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Twitter list documentation

  1. 1. Twitter Lists
  2. 2. Before beginning, you will need to create a Twitter account, which is much the same ascreating an account at any other site. You can initiate the process by going to theirhomepage at www.twitter.comOnce you create an account, you will see a homepage similar to this, but without any of thefeeds you see here (under What’s happening?)
  3. 3. From the homepage, you will see a horizontal menu (your timeline). The last menu optionis Lists, from which you will have the option to select a list you have already created (forme, @YoungBrianW/local-theaters) or create a new list (currently highlighted grey)
  4. 4. You will now be asked to create a name for you list. You can also provide a description,though not required. If you are creating a list for your own, personal use, then you maywant to make the list private. However, if you are creating to be used on a LibGuide, forexample, your list must be public.
  5. 5. You will now see a page similar to the one below. To find accounts to add to your new list,you can use the provided search bar on this screen, or use the search bar at the top ofevery Twitter page. You may also choose to find accounts by clicking on the Twitter iconoften found on organization or personal web pages.Twitter icon example taken from
  6. 6. Once you find the account you wish to add, you can click on their account name, and youwill be directed to their Twitter page. From this page, you can click the drop down menuicon and select “Add to List”
  7. 7. After clicking “Add to List,” you will see a screen similar to this. From here you can choosewhich list to add the account to, or you can choose to create a new list directly from here.
  8. 8. Twitter widgets allow you to essentially create Twitter feeds of either your own tweets(Profile), search results (Search), Favorited tweets (Faves), or from created lists (List)We have focused on creating lists, but all three other widgets have suitable applications aswell.
  9. 9. To create your list widget, you need to input the username (in our case, it will be your ownuser name), and then you will be able to select a list from the lists that account hascreated. Also, you can customize the feed’s appearance by adding Title/Caption on thisscreen, or through the menus on the left (Settings, Preferences, Appearance, Dimensions)Once you have finished customizing, you can click Finish & Grab Code
  10. 10. Now, you should see your widget’s code that can then be copied/pasted into your webpage and/or LibGuide
  11. 11. Once you have created your box, you will:1. Select “add text”2. Click the HTML icon3. Paste Twitter widget code into editing area4. Select Update5. Select Save and Close