink-hole bricks and hollow bricks with different specification. DYS850全自动砖机通过更换 模具就可以生产不同规格的标砖、盲孔转、空心砖 等。 8.3.3 LX70 type continuous dispelling warehouse ( LX70型连续式消解仓) We provide LX70 Ф3.5×9.5m continuous dispelling warehouse, effective volume, the feeding capacity is 25 m3/ hour, need 2 warehouse for your autoclaved lime sand brick production line. 生产线拟采用 LX70 Ф3.5×9.5m 消解仓,有效容积:70 m3,台时出料量 为 25m3。根据工艺要求选用 2 台消解仓可满足需要。 Digestion warehouse is important for autoclaved brick products, the operation
  31. 31. is good or not directly related to the matched good mixture can normal the resolution of continuous. The digestion warehouse from Zhengzhou DEYI heavy is based on the digestive of germany technology, and develop the suitable continuous digestion for raw material of various kinds of autoclaved fly ash brick product, autoclaved lime sand brick product. The equipment has the large capacity to advance the successive collapse. Automatic mechanical power gears scrape board feeding material, overcome the widespread use of vibration or disk feeding material warehouse shortcomings. In cold region, winter not normal to digestion, we have designed the unique device, which can work as usual in the low temperature of 20 degrees below zero, will complete digestion in 3-4 hours 消解仓在各类蒸养砖制品中占很重要的位置,它的运行是否良好直接关系 到配好的混合料能否正常连续的消解。德亿重工公司在消化德国技术的基 础上,开发出适应各种粉煤灰蒸养制品、灰砂砖制品原料制备的消解设备。 该设备具有大容量、上进下出连续式消解。全自动机械式动力齿轮刮板下 料,克服了普遍使用振动式下料、圆盘下料易棚仓的缺点。针对严寒地区 冬季不能正常消解生产的情况,我们还设计了独特装置,使其能在零下 20 度的低温下照常工作,3—4 小时时间内消解完毕。 8.3.4 Jaw crusher and ball mill 颚式破碎机及球磨机 Jaw crusher: Y250×400, the capacity is 10T/hours, the shift capacity is 10× 7.5=75t. Ball mill: Ф1.2×4.5m, capacity is 6T/hours, shift capacity is 6×7.5=45t Need about 40 T quick lime for a day. Only need one jaw crusher and ball mill 选用 DY250×400 型颚式破碎机,台时产量 10t,班产量为 10×7.5=75t; 选用Ф1.2×4.5m 球磨机,台时产量 6t,班产量为 6×7.5=45t。该项目 每日需用生石灰约 40t。选用 1 台鄂破机和一台磨机即可满足需要。 Choose one set full automatic batching and mixing system, the capacity is 30-35m3/hour. 选用一套全自动化配料、搅拌系统,小时产量为 30 m3 ~35m3 。
  32. 32. 8.3.5 Autoclaves 蒸压釜 Choose Φ1.65×24m autoclaves, the curing cycle is 8 hours, need three autoclaves for this brick production line. 选用Φ1.65×24m蒸压釜,蒸压养护周期8小时,本生产配备3条蒸压釜。 ChapterChapterChapterChapter nine:nine:nine:nine: ServiceServiceServiceService andandandand evaluateevaluateevaluateevaluate 第九章:项目服务及评价结论 We provide the equipments with good quality, technical advice and will provide pre-sale, sale, post-sale services with pleasure. The results show that: after set up the autoclaved lime sand brick production line, will bring you more market and profit. 与我公司合作,我们将为您提供优良设备的同时,提供全方位的技术咨询 及周到的售前、售中、售后服务。结果表明,本项目投产后,将获得较好 的经济效益,在生产经营期间,有较强的赢利能力。 Zhengzhou DEYI heavy industrial machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd is the exporter enterprise of new environmental protection wall building material equipment. Mainly provide autoclaved fly ash brick production line, autoclaved lime sand brick production line and 50,000-300,000 cubic meters full automatic air turnover autoclaved aerated concrete block production line for the customer of domestic and abroad. Our company has been honored with
  33. 33. “Quality enterprise”, “The most growth enterprise”, “China brick and tile association member enterprise” by the government. And through the ISO9001:2000 quality system authentication, has the independent of import and export. 郑州德亿重工机器制造有限公司是以生产新型环保墙体建材设备为 主的出口企业。主要为海内外客户提供粉煤灰蒸压砖、灰沙蒸压砖整 条生产线、5-30 万立方米加气混凝土生产线。我企业被政府授予“质 量达标企业” ,“最具成长性企业”,“中国砖瓦协会会员企业”. 并通过了 ISO9001:2000 质量体系认证,拥有自主的产品进出口经 营权。