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In this presentation you will not learn anything about building a website with Joomla!. You won't even learn anything about writing an extension or coding a template! Instead you will hear the trials and tribulations, the battles and compromises, the guidelines and procedures that took place when deciding on the name Joomla! You'll hear about the three final choices, the initial reactions and the lessons to be learned when choosing a name for a new project. Instead of the name you have come to love (or hate) it could easily have been something that sounded like a Russian battleship.

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  • a little about meco-founder of joomla
    blogger (award winner)

  • so on aug 17 2005 we split from mambo
    and immediately were threatened that we couldnt use the name mambo
  • internally we called it a spork.
    not a fork or a spoon
  • you have to remember the core team was 22 people from around the world
    we had never met in person more than 2-3 at a time
  • can you imagine trying to organise the time for a meeting
  • this is a photo of the first time most of us met in the real world
    oct 2005 in London
  • we knew we had a long journey ahead
    lots of things to get done quickly

  • the first was to find a name
  • we had a few ideas but really we just argued and fought
    22 people 23 suggestions
  • in desperation Andrew posted on the new forum asking for suggestions
  • we’d already had 4 theme ideas for the name
  • my personal favourite
    but we never found a good one for us
  • rising from the ashes
    phoenix was gone - played with feenix
  • we were very proud of the number of languages that mambo was availble in
    nothing else offered so much
  • we only ever met on irc
    each day there were thousands of lines to read through
    lots of suggestions
    false paths
  • drum roll please for the 3 final options
  • phoenix. beautiful butterfly grow from pupabutterfly with orange tip

  • sounds like a russian battelship
  • something to do with database
  • esperanto, swahili, online dictionary
    j-m simonet infograf76
  • jumla means all together

  • how do we decide.
    secret ballet

  • pete russell offers to send it to brand consultant to decide
  • and look what we got
    joomla with a bang
  • mitch says it sounds like an oompaloompa
  • so we argued a bit more
  • people have had enough we decide to accept the brand consultants advice

  • 17:00 I emailed all domain holders
    1 hour in advance
    we cared about their sites
  • 5:58pm google search

  • 18:00 name announced world
    i had the honour

  • Estonia have bumped in to the problem with the meaning of the word. The Root of the word means in Estonian "drink" and if You put "la" to the end of it the meaning could be something like "the place where You drink (alcohol)"
  • a second problem miss the M and table tennis bat JOOLA
  • and then we would have had an OSM president like this
  • you have your ticket you are here
    but i can announce there will be JandBeyond 2011
    support the event planning but a t-shirt for €10

  • What's in a name

    1. 1. Easy to remember & spell TLD domain available No prior use,™ or © sensible Meaning
    2. 2. Recursive acronym Phoenix based CMS blah Language based
    3. 3. recursive acronym GNU — GNU's Not Unix PHP — PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor Wine — Wine Is Not an Emulator Nagios — Nagios Ain't Gonna Insist On Sainthood
    4. 4. Zegris
    5. 5. PrimaryKey
    6. 6. Jumla
    7. 7. Joomla!