Why engineers should code


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These are the slides from my short talk at the May 2014 EMC users' group meeting in Seattle. It's a personal story about what is possible in terms of learning to write code and to serve as encouragement for [infrastructure] engineers to develop themselves, their careers, and empathy for others in their organizations.

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Why engineers should code

  1. 1. Why engineers *should* code()
  2. 2. fun https://twitter.com/yodascatfacts
  3. 3. learn https://learn.adafruit.com/photocells
  4. 4. meet http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22898894/simple-flow-control-in-nodejs
  5. 5. share https://github.com/briantwalter
  6. 6. Get github Start off right with version control Use portable, cross-platform interpreted languages Add a run timePick an editor Keep it simple and skip Eclipse and Visual Studio Textmate Vim or nano Notepad++ start
  7. 7. take a book
  8. 8. thanks @briantwalter fun. learn. meet. share.