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PRESSfeed: 2012 Online Newsroom and Media Relations Survey (Pt. 1)


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PRESSfeed polled more than 100 PR practitioners in the US to find out how their activities stack up relevant to what journalists say they want. The study also looked at the online newsrooms of 300 companies – the Fortune 100, 100 of the Fortune 500 between #200 and #500, and the top 100 of the INC 500 – to see what features and tools they provide for journalists. (Download the full PRESSfeed report: http://wwwpress-feed.com/2012survey.)

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PRESSfeed: 2012 Online Newsroom and Media Relations Survey (Pt. 1)

  1. 1. 2012 Online Newsroom and Media Relations Survey MEDIA / JOURNALISTS PR PROFESSIONALS 52% 4% say it is very think visuals are very important to have important to access to images journalists 28% *Web Influencers Survey say it is important 22% think they are important 57% have an image gallery in their 75% of journalists say they newsroom want access to video 86% of media websites use video 43% think videos are 10% used external video in important to 2011 journalists 30% use external video in 38% 2012 – a 20% jump in think a video one year gallery is important 17% 32% have a video use externally gallery in their produced newsroom. infographics 39% think images and Adding images, 77% graphics with a graphics and video press release are to a press release unnecessary increases views 28% by as much as don’t have the 54% resources to *Web Influencers Survey produce images, infographics and video Sharing news content is expected to be the 57% have sharing one factor that tools on their newsroom and most impacts the news content news in the next decade - Pew State of the Media "Search is the one factor that most influenced the news industry in the last decade.” Less than 15% of press releases in corporate newsrooms and posted on the - Pew State of the Media wire services are optimized for search 98% of journalists use search to find information and 59% sources have executive and expert bios in their newsroom The number one source for journalists in 2012 is credible corporate spokespeople and subject experts Actual Study of Corporate Newsrooms (PRESSfeed)IMAGE GALLERYVIDEO GALLERYEMBED CODES*EXEC BIOSSHARINGCONNECTING TOSOCIAL CONTENT PERCENTAGE 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 FORTUNE 100 FORTUNE 500 INC 500 * Embed Codes for INC 500: 0% SOURCES: 2012 PRESSfeed Digital PR and online newsroom survey; 2012 PRESSfeed study of Fortune 500 and INC 500 online newsrooms; TEKGroup 2012 Newsroom Survey; Web Influencers Survey 2011 and 2012; 2012 Oriella Digital Journalism Report; 2011 Pew State of the Media Report; PR Newswire study – the impact of visuals on press releases