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Leveraging Analytics to Improve your Mobile Strategy


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Customer behavior is undergoing a dramatic shift due to mobile technology. The phone is often the last thing people check at night and the first thing they check in the morning. It's not a stretch to believe that a nomadic Masai warrior roaming the plains of Africa today and armed with a smart phone has more access to information than a US President did just 15 years ago.

These evolving realities are placing pressure on marketers to evolve their marketing and customer engagement strategies.

Join us as we explore immediate and long term mobile trends, the critical role of analytics in sensing and responding to customers, and the important questions senior marketers should be asking now.


- Consider the ways that customer behaviors are changing due to mobile technologies.
- Know the most important questions to ask in developing a mobile strategy that integrates into a cohesive overall marketing plan.
- Understand the important role that analytics plays in planning and executing an integrated marketing plan that includes mobile.

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Leveraging Analytics to Improve your Mobile Strategy

  1. 1. Leveraging Analytics to Improve your ! Mobile Strategy Brian Vellmure innovantage @BrianVellmure
  2. 2. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure
  3. 3. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure
  4. 4. Digitization of Everything
  5. 5. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure
  6. 6. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure Nest Sonos
  7. 7. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure
  8. 8. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure Starbucks and Nike are now software companies
  9. 9. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure
  10. 10. A Glance at the Future
  11. 11. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure
  12. 12. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure
  13. 13. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure
  14. 14. Mobile
  15. 15. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure Tablet growth increased 2.2 fold to 92 million in 2013 Global mobile traffic grew 81% in 2013 4G connections are only 2.9% of mobile connections, but generate 30% of mobile data traffic Mobile data traffic for tablets more than double that of smartphones in 2013 Virtually everything a company does will be mobilized over the next 2-3 years. 40% of employees rely on mobile devices to perform their work 37% for more than 60 minutes / day
  16. 16. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure Mobile devices are increasingly the primary gateway to human communication (and commerce, and sharing)
  17. 17. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure Mobile devices are human sensors
  18. 18. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure
  19. 19. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure
  20. 20. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure Gartner Forecasts: $18 Billion in 2014 $42 Billion by 2017
  21. 21. Changes in ! Human Behavior
  22. 22. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure
  23. 23. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure
  24. 24. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure No-Mo-Pho-bia
  25. 25. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure
  26. 26. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure Customers use their mobile device throughout the buying process
  27. 27. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure 61% of users said that if they didn’t find what they were looking for right away, they went to another site 50% of people said that even if they like a business… They will use them less often if the website isn’t mobile friendly
  28. 28. Not about mobile ! – this is about people
  29. 29. @BrianVellmure Help me accomplish what I’m trying to do Help me feel good Help me accomplish what I’m trying to do Help me feel good
  30. 30. @BrianVellmure Help me accomplish what I’m trying to d
  31. 31. Limitations of Mobile
  32. 32. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure Privacy/Security Issues Mobile is just one step in digital / overall customer lifecycle & experience Internal Capabilities Gaps Relatively new form factor Consumer resistance Lack of tech standards Rapidly evolving usage and expectations
  33. 33. Opportunities with ! Mobile Analytics
  34. 34. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure "Before, even if we had the ability to get the cost of the sensor down, we wouldn't have been able to transport, store and analyze the data. Now, with the evolution of tools for managing and analyzing big data, we have both.” – Vince Campisi, CIO, GE Global Software Center
  35. 35. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure Mobile leaders display high core competency in leveraging cloud and analytics to make sense of structured and unstructured data
  36. 36. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure Simultaneous convergence of explosive factors resulting in unprecedented opportunities Mobile Cheap Storage Computing Power Cloud Social
  37. 37. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure New models REQUIRE a merging of: Creativity Imagination Storytelling Quantitative Empirical Rigorous Possibilities on both sides are exploding +
  38. 38. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure NFL
  39. 39. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure
  40. 40. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure
  41. 41. Mobile: We’re still in infancy
  42. 42. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure
  43. 43. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure
  44. 44. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure
  45. 45. Key Questions
  46. 46. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure 1. Who are our customers? 2. What are they trying to accomplish?   How can mobile help us answer these questions in new ways? - Accelerometer - Geolocation - Engagement analytics - Behavioral analytics IDENTIFY (FUNDAMENTALS FIRST)
  47. 47. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure 3. How well do we understand our customer touch points, mobile just being one of them? Caveat: Journeys may be all over the place, but you will likely find a few central hubs that prospects visit along their path to purchase FOCUS ON ENTIRE CUSTOMER JOURNEY & EXPERIENCE
  48. 48. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure 4. What part does mobile play in our customer’s interaction and experience with us? 5. How do we expect it to change/evolve over the next 12-18 months? MOBILE’S ROLE
  49. 49. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure 6. How is the general population leveraging mobile to achieve what they’re trying to accomplish? (products, services, information, and people) (Same question for those in your network) OBSERVE THE MACRO
  50. 50. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure 7. How can WE leverage mobile to learn more about our customers? 8. How can WE leverage mobile to learn more about what they are they trying to accomplish? 9. How can WE leverage mobile to provide greater value in context of their journey? IDEATE / BRAINSTORM
  51. 51. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure 10. How can we leverage mobile to reduce steps / reduce friction to allow customers to achieve goals – faster/cheaper? Speed is key. 11. What additional utility can we offer them (consider information exchange in addition to revenue)? FOCUS ON VALUE
  52. 52. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure   12. Is it possible to begin to predict what our customers/prospects will want next (and offer it to them)? PREDICT AND OPTIMIZE
  53. 53. Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure This is a journey. Take the next step. Best wishes on your journey
  54. 54. Thank you. Let s Discuss. Brian Vellmure innovantage @BrianVellmure