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11 Digital Trends Shaping CX and Marketing in 2020 - Live from CES


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No predictions here...just 11 important trends that are shaping CX and marketing landscape in 2020 and beyond. Leading digital analyst, author and keynote speaker Brian Solis breaks down these trends to help brand executives, consultants and marketers think differently (and holistically) about operational and strategic investments in CX and marketing.

Brian admits that there are certainly more than 11 trends to follow, but in the context of this conversation, he focused on the convergence of AI, customer empathy, digital distractions and intentions, and the technology that connects the dots to native, end-to-end experiences.

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11 Digital Trends Shaping CX and Marketing in 2020 - Live from CES

  1. Digital Analyst | Futurist Anthropologist | Author Connect with me: @briansolis |
  2. Digital Darwinism The evolution of technology and markets and its impact on norms and behaviors.
  4. This is your customer. This is your audience. This is your market.
  5. Customer truth requires every brand to become a data-centric (and human) organization. Execution must be personal and value- added and mind the “creepy” line.
  6. Advertising SearchWeb Email Marketing Innovation Must Prioritize Organizational Collaboration Marketing Social
  8. Position Zero in search is a new Holy Grail, but it isn’t the only window to discoverability. The key is to be discoverable via targeted contexts and platforms…then guide a personalized journey to their desired next- based action. Think voice (Google Home, Alexa), AR (Google Lens), Amazon, Youtube 1. The role of search is more important than ever before
  9. An immediate opportunity exists for marketers to become the light that customers crave. Marketers that create a productive and gratifying customer journey, one that prioritizes customer truth and positive engagement, will build trust and meaningful long-term relationships. #IgniteMoment 2. Ignite Moments become the “embrace” in important touchpoints and moments of truth.
  10. 3. Native UX and UI and customer journeys are now mission critical in customer experience
  11. 5G unlocks new opportunities to design richer, more immersive and personalized customer experiences. On the back end, 5G also transmits more data than marketers are prepared to analyze and execute against. 4. 5G offers a new canvas for experience design and analytics
  12. AI and machine learning can identify patterns in customer behaviors to power real- time and even predictive analytics, but when pointed in the right direction, we can start to recognize patterns of humanity and aspirations to deliver more meaning. 5. AI and machine learning offer ability to prioritize “humanization”
  13. 6. The future of connected TV marketing/advertising is unwritten The future of TV advertising is an entirely new ecosystem of planning, buying, distribution, performance/ influence and measurement. Desired households and audiences can be specifically targeted. Ad creative and placements are data-driven, to be more effective in connecting with distracted audiences in new formats.
  14. 7. Location intelligence unlocks geospatial data to empower understanding, insight, decision-making, and prediction This is next-level, real- time customer experience. LI add layers of data, including demographics, traffic, and weather patterns to make sense of location behavior to then predict and optimize physical experiences, i.e. events, travel, hospitality, retail.
  15. Innovation, Empathy and AI Ethics become the differentiators for #DDNs (Data Driven Networks). Prioritize human experiences. Use clean data, shift from legacy biases and embrace a growth mindset will lead to personalized and innovative experiences and more accurately predict what’s next. 8. AI empathy + ethics takes a front and center role in marketing/CX
  16. Programmatic advertising is placing brands in toxic and unsafe (but popular) environments that affect user experiences (especially youth). Brands are “guilty by association” just by being present. Brands must align together to convince platforms to employ AI-driven moderation to protect the community and the brand experience. 9. Brands will take a stand on ambient advertising in social media and gaming
  17. Customer Lifetime Value 10. Shift from growth and vanity metrics to CLV Prioritizing retention, loyalty and advocacy help brands measure what matters to customers. These efforts become pillars for the BRAND EXPERIENCE. Growth and CLV are outcomes.
  18. Customer experience needs a style guide to serve as the standard for excellence, sentiment and outcomes, i.e. “the experience” in each touch point and throughout the journey. 11. Experience style guides will complement brand style guides
  19. The On-Demand, Now Economy Where Impatience is a Virtue 1. Choice 2. Time 3. Convenience 4. Accuracy 5. Experience 6. Integrated 7. Personalized 8. Native
  20. When innovation and disruption succeeds, the client wins. Better Experiences - Emotional More Choices Greater Transparency Better Value
  21. Modernize the Role of Marketing Around FCX 1 2 3 Invest and Organize Around Data Make Data Storytelling Part of the Process 4 Become the Standout, Mentally Present Brand 5 Align the Organization Around Fostering Loyalty - Measure Customer-Centric, Performance Metrics 6Become a Human- Centered Tech Innovator 6 Pillars for CX Innovation Define the experience!
  22. @briansolis briansolis “Research, thinking and storytelling that make digital trends, disruption and innovation approachable and meaningful.” Digital Analyst | Anthropologist Futurist | Author