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Swana E Session Invasives Web


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Swana E Session Invasives Web

  1. 1. Monitoring and Controlling Invasive Species Finding cost-effective, ecological solutions for your landfill property SWANA e-session Invasive species have become the number one issueJanuary 9th, 2013 facing managers of natural lands 12:45 pm CT 1:45pm ET Landfills often control significant acreages of buffer lands and are just as responsible for those lands as the landfill itself Speakers Randy Vogel, Principal Ecologist, Applied Ecological Services Chrystal Schreck, Invasive Species Specialist, Wisconsin DNR Applied Josh LaPointe, Eco-Construction Manager, Applied Ecological Services Ecological Services Order NoW! LOOKING fOR MORE INFORMATION OR A REGIONAL LISTENING SITE? Contact Brian Tippetts (608) 792-7787 •