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Empowering Revolution in a New Customer Landscape


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Will your organization lead the next revolution in your marketplace, empowering and giving voice to the latent motivations of your customers, or will it become a victim of a more agile, more united group of customers who will self organize around their collective needs and jobs, leaving your outdated organization in their wake?

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Empowering Revolution in a New Customer Landscape

  1. 1. Empowering Revolution in aNew Customer Landscape Brian Vellmure Initium LLC / Innovantage
  2. 2. A new era of revolution?
  3. 3. Economic Decline and Uncertainty
  5. 5. A New Customer Landscape: Rapid Digital EvolutionBrian Vellmure @CRMStrategies
  6. 6. The Digitization of EverythingPortrait byPopeye Francom
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. Price/Performance Doubling every 18 months Source: Ray Kurzweil
  9. 9. "How far off is a future in which thecreative economyoverflows the thin boundarythat separates information from stuff?" Tim O’ Reilly
  10. 10. A New Customer Landscape: A Conversation EvolutionBrian Vellmure @CRMStrategies
  11. 11. "CRM is no longer just a model "Social CRM is the companysfor managing customers, programmatic response to thebut one of customer customers ownershipengagement" of the conversation” - Paul Greenberg Best Selling Author, Analyst, Consultant Photo Credit: Michael Krigsman
  12. 12. How do your customers prefer to communicate?
  13. 13. Kate Leggett Data For the first time, web self-service topped the phone channel as the communication channel most widely used by customers to interact with customer service organizations. - Forrester Research Forrester’s North American Technographics® Customer Experience Online Survey, Q4 2010
  14. 14. Brian Vellmure @CRMStrategiesCustomers are using more channels (and more devices too)
  15. 15. A New Customer Landscape: Customer ExpectationsBrian Vellmure @CRMStrategies
  16. 16. Brian VellmureFundamental Customer Expectations Help me to get Help me to my job(s) done feel good @CRMStrategies
  17. 17. Brian Vellmure @CRMStrategiesCustomers Want Know me6 Things #1
  18. 18. Brian Vellmure @CRMStrategies Competent #2 Be
  19. 19. Brian Vellmure @CRMStrategies Be Trustworthy6 Things Customers Want #3
  20. 20. Brian Vellmure @CRMStrategies6 Things Customers Want Be Likeable #4
  21. 21. Brian Vellmure @CRMStrategies6 Things Customers Want Be Relevant #5
  22. 22. Brian Vellmure @CRMStrategies #66 Things Customers Want Be Available
  23. 23. Brian Vellmure @CRMStrategiesFundamentals Remember the
  24. 24. How are Customer Expectations changing?
  25. 25. Growing expectations of immediacy
  26. 26. Brian Vellmure @CRMStrategiesGreat experience regardless of channel
  27. 27. Brian Vellmure @CRMStrategies
  28. 28. A New Customer Landscape: The EmergenceBrian Vellmure @CRMStrategies
  29. 29. Evolving Customer Relationship Dynamics Brian Vellmure They are now Active Value Chain Participants They (could be) Tech Support / Customer Service They (could) have input to product/service direction http://www.brianvellmure.comThey are your brand managers @CRMStrategies
  30. 30. Pioneering a new customer landscape Brian Vellmure  From Individual Customers… to Networks of Customers  From Delivering Value to Customers… to Co-Creating Value with Customers  From Hierarchical Command & Control… to Collaborative Hybrid Organizations  From Customer Lifetime Value… to Customer Network Value  From Stand-alone Companies… to an Ecosystem of Networked Partners  From Company Push… to Sensing and Responding in Real- Time to Customers @CRMStrategies Dr. Graham Hill: A Social Business Manifesto
  31. 31. Lurking in our Customer Base…Brian Vellmure @CRMStrategies
  32. 32. Brian Vellmure @CRMStrategiesJust a routine call in the call center…
  33. 33. Brian VellmureAlmost 1,000,000 Views on YouTube Over 1,000 Blog Comments @CRMStrategies An appearance on NBC’s Today Show (and countless other media outlets)
  34. 34. Brian VellmureAnd more funCustomer ServiceBedtime Stories… But are these simple manifestations of @CRMStrategies more deep seeded issues?
  35. 35. Brian Vellmure @CRMStrategies
  36. 36. Brian Vellmure @CRMStrategies
  37. 37. Brian Vellmure 70% Roughly http://www.brianvellmure.comof customers are either upset or extremely upsetabout a problem they had with a product or servicein the last 12 months. @CRMStrategies Source: Customer Rage Study – 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007
  38. 38. Highlight stats about irate customershere
  39. 39. Brian Vellmure @CRMStrategies
  40. 40. Brian Vellmure @CRMStrategies
  41. 41. What’s lurking in your customer base?   What if your customers were to spark their own revolution?   Whatwould it take? What would they say?  How would you respond?
  42. 42. A New Customer Landscape: Identifying the OpportunitiesBrian Vellmure @CRMStrategies
  43. 43. Brian VellmurePERSONAL STORIES  Greatexperiences  What made them great  Impact @CRMStrategies
  44. 44. Brian Vellmure @CRMStrategies
  45. 45. Increased ConnectionIncreased Expectations This presents aIncreased Opportunities tremendous opportunity for organizations who have theOur customers will continue to reveal ability and desiremore and more about themselves, in to understand, show empathy,an unstructured manner and respond with something that resonates
  46. 46. A New Customer Landscape: Measuring (True) Customer ValueBrian Vellmure @CRMStrategies
  47. 47. Measuring Customer Value $9,432.00 Historical Spending
  48. 48. Horse and Buggy – customer spendingCLV (Single Customer View)NPSCLV (Holistic View)Next Gen Automobiles: CEV (incorporates CLV, CIV, CRV, CNV)
  49. 49. Measuring Customer Value $87,950.00 Customer Lifetime Value Historical Spending
  50. 50. Measuring Customer Value “Hi, I’m a Promoter” $87,950.00 + “8” CLV + NPS Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Historical Spending
  51. 51. Measuring Customer Value “Hi, I’m a Promoter” $87,950.00 + “8” CLV + NPS Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Historical Spending
  52. 52. Brian VellmureNot just would you, but DID YOU? If you did, did they BECOME A CUSTOMER? @CRMStrategiesIf they did BECOME A CUSTOMER,WERE THEY PROFITABLE?
  53. 53. Brian VellmureMeasuring (True) Customer Value Referrals Network Influence @CRMStrategies Transactions Ideas and Feedback Community Support
  54. 54. Measuring (True) Customer Value CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) + CRV (Customer Referral Value) + CIV (Customer Influence Value) + CKV (Customer Knowledge Value) _______________________________________ Customer Engagement Value Undervalued or Overvalued Customers: Capturing Total Customer Engagement Value V. Kumar, LerzanAksoy, Bas Donkers, RajkumarVenkatesan, Thorsten Wiesel and Sebastian Tillmanns
  55. 55. Companies empowering Customer RevolutionsBrian Vellmure @CRMStrategies
  56. 56. Brian Vellmure @CRMStrategies
  57. 57. Key Takeaways Brian Vellmure-  Societal and business landscape(s) are shifting-  Spark and lead your customer’s revolution, don’t be surprised by it  Focus on fundamental customer needs, but recognize the shift in expectations-  Invite and include your customers in core business operations; leverage combination of structure and unstructured feedback-  Capitalize on new opportunities by providing a superior customer experience-  Customer value measurement is ripe for innovation @CRMStrategies-  Every interaction is a marketing opportunity, Every mention is an opportunity to listen-  Stand out – and experience the amplifier effect, and higher profitability
  58. 58. Key Questions Brian Vellmure1.  If your customers were to start a revolution, what would it look like? http://www.brianvellmure.com2.  How can your organization provide the platform to empower your customer’s revolution (or evolution)?3.  How would customer interactions (and underlying technology and processes) change if you truly did understand Customer Engagement Value? @CRMStrategies
  59. 59. THANK YOU !Empowering RevolutionIn a New Customer LandscapeBrian VellmureInitium LLC / Innovantagehttp://www.brianvellmure.com