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NanoTechnology Turns Cannabis (Hemp CBD) Water Soluble! + More Safe, More Effective and More Affordable!


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An all natural, no GMO, non glycerin Water Soluble CBD did not exist before we came to the market. CBD hemp OIL is very useful and has lots of benefits, but oil and water do not mix as you already know. They are NOT easily absorbed into the body. They can spoil and become contaminated. It smells. It tastes bad. We have heard you, and we have created the solution!
BioCBD™ is an all natural, water soluble source of CBD plus Ayurvedic herbs that is more bioavailable than any CBD hemp oil products on the market. Your body is composed of over 60% water, so what good is a product that cannot dissolve in water? CBD hemp oil products have an extremely poor bioavailability when compared to our water soluble BioCBD™ technology. Why pay full price when you can only utilize a small fraction of it?! With our new technology, CBD hemp oil is obsolete and water soluble is the only way to go. We are setting out to prove that our products are 10x more bioavailable in the body than traditional CBD hemp oil.

Try it today. Use SLIDESHARE10 for 10% off our already low price. You see, CBD Oil companies recommend 100-200MG of CBD per day, yet our customers see the same results with 30mg per day!

If you are interested in private label or wholesale opportunities, or licensing, please contact James Sol Radina, contact information can be found in the slideshow. Enjoy!

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, water soluble Cannabidiol (CBD) + Ayurvedic herbal supplements; and be a For-Benefit company with a commitment to sustainability, holistic health education, while providing affordable, scientifically-advanced products to everyone in need despite their financial circumstance. We exist to serve our customers through exceptional, readily bioavailable and highly effective products and impeccable customer service.

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NanoTechnology Turns Cannabis (Hemp CBD) Water Soluble! + More Safe, More Effective and More Affordable!

  2. 2. THE CURRENT MEDICAL SYSTEM IS NOT WORKING Major diseases: • cause 7 out of 10 deaths • account for $3 of $4 spent on healthcare or $7,900 for every American with a chronic disease 1 in 3 children born today will develop diabetes in their lifetime (1 in 2 Latino children)
  3. 3. YET… THINGS ARE CHANGING CBD is the hottest topic in health SOURCE: NEWS HEADLINES
  4. 4. EXPONENTIAL RESEARCH & STUDIES ON CBD SINCE 2005 SOURCE: Web of Science ISI, March 2015 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2103 2014 2015 Published Items
  5. 5. EXPONENTIAL RESEARCH AND STUDIES ON CBD SINCE 2005 SOURCE: Web of Science ISI, March 2015 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2103 2014 2015 Citations
  6. 6. MORE PEOPLE ARE SEARCHING FOR CBD SOURCE: * Results from Google Keyword Tool as of 4/3/15 Keyword (by relevance) Avg. monthly searches Competition CBD 90,500 Low cannabidiol 9,900 Medium cannabinoid 5,400 Low
  7. 7. KNOWN MEDICAL USES OF CANNABIDIOL Acne ADD/ADHD AIDS ALS Alzheimer’s Anorexia Antibiotic resistance Anxiety Atherosclerosis Arthritis Asthma Autism Bipolar Cancer Colitis/Crohn’s Depression Diabetes Endocrine disorders Epilepsy/seizure Glaumoca Heart disease Huntington’s Inflammation Irritable bow Kidney disease Liver disease Metabolic syndrome Migraine Mood disorders Multiple sclerosis Nausea Neurodegeneration Neuropathic pain Obesity OCD Osteporosis Parkinson’s Prion/Mad Cow Disease PTSD Rheumatism Schizphrenia Sickle Cell Anemia Skin conditions Sleep disorders Spinal cord injury Stress Stroke/TBI SOURCE:
  8. 8. TOP TARGETS FOR CANNABIDIOL THERAPIES # PEOPLE AFFECTED IN 2014 # OF DOLLARS OF DRUG MARKET Chronic Pain 100 Million $650 Billion Digestive Issues 60 Million $978 Billion Cancer 14 million $91 Billion+ Diabetes 29 million $35.6 Billion+ Epilepsy 7 million in U.S. $6.3 Billion+ Autism 6 million in U.S. $6.1 Billion+ Alzheimers Disease 5 million $10 Billlion+
  9. 9. IS IT LEGAL? YES! We can ship to 50 states and 40+ countries LEGAL OPINION: Non-psychoactive industrial hemp is NOT included in Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act. Industrial hemp is legal to import, sell and consume in the United States. Our industrial hemp products are considered food or dietary supplements, and our CBD is a natural constituent of the hemp plant, seed, and stalk oil and is not synthetic or artificial. The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Hemp Industries Assn., v. Drug Enforcement Admin., 357 F.3d 1012 (9th Cir. 2004). Recognized that “non-psychoactive hemp [that] is derived from ‘mature stalks’ or is ‘oil and cake made from the seeds’ of the Cannabis plant,… fits within the plainly stated exception to the CSA definition of marijuana.” Id. At 1017.
  10. 10. ORGANIC EUROPEAN HEMP IS LEGALLY IMPORTED THROUGH FDA TARIFF CODES Industrial hemp is legal to import under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Since 1937, the federal statute controlling marijuana has excluded the stalk, fiber, oil and sterilized seed of the plant Cannabis sativa L., commonly known as hemp, from the definition of marijuana. 21 U.S.C. 802(16), and again in reference to 2-6-04 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling. FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) DISCLOSURE These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.
  11. 11. U.S. GOVERNMENT HOLDS THE PATENT 6,630,507 ENTITLED "CANNABINOIDS AS ANTIOXIDANTS AND NEUROPROTECTANTS" For treating ailments such as: • Stroke and trauma • Alzheimer's disease • Parkinson's disease • Diabetes • Chronic Pain, etc., Non-psychoactive cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol, are particularly advantageous to use because they avoid toxicity that is encountered with psychoactive cannabinoids at high doses. Given by National Institute for Health: DID YOU KNOW?
  12. 12. NEW STANDARD: TRIPLE TESTED, ORGANIC CBD • Non-GMO organic European hemp • Whole plant intelligence • Standardized terpenes • GMP certified from farm to shelf • Super-critical CO2 extraction process: best and most gentle process • Tested and free from pesticides, herbicides, molds, heavy metals, and other contaminants
  13. 13. 2 TEST RESULTS <.001% THC
  14. 14. ENTER AYURVEDA: THE OLDEST STUDY OF MEDICINE If CBD is today’s hero, then for 5,000 years Turmeric (Curcumin) has been king! • Uses diet and herbal remedies to balance health • Has been scientifically validated as an effective method of treatment for many illnesses including cancer, Parkinson's, and arthritis ** EAD Labs incorporates Turmeric into each formulation. It is the backbone of our technology.
  15. 15. THE SECRET BEHIND TURMERIC: CURCUMIN Powerful antioxidant Anti-inflammatory Reduces tumors Aids in wound healing process Fights cancer Treats allergies Regulates blood sugar (diabetes) Treats ulcers Prevents Alzheimer’s Improves skin conditions (i.e., eczema) Blood purifier Natural antiseptic Lowers cholesterol Reduces side effects of chemotherapy Boosts immune system Natural Liver detoxifier References: Julie, S., & Jurenka, M. T. (2009). Anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin, a major constituent. Alternative medicine review, 14(2). Panchatcharam, M., Miriyala, S., Gayathri, V. S., & Suguna, L. (2006). Curcumin improves wound healing by modulating collagen and decreasing reactive oxygen species. Molecular and cellular biochemistry, 290(1-2), 87-96. Singh, S. (2007). From exotic spice to modern drug?. Cell, 130(5), 765-768. Responsible for yellow/orange color of turmeric
  16. 16. THE REAL CONVERSATION: BIOAVAILABILITY NanoTechnology solves this problem and delivers treatments in an effective, safe, and all natural manner. Due to it’s smaller particle size it is able to penetrate your cell walls References: Savjani, K. T., Gajjar, A. K., & Savjani, J. K. (2012). Drug solubility: importance and enhancement techniques. ISRN pharmaceutics, 2012. Bottom Line: The effectiveness of a treatment is based on the body’s ability to absorb the treatment, aka “Drug Solubility. ” How Big Is A Nanometer?
  17. 17. NANOTECHNOLOGY (HYBRID NANO-ENGINEERING™) Dr. Mewa Singh: - 27 year study in biomedicines. - Focused study on cancer with a goal to make chemotherapy less harmful. - Breakthrough happened 8 years ago when Dr. Mewa Singh discovered & patented a way to use curcumin to turn drugs 100% bioavailable! - Since 2002, Dr. Singh has been working to commercialize a technology that could make treatments more effective and less harmful to patients, especially with cancer, pain and inflammation treatments. ** Patented nanomedicines for oncology, arthritis, cardiovascular, acid reflux, & many other nano drugs OUR SECRET:
  18. 18. “Nanotechnology in medicine is one of the technologies that will change the world for the better.” Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think, by Peter H. Diamandis, and Steven Kotler
  19. 19. 1. Most Effective CBD: The #1 goal of any supplement, nutraceutical or pharmaceutical company is to provide the most effective solution with the highest absorption in the body to reach the desired effects. BioCBD™ is 5-10 times more effective than CBD Oils.* 2. Safest CBD: We should only give our body what it can handle. So many kids are now taking CBD for different ailments yet current CBD Oil companies suggest 100–200mg of CBD. Extra CBD stored in the body can become toxic! We suggest 20-30mg of BioCBD™ for the same result. 3. Most Affordable: When you need less for the desired effect, it costs less. Pretty simple. INTRODUCING BioCBDTM Water Soluble & 100% Bioavailable *Trials in progress
  20. 20. THE BioCBDTM DIFFERENCE The future of medicine is Bioavailable CBD EAD Labs uses proprietary Hybrid NanoEngineering™: an All-Natural technology that turns CBD into a nano particle, allowing it to be water soluble for faster absorption. Existing Oil Solutions NOT Dissolving In Water BioCBDTM Completely Dissolving In Water SOURCE: Web of Science ISI, March 2015 Watch the video at: 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Citations: Bioavailable CBD
  21. 21. PRODUCT QUALITY BioCBDTM OTHERS All Natural √ * Water Soluble √ * Hybrid NanoEngineeringTM √ x +Turmeric √ x Triple Tested For Purity √ x Precision Servings √ * Hemp Derived Organic CBD √ * * Select companies only THE BioCBDTM DIFFERENCE
  22. 22. A STEP ABOVE NO Glycerin Non Liposomal Vegan Organic Materials Non GMO Nano Technology
  23. 23. OUR MISSION To develop and manufacture the most effective CBD products for the Nutraceutical and Supplement markets and to support the industry with front facing marketing, product development and R&D regarding bioavailability and add-on services such as manufacturing and fulfillment.
  24. 24. WHOLESALE, PRIVATE LABEL & BULK SUPPLY Existing formulations: • Digestive Support • Muscle & Joint Support • Total Body Immune Support • Pet Support • Sleep Aid • Pain Relief Topical Oil • CBD Gel (Triple Strength)
  26. 26. LET US HELP YOU + Full Service Support • Highest quality organic raw materials • Best in class product development • GMP manufacturing • Low cost fulfillment • Merchant processing + Marketing Materials • Capitalize on our press (press package included in first bulk order) • Reach more people with our support • We will be sending you customers!
  28. 28. Typically, existing nanotechnology involved the use of phospholipids, detergents, surfactants, polymers and copolymers, PEGylation and other multistep procedures to manufacture nanomedicines. We have discovered a new system and a new molecule to manufacture nanomedicines or to generate nano-particles. Hybrid NanoTechnology™: Derived from the combination of two active molecules in our formulations (In this case CBD + Curcumin). And we have tested over 100 other drugs with the same water solubility results. Nanotechnology is used for pharmaceutical products for many years, many claiming it is the future of medicine. It has solved many problems and it will solve even more problems in the future; mainly solubility and bioavailability. Hybrid NanoEngineering™is the newest invention in Nanotechnology. The Hybrid Nanoengineering™ platform enables the design, engineering and manufacturing of hybrid water-soluble drugs with unprecedented control over drug properties to maximize trafficking to disease sites, dramatically enhancing efficacy while minimizing toxicities. Hybrid drugs hold extraordinary potential to become best-in-class drugs and improve patient outcomes in the areas of oncology, inflammatory diseases and cardiovascular and GI disorders. Our company has developed a method to encasing a drug inside an all natural molecule and build a hybrid molecule that then can given to a patient. These hybrid drugs are many times more effective to treat patients. At the same time Hybrid NanoEgineering™ makes the water insoluble drugs into water soluble drugs. In short, this discovery leads to a new generation of hybrid formulations of two drugs to attack the disease more aggressive and safely. Both the molecules have synergistic and potentiating effects on each other. We call it a Safe Double Edged Sword used on diseases. Q: WHAT IS NANO HYBRID-ENGINEERING? FAQ
  29. 29. Our technology uses only two molecules. Through our patented process for BioCBD™ we utilize Hybrid NanoEngineering™. This combines two active molecules, one being Curcumin (Active compound found in Turmeric), and in this case the other is CBD. We can work with any of the 80+ Cannabinoids. Plus we have tested our technology on over 100 drugs thus far, turning them from non water soluble to water soluble. We use a naturally derived molecule of Curcumin as a co-partner to nanoize the cannabinoid CBD. Q: IS IT A SINGLE OR MULTIPLE NANO PARTICLE? FAQ Q: WHAT IS THE CURCUMIN NANO-PARTICLE PAIRED TO? It is a purified Curcumin molecule isolated from Turmeric, paired with Cannabidiol. We are not using liposomal or glycerin in our formulations. We pair our Curcumin, through a patented process with CBD, forming BioCBD™.
  30. 30. 100% All Natural. No Glycerin and we are not using liposomal. Q: IS IT A NATURAL OR SYNTHETIC NANO PARTICLE? FAQ The particle size we are working with is 10 to 200 nanometers. This video is a practical view of water solubility and release of particles in aqueous environment. Q: WHAT IS THE NANO SIZE? Microscope : ZEISS, Observer A1. Under 45X