FK Diamonds Brand Strategy


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Brand Strategy developed for FK Diamonds by Brian Tudor

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  • FK Diamonds Brand Strategy

    1. 1. FK Diamonds Brand Strategy By Brian Tudor Full Sail University
    2. 2. Introduction FK Diamonds is an independent diamond broker in Cincinnati Ohio. Specializes in quality certified loose diamonds Brand Strategy to become your ‘diamond guy’ FK Diamonds engages customers on a personal one- to-one level to encourage creativity Follows the Creator archetype from
    3. 3. The FK Diamonds Brand Name The FK stands for Fred Koss, the principle and face of FK Diamonds, this provides built in respectability due to Fred’s 30 plus years in the diamond industry.
    4. 4. The FK Diamonds Brand Image
    5. 5. The FK Diamonds Brand word Sometimes it’s okay to throw rocks at girls.
    6. 6. The FK Diamonds Business CArd Front Back
    7. 7. The FK Diamonds Brand Message The Creator The Creator may be right for your brand identity if: Motto: If you can imagine it, it can be done it promotes self-expression, gives customers choices and options, helps Core desire: to create things of foster innovation or is artistic in design enduring value it is in a creative field like marketing, Goal: to realize a vision public relations, the arts, or Greatest fear: mediocre vision or technological innovation execution you want to differentiate it from a "do- Strategy: develop artistic control and it-all" brand that leaves little room for skill the imagination Task: to create culture, express own your product has a do-it-yourself vision aspect that saves money Weakness: perfectionism, bad solutions your customer has the time to be creative Talent: creativity and imagination your organization has a creative culture The Creator is also known as: Examples of Creator brands: The artist, inventor, innovator, musician, writer or dreamer Lego, Sony, Swatch, 3M
    8. 8. The FK Diamonds Mission Statement “FK Diamonds provides you with an elegant shopping and buying experience for a cost lower than the bigger guy, while creating personal and customized diamond jewelry. FK Diamonds wants to be your “diamond guy” for every occasion.”
    9. 9. The FK Diamonds Brand STory “The basic tale of boy meets girls... they fall in love... the father requires some serious bling to give his blessing... FK Diamonds to the rescue.”
    10. 10. The FK Diamonds Promotion Strategy
    11. 11. The FK Diamonds target audience
    12. 12. The FK Diamonds Product Description
    13. 13. The FK Diamonds Difference Everyone needs a ‘Diamond Guy’... FK Diamonds Can be yours
    14. 14. FK Diamonds SWOT: Company Analysis Strengths Weaknesses • Over Thirty years of Diamond Jewelry • The Law of Change Experience • Current all Flash website • The Law of Credentials • Lack of Presences in the Digital Space • The Law of Quality • No Search Optimization for current FK • Word of Mouth Marketing Diamonds Website • Memorable Logo • The Law of the Shape Opportunities Threats • Facebook Fan Page • Larger Diamond Retailers • Mobile Website • Current all Flash website • Viral Marketing • Not Understanding the Digital Space • Updated Website • Blue Nile’s new mobile website and • Search Engine Optimization/Marketing mobile application • One to One interaction with all potential customers
    15. 15. FK Diamonds SWOT: Brand Analysis Strengths Weaknesses • The Law of Advertising • The Law of Company • The Law of Quality • The Law of the Category • The Law of the Proper Name • The Law of Advertising • The Law of the Shape • The Law of the Color Opportunities Threats • The Law of Publicity • The Law of Time • The Law of Transformation • The Law of Singularity • The Law of Interactivity • The Law of Vanity
    16. 16. FK Diamonds SWOT for Branding Strengths • FK Diamonds follows the Law of Advertising, with advertisements currently running on local Cincinnati sports radio during afternoon drive • Currently running a targeted banner ad campaign on Facebook • The brand logo currently fulfills the Law of the Shape and the Law of the Color • Fulfills the Law of Quality by providing quality certified loose diamonds and diamond jewelry • The Law of the Proper Name is fulfilled, by using Fred Koss’ name Weaknesses • FK Diamonds breaks the Law of the Company, because the brand and the company share the same name, FK Diamonds would do well to advertise the company name as Fred Koss Diamonds, and use FK Diamonds as a brand name selling a line of custom jewelry. Opportunity • The FK Diamonds brand can benefits by following the Law of Publicity, by posting releases for upcoming events (website relaunch party, diamond education events, .etc). • Using the Law of Transformation FK Diamonds can morph from a strictly word of mouth marketing strategy, transforming to an Internet Marketing strategy to spread the word about FK Diamonds • By creating a mobile presence or branded mobile application FK Diamonds can satisfy the Law of Interactivity Threats • The Law of Time is a threat to FK Diamonds, as they are late to ‘diamond party’ in the digital space and have a lot of catching up to do • FK Diamonds in not currently at top of the diamond market in the local Cincinnati area, without a strong branding effort they could fall prey to the Law of the Singularity • Fred Koss is just one person, but he is trying to be everything for FK Diamonds, rather than using FK Diamonds as a specific brand and Fred Koss Diamonds as a business name it will fall to the Law of Vanity
    17. 17. FK Diamonds Brand Strategy By Brian Tudor Full Sail University