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Reuters is the most trusted information brand worldwide & with nearly 3,000 journalists worldwide & powered by Thomson Reuters, provides business professionals with breaking news first & then with instantaneous analysis of market impact delivers intelligence to move markets. More info:

In addition to, TS² (TIMES SQUARE²), a Reuters/NASDAQ alliance, is the immense digital display standing tall in the heart of Times Square that is the ideal & trusted stage for today’s biggest & boldest brand events. More info:

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  1. 1. Knowledge.Power.Impact. 0
  2. 2. KNOWLEDGE THOMSON REUTERS BACKGROUND 1Thomson Reuters BackgroundKnowledge.Over 160 years of expertisePower.Independence, integrity, freedom from biasImpact.Speed, accuracy, market influenceThomson Reuters powers the world’s markets with news and insight.
  3. 3. KNOWLEDGE THOMSON REUTERS ORGANIZATION 2The World’s Leading Source of Intelligent Business News and InformationLegal / Tax & Accounting /Scientific / Healthcare$5.5 billion in revenue23,370 employeesMedia / Sales & Trading /Investment & Advisory / Enterprise$7.9 billion in revenue27,420 employees
  4. 4. KNOWLEDGE TRUSTED GLOBAL BRAND 3Among the Most Trusted Global Brands RANK PREVIOUS RANK BRAND COUNTRY/REGION SECTOR BRAND VALUE CHANGE IN BRAND VALUE 37 39 Canada Media 9,515 6% 38 39 United States Financial Services 9,091 -3% 39 44 Italy Luxury 8,763 5% 40 45 France FMCG 8,699 9% 41 42 Netherlands Electronics 8,658 0% 42 40 United States Financial Services 8,620 -3% 43 41 United States Electronics 8,347 -6%Source: Interbrand Best Global Brands 2011. Ranked #39 in 2010. Ranked #40 in 2009. Disney is the only media brand ranked higher.
  5. 5. KNOWLEDGE LARGEST NEWS AGENCY IN THE WORLD 4We are the Largest International News Agency in the World3000 300Journalists Photo Journalist 300 Video Journalist 200 News BureausPowering the most influential news and information providers:
  6. 6. KNOWLEDGE INFLUENTIAL NEWS ORGANIZATION 5One of the World’s Most Influential News Organizations RANK VISITS GOOGLE NEWS GOOGLE BLOGS TOTAL 1 Associated Press/AP 3,108 4,280 7,388 2 New York Times 1,785 4,930 6,715 3 REUTERS 1,825 3,170 4,995 4 Wall Street Journal 1,739 2,650 4,389 5 Bloomberg/Bloomberg News 750 2,143 2,893 6 BCC/BBC News 681 1,570 2,251 7 Agence France Presse/AFP 767 1,481 2,248 8 CNN 380 1,570 1,950 9 Washington Post 448 1,290 1,738 10 TMZ/ 160 1,171 1,331Source: Chart by Nate Silver,
  7. 7. KNOWLEDGE EDITORIAL TEAM 6World Class Editorial TeamAn extensive range of expertise, in-depth analysis, commentary and opinion:• Financial bloggers• White House correspondents• Investigative reporters• Healthcare policy experts• Op-Ed line-up Stephen Adler Chrystia Freeland Jim Impoco Editor-In-Chief Editor Executive Editor• Foreign affairs columnists Reuters News Thomson Reuters Digital• Best-selling authors• Social media experts• Editorial luminaries• Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Felix Salmon Kenneth Li Lauren Young Financial Blogger Editor, Personal Finance Editor Anthony De Rosa David Rohde Jack Shafer Social Media Editor Columnist Columnist
  8. 8. POWER REUTERS.COM REACH 7Site Statistics22.6MM 140MM 6.2 4.19 mins.Unique Visitors Page Views Page Views per Visitor Time Spent per VisitSource: WebTrends, 2011 Monthly Average
  9. 9. POWER SOCIAL MEDIA OVERVIEW 8Social Media OverviewReuters is at the forefront of social media:• Our key journalists are active and influential on Twitter• Recently launched Social Pulse — a social media hub designed to show the most talked-about news, companies and influencers across the Web.162,294+ FansReuters average monthly Facebook posts have beenviewed over 10 million times, receiving 16,000+ responses.1,519,100+ FollowersReuters’ followers are most interested in politics, business,science, finance and stocks.Source: Facebook Analytics 2012 and Twitter Analytics 2012
  10. 10. POWER OUR AUDIENCE 9Our Audience62%Male $83K 32% Average Household Professional/Executive/ Income Managerial46Average Age 56% College/Post GraduateSource: Nielsen@Plan Rel 4 2011
  11. 11. POWER AUDIENCE TARGETING 10Reuters Audience SelectReach your audienceTarget consumers within premium relevant contentIntegrate your messageCustomize your creative to increase brand relevanceDeliver your brand message tothe right audience.
  12. 12. POWER MOBILE REACH 11Mobile ReachU.S. Mobile Site Metrics22.7MMPage Views7.5MMUnique Visitors11.3MMVisitsSource: Bango, 2011 Monthly Average
  13. 13. POWER MOBILE ENGAGEMENT 12Mobile EngagementTotal Mobile App Downloads 975K 746K 290K 282K iPhone iPad Blackberry AndroidSource: Bango, WebTrends and iTunes, 2011
  14. 14. POWER REUTERS SUMMITS 13Reuters SummitsWhere the world’s leading CEOs, financial executives,government officials, regulators and investors meet.• Sought-after speakers • Online visibility• Industry experts • Marketing promotion• Key global topics • Event publicity• Game-changing results • Times Square signsAn exceptional sponsorship opportunitytargeting influential decision-makers.The perfect place to drive awarenessand excitement around your brand.
  15. 15. POWER TIMES SQUARE2 14Times Square2: Thomson Reuters Sign and NASDAQ TowerThomson Reuters Sign NASDAQ Tower43rd Street and 7th Avenue, 22 stories high, 43rd Street and Broadway, 7 stories high,11 giant LED screens, Full wrap-around NASDAQ,1.4 million pixels, 16.7 million colors 1280 x 1676 pixels• Real-time feed from enables • Times Square is a global stage for broadcast integration across online and mobile platforms events including the Thanksgiving Day Parade and New Year’s Eve Ball Drop1.5MMPeople pass through Times Square daily 30MM Tourists visit Times Square annually
  16. 16. IMPACT CUSTOM CREATIVE: SMART TOPICS OVERVIEW 15Custom Creative: Smart Topics OverviewTarget your audience with a dynamic groupingof related articles based on relevant editorialchannels, keywords and/or phrases.Each campaign includes:Your message300x600 half page adCustom background:Full page background skinLeaderboard:728x90 leaderboard ad
  17. 17. IMPACT CUSTOM CREATIVE: SMART TOPICS UP CLOSE 16Custom Creative: Smart Topics Up Close
  18. 18. IMPACT CUSTOM CREATIVE: EXPANDABLES OVERVIEW 17Custom Creative: Expandables OverviewExpandable Rich Media UnitAlways visibleAuto-expands on first impressionCan live on any pageFully customizable
  19. 19. IMPACT CUSTOM CREATIVE: EXPANDABLES UP CLOSE 18Custom Creative: Expandables Up Close
  20. 20. IMPACT CUSTOM CREATIVE: PUSH UP UNIT OVERVIEW 19Custom Creative: Push Up Unit OverviewCustom expandable developed exclusively for ReutersLess obtrusive than a pushdownAlways visibleAuto-expands on first impressionCan live on any pageFully customizable
  21. 21. IMPACT CUSTOM CREATIVE: PUSH UP UNIT UP CLOSE 20Custom Creative: Push Up Unit Up Close
  22. 22. IMPACT CUSTOM CREATIVE: IAB FILMSTRIP OVERVIEW 21Custom Creative: IAB Filmstrip OverviewEnables enhanced creative story-telling capabilities withina single ad creativeComprised of up to four customized 300x600 half page adsAs user navigates through session, subsequent panelsof ad follow themAt any time, user can slide ad to any frame in sequence
  24. 24. IMPACT CROSS-PLATFORM PROGRAM OVERVIEW: AUDI 23Cross-Platform Program Overview: AudiCampaign Objective:Build awareness and excitement for the new Audi A6 2012Amplify Audi’s message to make the road a more intelligent placeGenerate leads for the A6 and drive users to the show roomsTime Period:Q3-Q4 2011Target Audience:European Luxury Car OwnersSolution:Custom creative intelligent/relevant news smart topicCustom creative extension across Kontera Network’s business/ financesitesHigh profile, targeted media in top breaking news and features
  25. 25. IMPACT CROSS-PLATFORM PROGRAM UP CLOSE: AUDI 24Cross-Platform Program Up Close: Audi
  26. 26. IMPACT CROSS-PLATFORM PROGRAM OVERVIEW: MASTERCARD 25Cross-Platform Program Overview: MasterCardCampaign Objective:Introduce World Elite CardTime Period:Q2-Q4 2011Target Audience:Affluent Business TravelerSolution:Exclusive sponsorship of Business Traveler sectionCustom creative with Travel Postcard smart topicHigh profile and fixed ad placements on home pageUtilized key site and mobile assets
  28. 28. IMPACT CROSS-PLATFORM PROGRAM OVERVIEW: ALLIANZ 27Cross-Platform Program Overview: AllianzCampaign Objective:Promote investment, insurance and retirement solutionsTime Period:Q1-Q4 2011Target Audience:Relevant Business and Financial Decision Makers (online and mobile)Solution:Custom creative Trending Module smart topicExclusive and high profile home pages and section Markets SliderPremium video, iPad and mobile site sponsorships
  29. 29. IMPACT CROSS-PLATFORM PROGRAM UP CLOSE: ALLIANZ 28Cross-Platform Program Up Close: Allianz
  30. 30. IMPACT CROSS-PLATFORM PROGRAM OVERVIEW: SPRINT 29Cross-Platform Program Overview: SprintCampaign Objective:Promote NOW network in an innovative wayTime Period:Q1-Q2 2011Target Audience:Business ProfessionalsSolution:Custom Breaking News creative hub and interactive gameHigh profile and fixed daily home page custom placementIntegrated messaging on site, mobile and signs
  31. 31. IMPACT CROSS-PLATFORM PROGRAM UP CLOSE: SPRINT 30Cross-Platform Program Up Close: Sprint
  32. 32. IMPACT CROSS-PLATFORM PROGRAM UP CLOSE: SPRINT 31Cross-Platform Program Up Close: Sprint
  33. 33. IMPACT PREMIUM PARTNER 32The Premium Partner for Your Brand MarketingLeverage the knowledge, power and impact of Thomson Reuters.Content AudienceDistribution of independent and ground breaking global Reach key business professionals andnews and information decision makersTargeting Social MediaScalable and accurate solutions in premium content Editorial team at forefront of leveraging and spreading content with support of 1.6 million+ fans/followersCreativeFull service creative team to develop strategicand results-oriented custom solutions
  34. 34. Thank YouBrian Zimmerman, Ad Mgr. (Southeast) & TimesSquare2.comReuters Media Media Kit & Reuters (corp. home page)404-942-6360 office | 404-386-0424 | @brianzimbz | RSS