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Internet Public Relations Distribution Strategy


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Brian Tudor creates an Internet Public Relations Distribution Strategy for FK Diamonds for his Strategic Internet Public Relations calls at Full Sail University

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Internet Public Relations Distribution Strategy

  1. 1. FK Diamonds Internet Public Relations Distribution Strategy by Bri a n Tu do r Fu ll S a il Un iversi ty
  2. 2. Distribution Channels Distribution Channels: Social Media Channels: Twitter Networked Blogs Facebook Corporate Blog YouTube Cincinnati Chamber LinkedIn of Commerce Flickr Corporate Press Room
  3. 3. Let’s you easily include images, Create social content that is more video, links and more at no engaging (Readers view additional cost Pitchengine Pitches longer than traditional press releases by PR Enables readers to interact with Newswire, BusinessWire and PR you and your Pitch™ long after it’s Web. (source: been published Display your news, twitter stream, Helps you broaden your audience youtube channel and flickr gallery beyond the journalist to reach automatically in one place with a bloggers, investors, consumers and Pitchengine newsroom other influencers on the social web Helps you eliminate the press kit We don’t brand your content with and move your entire PR platform our giant header and links like wire to one place services do. It’s your press release!
  4. 4. Net worked Blogs is an extension of the NetworkedBlogs Facebook Application to make our user-generated blog directory accessible outside Facebook and provide more exposure to our blogs.
  5. 5. Corporate Blog Utilizing a corporate blog FK Diamonds will be able to position themselves as experts in their field (independent diamond broker) and can share industry news, company news and events. FK Diamonds will need to blog at least twice a week in order to create enough content to be pushed out though the Networked Blogs tool to their linked Facebook fan page. Another tool FK Diamonds can use to help distribute their blog posts to to make sure whenever they are visiting an industry, wedding or bridal blog of some sort to make sure they comment at the end of each blog they read, leaving a link back to their own blog.
  6. 6. Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce Membership Listing More Exposure. Advertising discounts with Enquirer Media, The Business Courier and Cincinnati Magazine This will give FK Diamonds an in, to have a relationship with local reporters and other Chamber members, include bloggers from around Cincinnati (Soapbox, Girlfriendology and more). This will be FK Diamonds’ the primary method for traditional PR campaign to go along with their offline ads on local Cincinnati sports talk radio.
  7. 7. Corporate Press Room FK Diamonds’ Press Room will be housed at http://, and will be a repository for all brand and corporate PR efforts. This will include a live Twitter feed, links to their blog posts with RSS and social media sharing capabilities, links to social media/online/traditional press releases, links to industry news stories and updates and a place for both video and text company testimonials and reviews from FK Diamonds’ customers. The FK Diamonds’ Press Room will also include Share This links for visitors to share releases, videos, images and events through sites like Digg, Twitter and Delicious. This will increase the distribution potential beyond FK Diamonds’ existing network of customers, business partners and friends & famly.
  8. 8. Social Media Distribution
  9. 9. Social Media Distribution Using the social media buckets on the following slides FK Diamonds will provide content and an opportunity to have others join in the conversation about why FK Diamonds is the brand for them to follow. The conversation will encourage FK Diamonds’ to become brand evangelists and spread the message and importance of the brand, company and owner. The FK Diamonds’ social media community is designed to work hand and hand with their Word of Mouth marketing style for community members to easy share updates (links, videos & blog posts).
  10. 10. Twitter Using Twitter will allow FK Diamonds to post quick messages, news and links important to FK Diamonds and their business in real-time directly to their followers. By using tools available on Twitter FK Diamonds will be able to utilize industry hashtags (i.e. #diamonds, #engagement #jewelry) to reach beyond their own network. Using keywords in Tweets will help FK Diamonds’ updates to be recognized and syndicated by Twitterbots. There are many third-party Twitter clients available (i.e. Hootsuite, CoTweet, .ect) using these kinds of programs FK Diamonds can set up Tweets in advance to set up a schedule when Tweets go out to insure the FK Diamonds brand message is heard 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  11. 11. Facebook Like Twitter, FK Diamonds’ Facebook fan page will be used for posting quick messages, news and links important to the brand, company and owner. Facebook will also be the main tool for interacting directly with fans/friends/clients, by replying directly to posts and inquiries. Another benefit to Facebook, it is a great place to embed video testimonials from past customers about their great experience purchasing diamond jewelry from FK Diamonds. FK Diamonds update schedule for Facebook will be tied to their Twitter and Networked Blogs feed. As those two feeds are updated those updates will be pushed to Facebook. Another benefit for using Facebook is the addition of user generated content to be seen by fans, visitors and clients alike.
  12. 12. YouTube YouTube will be FK Diamonds home for all videos on the web, by creating a channel and tagging all posted videos FK Diamonds will be able take advantage of YouTube’s search engine. FK Diamonds would benefit from setting up a video release schedule so channel subscribers are able to anticipate updates and visit the channel accordingly. Posting videos at least once a week about FK Diamonds’ brand message, loose diamonds and educating buyers, will also help build online awareness.
  13. 13. LinkedIn Becoming active in the LinkedIn community, FK Diamonds will be able to share their network with a large number of industry professionals and potential customers by posting to industry and local group discussion boards, answering industry questions and keeping news up to date on their own company page. Positioning themselves as industry leaders on LinkedIn FK Diamonds will be able to link their Twitter feed and blog to reach out to their LinkedIn community.
  14. 14. Flickr will help FK Diamonds better distribute images of the jewelry. Using keywords in the description of each image and proper tags, FK Diamonds will increase the findability of their products. Having a Flickr community will help FK Diamonds to distribute their images across the other social media communities and will let their new and existing customers see what they have to offer.
  15. 15. FK Diamonds Internet Public Relations Distribution Strategy by Bri a n Tu do r Fu ll S a il Un iversi ty